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HBR - Label Discography

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3400 Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, California
  USA  96
  UK  13
  Canada  6
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The Hanna-Barbera Singers

A: Happy Birthday
B: A Busy Day
HBR USAC-10119687"0 
The Hanna-Barbera Singers

Secret Squirrel Presents

A: Alphabet Song
B: Table Manners
HBR USAC-10319667"0 
The Hanna-Barbera Singers

A: Brahms Lullaby
B: Little Rag Doll
HBR USAC-10519687"0 
The Hanna-Barbera Singers

A: I've Been Working On The Railroad
B: When I Grow Up
HBR USAC-10719667"0 
The Hanna-Barbera Singers

A: Three Blind Mice
B: The World Is Full Of Things
HBR USAC-11019687"0 
The Hanna-Barbera Singers

A: Ba Ba Black Sheep
B: A Dog Is Your Best Friend
HBR USAC-11219687"0 
The Hanna-Barbera Singers

Atom Ant Presents The Hanna-Barbera Singers

A: London Bridge
B: It Puzzles Me
HBR USAC-11319667"0 
The Hanna-Barbera Singers

A: Blue Tail Fly
B: I've Got A Pony
HBR USAC-11419687"0 
The Hanna-Barbera Singers

A: Skip To My Lou
B: Hide And Seek
HBR USAC-11519687"1 
Super Snooper And Blabber Mouse

Monster Shindig

A1: Monster Shindig - Part 1
A2: Super Snooper - Song
B1: Monster Shindig - Part 2
B2: Super Snooper - Song
HBR USACS 70201965EP1 
Goldirocks And The Three Bearosauruses Starring The Flintstones

[no artist listed]

A1: The Flintstones - Song

Alan Reed And Mel Blanc

A2: Goldirocks And The Three Bearosauruses Part 1
B1: Goldirocks And The Three Bearosauruses Part 2
HBR USACS 70211965EP1 
Huckleberry Hound

A: Uncle Remus
B: Brer Rabbit And The Tar Baby
HBR USACS 702419657"0 
Yogi Bear And Boo Boo

Little Red Riding Hood Starring Yogi Bear & Boo Boo

A1: Yogi Bear - Song
A2: Little Red Riding Hood - Part 1
B1: Little Red Riding Hood - Part 2
B2: Little Red Riding Hood Song
HBR USACS 70251965EP0 
Magilla Gorilla

Magilla Gorilla Tells Ogee The Story

A: Alice In Wonderland
B: Alice In Wonderland
HBR USACS 702819657"0 
Pixie And Dixie With Mr. Jinks

A1: Cinderella Part 1
B1: Cinderella Part 2
B2: Cinderella - Song
HBR USACS 702919657"2 
The Flintstones

The Three Little Pigs

A1: The Three Little Pigs - Part 1
A2: Beowolf - The Big Bad Wolf - Song
B1: The Three Little Pigs - Part 2
B2: Beowolf - The Big Bad Wolf - Song
HBR USACS 70311965EP0 

A: Wizard Of Oz Part 1
B: Wizard Of Oz Part 2
HBR USACS 703419657"0 
Top Cat [Cartoon]

Songs From Robin Hood Starring Top Cat

A1: Robin Hood
A2: Dibble
A3: Buddies
B1: Money
B2: Top Cat
HBR USACS 70381965EP0 

Songs From The Wizard Of Oz Starring Snagglepuss

A1: Snagglepuss
A2: The Wicked Witch
A3: If I Only Had A Brain
B1: The Wizard Of Oz
B2: The Land Of Oz
HBR USACS 70401965EP0 
Wilma Flintstone

Songs From Bambi Starring Wilma Flintstone

A1: Why
A2: Love Is For All
B1: Bambi
B2: Alone
B3: Bed Rock Rock
HBR USACS 70411965EP0 
Augie Doggie And Doggie Daddy

