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I.R.S. - Label Discography

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  UK  196
  USA  161
  Netherlands  67
  Australia  33
  Canada  25
  Germany  20
  Japan  5
  France  4
  Ireland  1
  Norway  1
  Philippines  1
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The Payolas

A: China Boys
B: Rose
I.R.S. UKPFP 1001Apr 19817"07.0
Oingo Boingo

A: Only A Lad
B: Ain't This The Life
I.R.S. UKPFP 1002May 19817"0 
The Cramps

A: Goo Goo Muck
B: She Said
I.R.S. UKPFP 1003May 19817"310.0

A: The Girl From Baltimore
B: Feel The Heat
I.R.S. UKPFP 1004May 19817"1 
Alternative TV

A: The Ancient Rebels
B: Dub In Bed
I.R.S. UKPFP 1006Jul 19817"0 

A: Our Lips Are Sealed
B: Surfing And Spying
I.R.S. UKPFP 1007Jul 19817"0 
Alternative TV

A: Communicate
B: Obsession
I.R.S. UKPFP 1009Oct 19817"1 

A: We Got The Beat
B: Skidmarks On My Heart
I.R.S. UKPFP 1010Nov 19817"16.0

A: Automatic
B: Tonite
I.R.S. UKGO GO 101Feb 1982Picture Disc2 

A: Automatic
B: Tonite
I.R.S. UKGON 101Feb 19827"0 

A: Shadow-Line(To J. Conrad)
B: All Around The World
I.R.S. UKPFP 1012Mar 19827"0 

A: Our Lips Are Sealed
B: We Got The Beat
I.R.S. UKGON 102Apr 19827"18.0

A: We Got The Beat
B: Our Lips Are Sealed
I.R.S. UKGON 102Apr 1982Picture Disc1 

A: Vacation
B: Beatnik Beach
I.R.S. UKGON 103Aug 19827"0 

A: Girl Of 100 Lists
B: I Think It's Me
I.R.S. UKGON 104Nov 19827"0 
The Alarm

A: The Stand
B: Third Light (Live)
I.R.S. UKPFP 1014Apr 19837"010.0
The Lords Of The New Church

A: Let's Live For Today
B: Opening Nightmares
I.R.S. UKPFP 1015Jun 19837"0 

A: Richard IX
B: Flight
I.R.S. UKPFP 1016Jul 19837"0 

A: Right Side Of A Good Thing
B: (Legend Of A) Wheelman
I.R.S. UKPFP 1018Jul 19837"0 
The Alarm

A: 68 Guns
B: 68 Guns (Part 2)
I.R.S. UKPFP 1023Aug 19837"09.8
The Alarm

A: 68 Guns
B: 68 Guns (Part 2)
I.R.S. UKPFPC 1023Aug 1983Special Edition 7"1 

A: Radio Free Europe
B: There She Goes Again
I.R.S. UKPFP 101715 Aug 19837"09.3
The Animals

A: The Night
B: No John No
I.R.S. UKPFP 1019Sep 19837"0 
Lords Of The New Church

A: Dance With Me
B: I'm Not Runnin' Hard Enuff
I.R.S. UKPFP 1022Sep 19837"07.0
Jools Holland

A: Crazy Over You (Done Gone)
B: Down In The Dumps
I.R.S. UKPFP 1020Oct 19837"19.0

A: Screamin' Skull
B: Burning Hell
I.R.S. UKPFP 1024Nov 19837"2 

A: Talk About The Passion
B: Talk About The Passion
I.R.S. UKPFP 1026Nov 1983Promo Only 7"0 
Torch Song

A: Prepare To Energize
B: Prepare To Energize
I.R.S. UKPFP 1027Nov 1983Promo Only 7"0 
Crown Of Thorns

A: Pictures
B: The Treatment (Thorn Mix)
I.R.S. UKPFP 1029Nov 19837"0 
The Animals

A: Love Is For All Time
B: Just Can't Get Enough
I.R.S. UKPFP 1030Nov 19837"0 
Crown Of Thorns

A: World Radio
B: Diamond Jim
I.R.S. UKIRS 10919847"0 
The Alarm

A: Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke
B: Pavilion Steps
I.R.S. UKIRS 101Jan 19847"08.0
The Alarm

A: Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke
B: Pavilion Steps
I.R.S. UKIRS 101DJJan 1984Promo Only 7"0 
Yip Yip Coyote

A: Dream Of The West
B: The Law
I.R.S. UKYIP 1Feb 19847"1 
The Alarm

A: The Deceiver
B: Reason 41
I.R.S. UKIRS 103Mar 19847"19.0
The Alarm

A: The Deceiver
B: Reason 41
C: Lie Of The Land
D: Legal Matter
I.R.S. UKIRS 103/103AMar 1984Double Pack0 

A: So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)
B: King Of The Road
I.R.S. UKIRS 10526 Mar 19847"09.3
Go Go's

A: Head Over Heels
B: Good For Gone
I.R.S. UKIRS 104Apr 19847"0 
Raise The Dragon

A: The Blue Hour
B: Murder One
I.R.S. UKIRS 106May 19847"1 

A: (Don't Go Back To) Rockville
B: Wolves
I.R.S. UKIRS 10718 Jun 19847"08.0

A: (Don't Go Back To) Rockville
B: (Don't Go Back To) Rockville (Edited Version)
I.R.S. UKIRS 107(DJ)18 Jun 1984Promo Only 7"0 
Jools Holland

A: Black Beauty
B: Steam Hammer Woman
I.R.S. UKIRS 108Jul 19847"0 
Yip Yip Coyote

A: Pioneer Girl
B: Last Train
I.R.S. UKYIP 2Jul 19847"0 
Torch Song

A: Don't Look Now (Radio Edit)
B: P2E (Remix) (Radio Edit)
I.R.S. UKIRS 110 DJSep 1984Promo Only 7"0 

A: We Love You
B: Hot
I.R.S. UKIRS 111Sep 19847"0 
The Lords Of The New Church

A: M. Style
B: Sorry For The Man
I.R.S. UKIRS 113Oct 19847"0 
The Alarm

A: The Chant Has Just Begun
B: The Bells Of Rhymney
I.R.S. UKIRS 114Oct 19847"09.0
The Truth [80's]

A: Exception Of Love
B: If You Ever Find Love
I.R.S. UKIRS 115Oct 19847"1 
Wall Of Voodoo

A: Big City
B: Room With A View
I.R.S. UKIRS 116Nov 19847"0 
Intimate Strangers

A: In The Wilderness
B: Self Made Man
I.R.S. UKIRM 10819857"0 

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