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Island - Label Discography

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  UK  1756
  USA  443
  Germany  415
  Netherlands  252
  Australia  237
  France  129
  New Zealand  112
  Italy  88
  Spain  77
  Canada  64
  Ireland  56
  Japan  52
  Sweden  43
  Portugal  29
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WI 001 - 299
Lord Creator

A: Independant Jamaica Calypso
B: Remember
Island UKWI 00115 Jun 19627"67.7
Owen Gray

A: Patricia
B: Twist Baby
Island UKWI 00215 Jun 19627"38.5
The Jiving Juniors

A: Sugar Dandy
B: Valerie
Island UKWI 00319627"1 
Derrick Morgan

A: Travel On
B: Teach Me Baby
Island UKWI 00419627"1 
Roy And Millie

A: We'll Meet

Roland Alphonso

B: Back Beat
Island UKWI 00519627"2 
Derrick Morgan

A: The Hop
B: Tell It To Me
Island UKWI 00619627"26.0
Lloyd Clarke

A: Love You The Most

Lloyd Robinson

B: You Said You Loved Me
Island UKWI 00719627"0 
Wilfred Jackie Edwards

A: All My Days
B: Hear Me Cry
Island UKWI 00819627"0 
Alton And Eddy

A: My Love Divine
B: Let Me Dream
Island UKWI 00919627"39.0
The Continentals [ska]

A: Going Crazy
B: Give Me All Your Love
Island UKWI 01019627"1 
Derrick Morgan

A: Forward March
B: Please Don't Talk About Me
Island UKWI 01119627"28.0
Jimmy Cliff

A: Dearest Beverley
B: Hurricane Hatty
Island UKWI 01219627"58.0
Derrick Morgan

A: Cherry Home
B: See And Blind
Island UKWI 01319627"1 
Owen Gray

A: Jezebel

Owen And Millie

B: Sugar Plum
Island UKWI 01419627"1 
Ernest Ranglin Orchestra

A: Harmonica Twist
B: Mitty Gritty
Island UKWI 01519627"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Miss Jamaica
B: Gold Digger
Island UKWI 01619627"29.0
Errol Dixon

A: Morning Train
B: Lonely Heart
Island UKWI 01719627"0 
Derrick And Patsy

A: Gypsy Woman
B: Housewife's Choice
Island UKWI 01819627"28.5
Wilfred Edwards

A: Tears Like Rain
B: One More Week
Island UKWI 01919627"0 
Owen Gray Ernest Rauglin Orchestra

A: Audrey
B: Dolly Baby
Island UKWI 02019627"0 
Don Drummond Orchestra

A: Schooling The Duke
B: Bitter Rose
Island UKWI 02119627"16.0
Emanuel Rodrigues Ork.

A: Rico Special

Bonny And Skitter

B: A Little Mashin'
Island UKWI 02219627"08.0
Blues Busters

A: Behold!
B: Oh! Baby
Island UKWI 02319627"77.0
Martin And Derrick

A: Come On

Monte Alexander

B: Organisation
Island UKWI 02419627"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Since Lately
B: I'm Free
Island UKWI 02519627"2 
Theo Beckford

A: Seven Long Years
B: I Don't Want You
Island UKWI 02619627"0 
Jiving Juniors

A: Andrea
B: Don't Leave Me
Island UKWI 02719627"0 
Bobby Aitken

A: Baby Baby
B: Lonely Boy
Island UKWI 02819627"0 
Hi Tones

A: Going Steady
B: Darlin' Elaine
Island UKWI 02919627"0 
Owen Gray

A: Midnight Track
B: Time Will Tell
Island UKWI 03019627"0 
Wilbert Harrison

A: I'm Broke
B: Off To School
Island UKWI 03119627"1 
The Rhythm Aces [reggae]

A: C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S

Top Grant

B: A Christmas Drink
Island UKWI 03219627"0 
Basil Gabbidon

A: No Fault Of Mine
B: I Found My Baby
Island UKWI 03319627"0 
Top Grant With Bill Oliver Ork

A: Searchin' (For You)
B: David And Goliath
Island UKWI 03419627"0 
The Vikings [Victor Wong]

A: Maggie Don't Leave Me
B: Henchman
Island UKWI 03519627"1 
Shenley Duffus

A: Give To Get
B: What You're Gonna Do
Island UKWI 03619627"0 
Derrick Morgan

A: Leave Her Alone
B: Dorothy
Island UKWI 03719637"0 
Lascelles And Yvonne

A: Tango Lips

Dennis Sindrey

B: Rub Up
Island UKWI 03819627"0 
Cornell Campbell

A: Rosabelle
B: Turndown Date
Island UKWI 03919627"17.0
King Edwards

A: Dear Hearts
B: Oh Mary
Island UKWI 04019627"0 
John Holt

A: I'll Stay
B: I Cried A Tear
Island UKWI 04119627"1 
Jackie Estick

A: Since You've Been Gone
B: Daisey, I Love You
Island UKWI 04219627"0 
The Moonlighters [Jamaica]

A: Going Out
B: Hold My Hands
Island UKWI 04319627"1 
Clancy Eccles

A: Judgement
B: Baby Please
Island UKWI 04419637"0 
Lloyd Clarke

A: Japanese Girl
B: He's Coming
Island UKWI 04519637"0 
Kent And Dimples

A: Day Is Gone
B: Linger Awhile
Island UKWI 04619637"0 
King Edwards

A: Russian Roulette
B: You're Mine
Island UKWI 04719637"1 
Owen Gray

A: I'm Still Waiting
B: I Can't Go On
Island UKWI 04819637"0 
Melody Enchanters

A: Enchanters Ball
B: I'll Be True
Island UKWI 04919637"0 
Roy And Millie

A: This World
B: Never Say Goodbye
Island UKWI 05019637"0 

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