Songs From Pinnochio

A: Songs From Pinocchio
B: Songs From Pinnochio
HBR USACS 70427"0 
[no artist listed]

Songs From James Bomb Starring Super Snooper And Blabbermouse

A1: Super Snooper
A2: Gold Pinky
B1: Dr. Oh No
B2: James Bomb
HBR USACS 70531965EP0 
Super Snooper And Blabber Mouse

James Bomb

A: James Bomb Part I
B: James Bomb Part II
HBR USACS 705619657"0 
The Creations IV

A: Dance In The Sand
B: Little Girl
HBR USAHBR 440May 19657"28.0
The Bompers

A: Do The Bomp
B: Early Bird
HBR USAHBR 441May 19657"2 
Shorty Rogers And The Giants

A: Theme From Johnny Quest
B: Vacation
HBR USAHBR 442May 19657"1 
Billy Bossman

A: Up The Road

The Bossmen [HBR]

B: Up The Road (Instrumental Version)
HBR USAHBR 443Jun 19657"1 
Roger And Lynn

A: Summer Kind Of Song
B: Baby, Move In
HBR USAHBR 444Jun 19657"0 
The Bats [HBR]

A: Nothing At All
B: Big Bright Eyes
HBR USAHBR 445Jun 19657"5 
The Guilloteens

A: I Don't Believe "Call On Me"
B: Hey You!
HBR USAHBR 446Jul 19657"27.5
Danny Hutton

A: Roses And Rainbows
B: Monster Shindig
HBR USAHBR 447Jul 19657"38.7
Corky Wilkie

A: Little By Little

The Corky Wilkie Band

B: Something Swinging
HBR USAHBR 448Aug 19657"0 
Pebbles And Bamm Bamm

A: Open Up Your Heart
B: The Lord Is Counting On You
HBR USAHBR 449Oct 19657"4 
Jean King

A: Something Happens To Me
B: The Nicest Things Happen
HBR USAHBR 450Sep 19657"1 
The Guilloteens

A: For My Own
B: Don't Let The Rain Get You Down
HBR USAHBR 451Oct 19657"29.0
Danny Hutton

A: Big Bright Eyes
B: Monster Shindig Pt 2
HBR USAHBR 453Dec 19657"4 
The Five Americans

A: I See The Light
B: The Outcast
HBR USAHBR 454Nov 19657"109.8
Charles Christy And The Crystals

A: Cherry Pie
B: Will I Find Her
HBR USAHBR 455Dec 19657"3 
Les Baxter And His Orchestra

A: Michelle
B: Little Girl Lonely
HBR USAHBR 456Dec 19657"2 
The Dartells

A: Clap Your Hands
B: Where Do We Stand?
HBR USAHBR 457Jan 19667"1 
Gerri Diamond

A: Mama, You Forgot
B: Give Up On Love
HBR USAHBR 458Jan 19667"08.5
The Pop-Ups

A: Candy Rock
B: Lurking
HBR USAHBR 459Jan 19667"19.0
The Chains [HBR]

A: Carol's Got A Cobra
B: I Hate To See You Crying
HBR USAHBR 460Feb 19667"2 
George Chambers And The Country Gentlemen

A: The Ribbon
B: These Things You'll Never Know
HBR USAHBR 46119667"0 
Art Grayson

A: When I Get Home
B: Be Ever Mine
HBR USAHBR 462Feb 19667"2 
Jean King

A: Watermelon Man
B: The In-Crowd
HBR USAHBR 463Feb 19667"0 
Anne Christine

A: Kitty Up Go
B: I'd Fight The World
HBR USAHBR-464Feb 19667"0 
DeWayne And The Beldettas

A: Tennessee Stud
B: I'll Walk Along
HBR USAHBR-465Mar 19667"19.0
Gloria Tracy

A: I've Never Known
B: Out On The Street
HBR USAHBR-466Mar 19667"2 
Louis Prima

A: I'm Going To Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
B: Civilization
HBR USAHBR-467Mar 19667"0 

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