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Heavenly - Label Discography

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Saint Etienne

A: Only Love Can Break Your Heart
B: Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Version)
Heavenly UKHVN 2May 19907"0 
Flowered Up

A: Its On
B: Its On - Sonia
Heavenly UKHVN 316 Jul 19907"0 
Saint Etienne

A: Kiss And Make Up
B: Sky's Dead
Heavenly UKHVN 4Sep 19907"0 
Flowered Up

A: Phobia
B: Flapping
Heavenly UKHVN 7Nov 19907"1 
Manic Street Preachers

A: Motown Junk
B: Sorrow 16
Heavenly UKHVN 821 May 20117"0 
Saint Etienne

A: Nothing Can Stop Us
B: Speedwell
Heavenly UKHVN 9May 19917"010.0
Manic Street Preachers

A: You Love Us
B: Spectators Of Suicide
Heavenly UKHVN 10May 19917"0 

A: Destined To Be Free
B: There's A Riot Going On
Heavenly UKHVN 1119917"2 
Saint Etienne

A: Only Love Can Break Your Heart
B: Filthy
Heavenly UKHVN 12Aug 19917"110.0
The Rockingbirds

A: A Good Day For You Is A Good Day For Me
B: Jonathan, Jonathan
Heavenly UKHVN 141991Promo Only 7"0 
Saint Etienne

A: Join Our Club
B: People Get Real
Heavenly UKHVN 15May 19927"010.0
The Rockingbirds

A: Jonathan Jonathan
B: Time Drives The Truck
Heavenly UKHVN 1719927"17.0
The Fred EP

The Rockingbirds

A1: Deeply Dippy

Flowered Up

B1: Don't Talk Just Kiss

Saint Etienne

B2: I'm Too Sexy
Heavenly UKHVN 19Nov 1992EP2 

A: Francisca (Edit)
B: South American Way
Heavenly UKHVN 2019927"0 
The Rockingbirds

A: Gradually Learning
B: Where I Belong
Heavenly UKHVN 2119927"0 
Saint Etienne

Live - Paris '92

A: Live - Paris '92
B: Live - Paris '92
Heavenly UKHVN 221992Flexi0 
Saint Etienne

A: Avenue
B: Stranger In Paradise
Heavenly UKHVN 2316 Apr 20117"0 
Saint Etienne

A: You're In A Bad Way
B: California Snow Story
Heavenly UKHVN 25Feb 19937"09.5
Saint Etienne

A: Hobart Paving
B: Who Do You Think You Are?
Heavenly UKHVN 29May 19937"29.5
Saint Etienne

Xmas 93

A: I Was Born On Christmas Day
B: My Christmas Prayer
Heavenly UKHVN 36Dec 19937"010.0
Saint Etienne

A: Pale Movie
B: Highgate Road Incident
Heavenly UKHVN 37Feb 19947"010.0
Flowered Up

A: Better Life
B: Better Life (Instrumental)
Heavenly UKHVN 38Jul 19947"0 
Secret Knowledge

A: 2 Much Of Nuttin'
B: Version
Heavenly UKHVN 39Jun 19947"0 
Saint Etienne

A1: Like A Motorway (Rick Smith Mix)
B1: You Know I'll Miss You When You're Gone
B2: Sushi Rider
Heavenly UKHVN 40May 19947"010.0
Dr Robert

A: The Coming Of Grace
B: Lucifer's Friend
Heavenly UKHVN 4519977"0 
Northern Uproar

A: Rollercoaster
B: Rough Boy
Heavenly UKHVN 479 Oct 19957"0 
Dr Robert

A: Circular Quay
B: Gone Fishing
Heavenly UKHVN 4919957"0 
Saint Etienne

A: He's On The Phone
B: How I Learned To Love The Bomb
Heavenly UKHVN 5016 Apr 20117"1 
Northern Uproar

A: From A Window
B: This Morning
Heavenly UKHVN 5122 Jan 19967"0 
Northern Uproar

A1: Livin' It Up
A2: Stonefall
B1: Goodbye
B2: In My World
Heavenly UKHVN 528 Apr 1996EP0 
Northern Uproar

A: Town
B: Kicks (Acoustic Version)
Heavenly UKHVN 54Jun 19967"0 
Beth Orton

A: I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine
Heavenly UKHVN 56Jul 1996Promo Only 7"0 
Famous Times

A: Something To Believe
B: Springboard
Heavenly UKHVN 6219977"0 
Northern Uproar

A: A Girl I Once Knew
B: Soldier Boy
Heavenly UKHVN7319977"0 
The Hybirds

A: Stranded
B: Morning Song
Heavenly UKHVN7522 Sep 19977"0 
Northern Uproar

A: Goodbye
B: On My Mind
Heavenly UKHVN 7719977"2 
The Hybirds

A: 24
B: Where I Want To Be
Heavenly UKHVN 788 Dec 19977"0 
The Hybirds

A: See Me Through
B: Good
Heavenly UKHVN8016 Feb 19987"0 
Dot Allison

A: Tomorrow Never Comes
B: I Wanna Feel The Chill (Instrumental)
Heavenly UKHVN 818 Feb 19997"0 
The Hybirds

A: Peter Take Me Down
B: Tell Me
Heavenly UKHVN832 Mar 1998Bonus 7"1 
Monkey Mafia

A: Long As I Can See The Light (Adrian Sherwood's Dub Lighting)
B: Long As I Can See The Light (Adrian Sherwood's Version)
Heavenly UKHVN 84Apr 19987"0 
Dot Allison

A: Mo' Pop
B: Melted (Radio Edit)
Heavenly UKHVN 8719997"0 
Matt Harding

A: 2-3-1 (Part 1)
B: 2-3-1 (Part 2)
Heavenly UKHVN 9020007"1 
Dot Allison

A: Message Personnel
B: Message Personnel (Arab Strap Remix)
Heavenly UKHVN 9114 Jun 19997"1 

A: The Man Who Told Everything
B: Your Shadow Lay Across My Life
Heavenly UKHVN 9830 Oct 20007"0 

A: Cut
B: 69
Heavenly UKHVN 999 Apr 20017"0 

A: Easy Girl (J-Walk Remix (Instrumental))
B: Fistful Of Dollars (Soulsavers Remix)
Heavenly UKHVN 103P2001Promo Only 7"0 
Ed Harcourt

A: She Fell Into My Arms
B: I've Become Misguided
Heavenly UKHVN 10424 Sep 20017"0 
Social Classics

Tapper Zukie

A: M.P.L.A. (Dub)


B: Two Sevens Clash
Heavenly UKHVN 10515 Oct 2001Promo Only 7"110.0
Social Classics

King Tubby

A: Bag A Wire Dub

Junior Byles

B: Fade Away
Heavenly UKHVN 10615 Oct 2001Promo Only 7"0 

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