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Indigo - Label Discography

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subsidiary label : Magenta
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IND singles series
The Innocents

A: Honest I Do
B: My Baby Hully Gullys
Indigo USAIND-105Jul 19607"1 
Kathy Young With The Innocents

A: A Thousand Stars
B: Eddie My Darling
Indigo USAIND-108Sep 19607"410.0
The Caprisians

A: A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
B: Yibby-Yeh
Indigo USAIND-10919607"0 
The Innocents

A: Gee Whiz
B: Please Mr. Sun
Indigo USAIND-111Oct 19607"0 
The Crystals [Indigo]

A: Dreams And Wishes
B: Mr. Brush
Indigo USAIND-114Jan 19617"13 
Kathy Young With The Innocents

A: Happy Birthday Blues
B: Someone To Love
Indigo USAIND-115Jan 19617"28.0
The Innocents

A: Kathy
B: In The Beginning
Indigo USAIND-116Mar 19617"1 
Larry Green

A: Dinah
B: The Greatest Story Ever Told
Indigo USAIND-11719617"1 
Pat Zill

A: Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
B: La Mirada
Indigo USAIND-119May 19617"1 
Kathy Young With The Innocents

A: Our Parents Talked It Over
B: Just As Though You Were Here
Indigo USAIND-121May 19617"29.0
Cy Coleman

A: Hey Look Me Over
B: Tall Hopes
Indigo USAIND-123May 19617"2 
The Innocents

A: Because I Love You
B: Beware
Indigo USAIND-124May 19617"2 
Kathy Young With The Innocents

A: Magic Is The Night
B: Du Du'nt Du
Indigo USAIND-125Jul 19617"610.0
Pat Zill

A: Bouquet Of Roses
B: Hold Tight
Indigo USAIND-126Aug 19617"2 
Jody Reynolds And The Storms

A: Tarantula
B: Thunder
Indigo USAIND-127Aug 19617"9 
The Innocents

A: Donna
B: You Got Me Goin'
Indigo USAIND-128Sep 19617"1 
The Innocents

A: Pains In My Heart
B: When I Become A Man
Indigo USAIND-132Oct 19617"0 
Kenny And The Ho-Daddies

A: Surf Dance
B: Goofy Guitar
Indigo USAIND-13419617"0 
Flash Terry

A: Her Name Is Lou
B: Cool It
Indigo USAIND-13519617"0 
Kathy Young With The Innocents

A: Baby Oh Baby
B: Great Pretender
Indigo USAIND-137Dec 19617"5 
Little Mojo

A: Something On Your Mind
B: Mojo Theme
Indigo USAIND-139Jan 19627"0 
Jack Bartley

A: What Does A Dream Mean
B: Once In A Lifetime
Indigo USAIND-140Apr 19627"2 
The Innocents

A: Time
B: Dee-Dee-Di-Oh
Indigo USAIND-14119627"1 
Skip Battin Combo

A: Can't Stop Twistin'
B: Quarter To Three In Moscow
Indigo USAIND-143Mar 19627"0 
Babs Cooper

A: Honest I Do
B: Just Couldn't Please You
Indigo USAIND-144Mar 19627"0 
Bobby James [Indigo]

A: 5000 Tears Ago
B: Memories Linger
Indigo USAIND-145Mar 19627"1 
Kathy Young

A: I'll Hang My Letters Out To Dry
B: Lonely Blue Nights
Indigo USAIND-146May 19627"0 
Kathy Young

A: Dream Awhile
B: Send Her Away
Indigo USAIND-147Jun 19627"0 
Tony And The Monstrosities

A: Igor's Party
B: Igor's Lament
Indigo USAIND-148Jun 19627"2 
Kathy Young

Four Great Sounds From Kathy Young

A1: Sparkle And Shine
A2: Eddie My Darling
B1: Happy Birthday Blues
B2: Angel On My Shoulder
Indigo USAIND EP-1001EP1 
Oddities and temporarily unsorted
Washer Windshield

A: Kathy Young Finds The Innocents Guilty
Indigo USAIND-KYFTIGFeb 1961Promo Only 7"9 
Darby Hicks Quartette

A: Lazy Baby
B: Just Count The Day's I'm Gone
Indigo USA10119607"5 
Eliseo Gonzales

A: La Noche Y Tu
B: Mas Amor
Indigo USAIND-11219607"0 
Daddy Dewdrop And The Sugar-Plum Sassafrass Bubble Gum Band

A: Here Come The Judge
B: Collection Of Hearts
Indigo USAIND-444419687"08.0

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