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Hit-Ton - Label Discography

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Eva Homonnay

A: Schatten und Licht
B: Ich habe Dich gefunden
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300001Jun 19667"0 
Heiko Henss

A: Und der Himmel weint (You Were On My Mind)
B: Take It Easy
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300002Jul 19667"07.0
The Image

A: Red Rubber Ball
B: Hideaway
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300005Jul 19667"0 
Jackie Edwards

A: L-O-V-E
B: My Love And I
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300007Jul 19667"0 
The Creation

A: Making Time
B: Try And Stop Me
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300008Jul 19667"09.0
John Lee Hooker

A: Mai Lee
B: Don't Be Messing Around With Me Bread
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300010Jul 19667"0 
The Beat Kings

A: All Or Nothing
B: Mama
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300031Oct 19667"0 
Heiko Henss

A: Wie ein Diamant
B: Zu jung um ohne Wunsch zu sein
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300039Nov 19667"06.0
Vera Palm

A: Capito
B: Ich Bin Sauer Wie Die Zitrone ( Il Mio Amore E Un Cappellone)
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300052Feb 19677"0 
Helmut Schmidt

A: Mrs. Applebee
B: Weisse Rosen im Haar
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300058Feb 19677"06.0
The Image

A: Creation
B: Heartaches In Between Heartaches
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300059Feb 19677"0 
The Eternals [Canadian]

A: Girl In The Window
B: Born Of Hate
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300060Feb 19677"0 
The Doors

A: Break On Through (To The Other Side)
B: End Of The Night
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300068Mar 19677"010.0
The Creation

A: Painter Man
B: Biff, Bang, Pow
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300073Mar 19677"29.0
Helmut Schmidt

A: Das Ende vom Lied
B: So blond und schön
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300087May 19677"0 
The Creation

A: Tom Tom
B: Nightmares
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300102Jun 19677"210.0
Jackie Edwards

A: Come Back Girl
B: Tell Him You Lied
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300104Jun 19677"0 
The Doors

A: Light My Fire
B: The Crystal Ship
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300112Jul 19677"09.0
Helmut Schmidt

A: Jeder braucht einen Freund
B: My My Ding Dong Ding
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300115Sep 19677"15.0
The Laurie Johnson Orchestra

A: The Avengers
B: Minor Bossa Nova
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300116Sep 19677"010.0
The Loot

A: Whenever You're Ready
B: I Got What You Want
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300120Sep 19677"0 
The Creation

A: How Does It Feel To Feel
B: If I Stay Too Long
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300121Oct 19677"4 
Don Fardon

A: The Letter
B: Daytripper
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300125Oct 19677"09.0
The Doors

A: People Are Strange
B: Unhappy Girl
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300129Oct 19677"010.0
Helmut Schmidt

A: Jede sagt, ich tue alles, was Du willst (Don't Go Out Into The Rain)
B: Und dann ist da Musik
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300142Dec 19677"17.0
Heiko Henss

A: Die Sehnsucht nach dir (The Tracks Of My Tears)
B: Das war eine harte Nuß
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300144Dec 19677"0 
Strawberry Alarm Clock

A: Incense And Peppermints
B: The Birdman Of Alkatrash
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300148Dec 19677"010.0
Jess And James

A: Thank You Show Biz
B: Motherless Child
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 30022919687"0 
The Creation

A: Cool Jerk
B: Life Is Just Beginning
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300152Jan 19687"010.0
Strawberry Alarm Clock

A: Tomorrow
B: Birds In My Tree
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300156Mar 19687"010.0
Don Fardon

A: Treat Her Right
B: Goodbye
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300157Mar 19687"09.0
Washington D.C.'s

A: I've Done It All Wrong
B: Any Time
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300168Mar 19687"0 
Paul Arnold

A: Bonsoir Dame
B: Don't Leave
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300174May 19687"0 
The Creation

A: Midway Down
B: The Girls Are Naked
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300179May 19687"29.0
Rocky Roberts And I Pyranas

A: Don't Come Back To Me

Rocky Roberts And The Airedales

B: So Good
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300185May 19687"1 
The Mirettes

A: In The Midnight Hour
B: To Love Somebody
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300188Jun 19687"0 
Vera Palm

A: Weil mein Daddy dich gut leiden kann (It's The Hippy-Hippy-World)
B: No No Amigo
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300192Jun 19687"18.0
Same D.

A: Anybody At The Party (Seen Jenny?)
B: How Do You Break A Broken Heart
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300205Jul 19687"1 
John And Jenny

A: Lovers Holiday
B: Something You Got Baby
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300206Jul 19687"0 
The Creation

A: Bonney Moroney
B: Mercy, Mercy. Mercy
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300210Aug 19687"2 
The Amboy Dukes [USA]

A: Journey To The Center Of The Mind
B: Mississippi Murderer
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300211Aug 19687"0 
Don Fardon

A: Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee)
B: Dreaming Room
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300221Oct 19687"0 
Brenda Jo Harris

A: Standing On The Outside
B: Love Is Like A Hurricane
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300224Oct 19687"0 
The Creation

A: For All That I Am
B: Uncle Bert
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300235Jan 19697"09.0
Wolfgang Graf

A: Die Würfel Sind Gefallen
B: Das Achte Weltwunder
Hit-Ton Germany00107"0 
The Koobas

A: The First Cut Is The Deepest
B: Walking Out
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 3002127"0 
Line et Willy

A: A Chagun Sa Chanson
B: Demain Il Y Aura Demain
Hit-Ton GermanyHTI 300 1817"0 

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