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Interfusion - Label Discography

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John Wesley Ryles I

A: Your Kind Of Man
B: Wash My Sins In The River
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-406119717"0 
Olivia Newton-John

A: If Not For You
B: The Biggest Clown
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-415819717"2 
Keith Michell

A: I'll Give You The Earth (Tous Les Bateaux, Tous Les Oiseaux)
B: I'm Surprised
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-424119717"0 
Dave And Ansil Collins

A: Double Barrel
B: Double Barrel (Version 2)
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-425419717"49.0
April Wine

A: Fast Train
B: Wench
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-429219717"0 
Steel River

A: Southbound Train
B: A Lie
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-429719717"0 

A: In Your Eyes (I Can See The Lies)
B: You Keep Me Rockin' (Honey)
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-431819717"0 
Atomic Rooster

A: Devil's Answer
B: The Rock
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-435119717"0 
Olivia Newton-John

A: Banks Of The Ohio
B: Love Song
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-439719717"2 
Scott English

A: Brandy
B: Lead Me Back
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-441719717"7 

A: Black And White
B: Sand In Your Shoes
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-442619717"3 
October Cherries

A: All Things Work Together (For Good To Them That Love God)
B: Are You Ready
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-445319717"0 
The Singing Dogs

A1: (a) My Bonnie Is Over The Ocean (b) Little Brown Jug
A2: (a) Where Is My Little Black Dog (b) A Tisket, A Tasket
B1: (a) Happy Birthday To You (b) For He's A Jolly Good Fellow
B2: (a) Mary Had A Little Lamb (b) Hanschenlein
Interfusion AustraliaITFX-11,7421971EP3 
The Royal Guardsmen

Snoopy's Big 4

A1: Snoopy Vs The Red Baron
A2: The Return Of The Red Baron
B1: Airplane Song (My Airplane)
B2: Snoopy's Christmas
Interfusion AustraliaX-11,4271971EP9 
Ansel Collins

A: Monkey Spanner - Version Two
B: Monkey Spanner
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-4342Aug 19717"2 
Labi Siffre

A: It Must Be Love
B: To Find Love
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-4498Dec 19717"110.0
Tony Marshall

A: Pretty Maid
B: In Search Of You
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-443219727"5 

A1: Moon River
B1: Sing A Rainbow
B2: Love Is Blue
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-452419727"0 

A: Once You Understand
B: Gather
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-454319727"0 
Olivia Newton-John

A: What Is Life
B: I'm A Small And Lonely Light
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-457719727"2 
The English Deltones

A: Chopsticks
B: Put It On
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-460419727"1 
April Wine

A: You Could Have Been A Lady
B: Teacher
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-461719727"0 
Noeleen Batley

A: Seabird
B: Let It Stay This Way
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-465019727"310.0
Second Helping [Canada]

A: We're Dancin' ('Til It Blows Over)
B: I Wanna Turn You On
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-467219727"0 
Hot Butter

A: Popcorn
B: At The Movies
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-469919727"29.0

A: I Just Wanna Be Your Friend
B: 1849
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-474419727"0 
Soul [S.O.U.L.]

A: Can You Feel It
B: Love, Peace And Power
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-475419727"1 
Gene Pitney

A: Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa
B: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-478419727"0 
Rolf Harris

A: Down Under In The Outback
B: Bunyip
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-481319727"0 

A: Black And White
B: Sand In Your Shoes
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-483519727"3 
Dandy Livingstone

A: Suzanne, Beware Of The Devil
B: What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-489319727"0 
Olivia Newton-John

A: Take Me Home, Country Roads
B: Sail Into Tomorrow
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-493919727"2 
Rolf Harris

A: She'll Be Right
B: Jindabyne
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-495519727"0 
Rolf Harris

My Electric Finger

A1: We're The Maoris
A2: Green Valley
B1: Yesterday
B2: On My Electric Finger
B3: Moon River
Interfusion AustraliaITFX-118041972EP6 
The Platters

A: The Great Pretender
B: My Prayer
Interfusion AustraliaMK-494119727"0 
Tony Cole

A: The Hook
B: If The Music Stops
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-507619737"0 
Lonnie Donegan

A: Jump Down, Turn Around (Pick A Bale Of Cotton)
B: Lost John Blues
Interfusion AustraliaITFK-514919737"0 
Olivia Newton-John

A: Let Me Be There
B: Maybe Then I'll Think Of You
Interfusion AustraliaK-518919737"27.5
Rolf Harris

A: Come To The Sydney Opera House
B: Back Home Along The Old Swan River
Interfusion AustraliaK-526419737"0 
Connie Eaton

A: The Other Side Of Town
B: God Paints Pictures In The Sky
Interfusion AustraliaK-527719737"0 
Pat Carroll

A: Now I'm Stuck On You
B: I'm Not Ready
Interfusion AustraliaK-528819737"0 
Don Williams

A: Amanda
B: I Recall A Gypsy Woman
Interfusion AustraliaK-531919737"0 
Tony Cole

A: Scorpio
B: Hang On, Magdalen
Interfusion AustraliaK-532319737"0 
Hot Butter

A: Tequila
B: Hot Butter
Interfusion AustraliaMK-489419737"0 
Don Williams

A: Atta Way To Go
B: How Much Time Does It Take
Interfusion AustraliaK-542619747"0 
Del Shannon

A: Oh, How Happy
B: Ghost
Interfusion AustraliaK - 543919747"1 
Olivia Newton-John

A: Long Live Love
B: Angel Eyes
Interfusion AustraliaK-550519747"1 
Rolf Harris

A: Papillon
B: Relax With Rolf
Interfusion AustraliaK-553819747"0 
Dick Feller

A: Makin' The Best Of A Bad Situation
B: She's Taken A Gentle Lover
Interfusion AustraliaK-554519747"0 

A: Year Of The Tiger
B: Big Star
Interfusion AustraliaK-556219747"0 

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