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Island - Label Discography

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  UK  1742
  USA  426
  Germany  396
  Netherlands  249
  Australia  214
  France  113
  New Zealand  107
  Italy  86
  Spain  75
  Ireland  55
  Canada  51
  Japan  46
  Sweden  41
  Portugal  23
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A: All Right Now
B: Mouthful Of Grass
Island IrelandWIP 608219707"3 
Fairport Convention

A: Now Be Thankful
B: Sir B. McKenzies Daughter's Lament
Island IrelandWIP 608919707"1 
Tir Na Nog

A: I'm Happy To Be (On This Mountain)
B: Let My Love Grow
Island IrelandWIP 609019707"0 

A: Stealer
B: Lying In The Sunshine
Island IrelandWIP 609319707"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Synthetic World
B: I Go To Pieces
Island IrelandWIP.609719717"0 
Jethro Tull

A1: Life Is A Long Song
A2: Up The Pool
B1: Doctor Brogenbroom
B2: From Later
B3: Nursie
Island IrelandWIP.61061971EP2 
Cat Stevens

A: Morning Has Broken
B: I Want To Live In A Wigwam
Island IrelandWIP 6121Dec 19717"19.0
Roxy Music

A: Virginia Plain
B: The Numberer
Island IrelandWIP 614419727"0 
Kiki Dee

A: Amoureuse
B: Rest My Head
Island IrelandPIG 419737"0 
Bryan Ferry

A: A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall
B: 2.H.B.
Island IrelandWIP 617019737"3 
Roxy Music

A: Street Life
B: Hula Kula
Island IrelandWIP 617319737"1 
Bob Dylan

A: On A Night Like This
B: Forever Young
Island IrelandWIP 618819747"4 

A: This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us
B: Barbecutie
Island IrelandWIP 619319747"19.0

A: Amateur Hour
B: Lost And Found
Island IrelandWIP 620319747"0 
Bryan Ferry

A: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
B: Another Time Another Place
Island IrelandWIP 620519747"2 

A: Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
B: Alabami Right
Island IrelandWIP 621119747"1 
Roy Wood

A: Oh What A Shame
B: Bengal Jig
Island IrelandJET 75419757"5 

A: Something For The Girl With Everything
B: Marry Me
Island IrelandWIP 622119757"0 
Bryan Ferry

A: You Go To My Head
B: Re-Make / Re-Model
Island IrelandWIP 623419757"0 
Peter Skellern

A: Hard Times
B: And Then You'll Fall
Island IrelandWIP 623519757"0 

A: Get In The Swing
B: Profile
Island IrelandWIP 623619757"0 
Roxy Music

A: Love Is The Drug
B: Sultanesque
Island IrelandWIP 624819757"3 

A: Looks, Looks, Looks
B: The Wedding Of Jacqueline Kennedy To Russell Mael
Island IrelandWIP 624919757"57.0
Roxy Music

A: Both Ends Burning
B: For Your Pleasure
Island IrelandWIP 626219757"3 

A: Sunshine Day
B: Bum To Bum
Island IrelandBRO 2019767"0 

A: Dance The Body Music
B: Right Now
Island IrelandBRO 2619767"0 
Manfred Mann's Earth Band

A: Blinded By The Light
B: Starbird No. 2
Island IrelandBRO 2919767"1 
Michael Nesmith

A: Rio
B: Life, The Unsuspecting Captive
Island IrelandWIP 637319767"1 
Bob Marley And The Wailers

A: So Much Trouble In The World ( Part 1)
B: So Much Trouble In The World ( Part 2)
Island IrelandWIP 651019797"2 
The Buggles

A: Video Killed The Radio Star
B: Kid Dynamo
Island IrelandWIP 652419797"0 
Junior Murvin

A: Police And Thieves

Jah Lion

B: Soldier And Police War
Island IrelandWIP 653919807"0 
The Buggles

A: The Plastic Age
B: Island
Island IrelandWIP 654019807"0 
The Buggles

A: Clean, Clean
B: Technopop
Island IrelandWIP 658419807"0 
Bob Marley And The Wailers

A: Could You Be Loved
B: One Drop
Island IrelandWIP 661019807"0 
Grace Jones

A: Private Life
B: She's Lost Control
Island IrelandWIP 662919807"19.0
Bob Marley And The Wailers

A: Three Little Birds
B: Every Need Got An Ego To Feed
Island IrelandWIP 664119807"0 
Bob Marley And The Wailers

A: No Woman, No Cry
B: Kinky Reggae
Island IrelandWIP 624419817"2 
Tom Tom Club

A: Wordy Rappinghood
B: Elephant
Island IrelandWIP 669419817"0 
Robert Palmer

A: Some Guys Have All The Luck
B: Found You Now
Island IrelandWIP 675419817"1 
Tom Tom Club

A: Under The Boardwalk
B: On, On, On, On (Remixed Version)
Island IrelandWIP 676219827"0 
Joe Cocker And Jennifer Warnes

A: Up Where We Belong

Joe Cocker

B: Sweet Little Woman
Island IrelandWIP 683019827"0 
Kid Creole And The Coconuts

Christmas In B'Dilli Bay

A1: Dear Addy
B1: No Fish Today
B2: Christmas On Riverside Drive
Island IrelandWIP 684019827"09.0
Bob Marley And The Wailers

A: Buffalo Soldier
B: Buffalo ( Dub)
Island IrelandIS 10819837"0 
Kid Creole And The Coconuts

A: There's Something Wrong In Paradise
B: Fireside Story (Fireside Chat)
Island IrelandIS 13019837"2 
Bob Marley And The Wailers

A: One Love / People Get Ready
B: One Love / People Get Ready (Version)
Island IrelandIS 16919847"1 
Bob Marley And The Wailers

A: One Love / People Get Ready
B: So Much Trouble In The World
Island IrelandIS 16919847"0 
Robert Palmer

A: Discipline Of Love
B: Dance For Me
Island IrelandIS 24219857"0 
In Tua Nua

A: Blue Eyes Again
B: No Love, No Pain
Island IrelandIS 25419857"0 
Robert Palmer

A: I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
B: Get It Through Your Heart
Island IrelandIS 28319867"0 

A: Too Good To Be Forgotten
B: Sez Who
Island IrelandIS 28419867"1 

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