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  USA  1232
  Netherlands  984
  Canada  123
  Australia  60
  New Zealand  40
  Belgium  21
  South Africa  10
  Israel  7
  Italy  6
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Leedy Trio

Klanken Kleuren Met 3 Kwasten

A1: Rel Del Del
A2: You're Breaking My Heart
B1: C'est La Vie
B2: Si Si Papa
Imperial NetherlandsIPE 50151958EP0 
The Ink Spots

A: To Make A Mistake Is Human
B: Java Jive
Imperial Netherlands7 MH 1045Oct 19587"1 
The Paris Sisters

A: My Original Love
B: Someday
Imperial NetherlandsAI 5487Oct 19587"0 
Ricky Nelson

A: Lonesome Town
B: I Got A Feeling
Imperial NetherlandsAI 5545Oct 19587"0 
Frances Faye

A: My Blue Heaven
B: It's You I Love
Imperial NetherlandsAI 5546Oct 19587"0 
Leedy Trio

A: Come Prima
B: Wie De Schoen Past...
Imperial NetherlandsHI 1001Oct 19587"0 
Johnny Garner

A: Fool
B: Didi Didi
Imperial NetherlandsAI 5548Dec 19587"0 
Fats Domino

A: Whole Lotta Loving
B: Coquette
Imperial NetherlandsAI 5553Dec 19587"0 
Bill Kilima And His Cowboys

A: Tom Dooley
B: Susie Darlin'
Imperial NetherlandsHI-100219597"0 
Fats Domino

The Fabulous "Mr. D"

A1: Coquette
A2: Whole Lotta Loving
B1: When The Saint Go Marching In
B2: Telling Lies
Imperial NetherlandsIMP 50021959EP0 
Fats Domino

Fabulous - Fats Part 1

A1: Margie
A2: I'm Ready
B1: I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Some Day
B2: I Want To Walk You Home
Imperial NetherlandsIMP 50061959EP0 
Fats Domino

Fabulous - Fats Part 2

A1: Lil' Liza Jane
A2: Mardi Gras In New Orleans
B1: Be My Guest
B2: I've Been Around
Imperial NetherlandsIMP 50071959EP0 
Ricky Nelson

A1: Glory Train
A2: I Bowed My Head In Shame
B1: If You Believe It
B2: March With The Band Of The Lord
Imperial NetherlandsIMP 50081959EP0 
Russisch Balalaika Orkest "Kazbek"

Kazbek! Balalaika Souvenirs

A1: Nee, Nee
A2: De Nacht
A3: Aan De Rivier
A4: Op De Golven
A5: Kozakken Dans
B1: Marskramer
B2: Zigeunerlied
B3: De Maneschijn
Imperial NetherlandsIPE 50171959EP0 
De Grote Gavioli

De Grote Gavioli Speelt

A1: Anchors Away
A2: Du Bist Mit Gold Nicht Zu Bezahlen
A3: Du Kannst Du Nich Ahnen
B1: Molto Vivace
B2: Waffen Ehre
Imperial NetherlandsIPE 50191959EP0 
Het Russisch Balalaika Orkest "Kazbek"

Kazbek! - Deel 2

A1: Fonariki
A2: Shewodnja Ja Loebloe
B1: Tschto Mnje Gorje
B2: Nje Rewnoej
Imperial NetherlandsIPE 50241959EP0 
Lydia And Her Melody Strings

A1: Don't Stop Kissin' Me Goodnight
A2: Send Me The Pillow
B1: Heart Beat
B2: It's A Sin
Imperial NetherlandsIPE 50251959EP0 
Cor Steyn

Meneer Cor Steyn

A: Foxtrot Medley's No. 1 En 2
B: Foxtrot Medley's No. 3 En 4
Imperial NetherlandsIPE 50261959EP0 
Cor Steyn

A: Foxtrot Medley's No. 5 En 6
B: Foxtrot Medley's No. 7 En 8
Imperial NetherlandsIPE 50271959EP0 
Sam Cooke

A: Blue Moon
B: Love You Most Of All
Imperial NetherlandsGI-10002Jan 19597"0 
Sam Cooke

A: All Of My Life
B: Stealing Kisses
Imperial NetherlandsGI-10003Jan 19597"0 
Pat Devlin With The Jud Conlon Rhythmaires

A: Jewelry Store In Jersey
B: Many A Time
Imperial NetherlandsGI-10004Jan 19597"0 
Enoch Light

A: I Want You To Be Happy Cha Cha
B: Cara Mia Cha Cha
Imperial NetherlandsGI-10005Jan 19597"0 
Cozy Cole

A: Caravan Part 1
B: Caravan Part 2
Imperial NetherlandsGI-10007Jan 19597"0 
Ricky Nelson

A: Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)
B: It's All In The Game
Imperial NetherlandsAI 101Feb 19597"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Love Song From "Houseboat" (Almost In Your Arms)
B: Win Your Love For Me
Imperial NetherlandsGI-10001Feb 19597"0 
The Ink Spots

A: Java Jive
B: To Make A Mistake Is Human
Imperial NetherlandsGI-10006Feb 19597"0 
Ronnie Diamond

A: Close To My Heart
B: Zig Zag
Imperial NetherlandsGI-10008Feb 19597"2 
Leedy Trio

A: Eso Es El Amor
B: Een Droom D'rin... ...Andere Droom D'ruit
Imperial NetherlandsHI 1003Feb 19597"01.0
The Teddy Bears

A: O Why
B: I Don't Need You Anymore
Imperial NetherlandsAI 5562Mar 19597"0 
Ricky Nelson

A: It's Late
B: Never Be Anyone Else But You
Imperial NetherlandsAI 5565Mar 19597"19.0
Fats Domino

A: When The Saints Go Marching In
B: Telling Lies
Imperial NetherlandsAI 5569Mar 19597"0 
Sonny Scott

A: Gotta Travel On

William Patton

B: Lonely Teardrops
Imperial NetherlandsGI-10009Mar 19597"0 
Jimmy Lee

A: Goodbye Baby

Lloyd Jones

B: Donna
Imperial NetherlandsGI-10010Mar 19597"0 
Frans van Schaik

A: Zeventien
B: Matilde
Imperial NetherlandsHI 1004Mar 19597"0 
Sonja Oosterman

A: Een Beetje
B: Ja Of Nee
Imperial NetherlandsHI 1005Mar 19597"1 
Roy Brown

A: Let The Four Winds Blow
B: Diddy-Y-Diddy-O
Imperial NetherlandsAI 5439Apr 19597"0 
Fats Domino

A: Margie
B: I'm Ready
Imperial NetherlandsAI 5585May 19597"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Little Things You Do
B: Everybody Likes To Cha Cha Cha
Imperial NetherlandsGI-10012May 19597"0 
Shirley And Her Rhythm Stars

A: Teenager Melody
B: Jolly Joker
Imperial NetherlandsHI 1014Jul 19597"0 
Lydia And Her Melody Strings

A: Send Me The Pillow
B: Heart Beat
Imperial NetherlandsHI 1015Aug 19597"06.0
Ricky Nelson

A: Just A Little Too Much
B: Sweeter Than You
Imperial NetherlandsAI 5595Sep 19597"0 
Fats Domino

A: I Want To Walk You Home
B: I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Some Day
Imperial NetherlandsAI 5606Sep 19597"0 
Lydia And Her Melody Strings

A: Lipstick On Your Collar
B: Your Cheatin' Heart
Imperial NetherlandsHI 1016Sep 19597"1 
Shirley And Her Rhythm Stars

A: Vakantie In Honolulu
B: Mijn Daddy (15, 16 Of 17 Jaar)
Imperial NetherlandsHI 1017Sep 19597"0 
Ricky Nelson

A: I'll Walk Alone
B: That's All
Imperial NetherlandsAI 102Oct 19597"0 
Fats Domino

A: Lil' Liza Jane
B: Mardi Gras In New Orleans
Imperial NetherlandsAI 103Nov 19597"0 
Ernie Freeman

A: Lost Dreams
B: One More Time Around
Imperial NetherlandsAI 5621Nov 19597"0 
Fats Domino

A: Be My Guest
B: I've Been Around
Imperial NetherlandsAI 5629Nov 19597"0 
Slim Whitman

A: What Kind Of God (Do You Think You Are)
B: A Tree In The Meadow
Imperial NetherlandsAI 8321Nov 19597"0 

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