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Jackpot - Label Discography

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See also Trojan TJGSE and THB series
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1st series JP 700 - 814 (1969-73)
Derrick Morgan

A: Too Bad
B: Seven Letters
Jackpot UKJP 70019697"2 
Little Boy Blue

A: Dark End Of The Street

Mr. Versatile

B: Apple Blossoms
Jackpot UKJP 70119697"0 
Errol Dunkley

A: Having A Party

Mr. Versatile

B: Devil's Disciple
Jackpot UKJP 70219697"0 
Wonder Boy

A: Sweeten My Coffee

Mr. Miller

B: Cherry Pink
Jackpot UKJP 70319697"0 
Rolo Poley

A: Zapatoo The Tiger
B: Music House
Jackpot UKJP 7048 Aug 19697"0 
Wonder Boy

A: Love Power

Little Boy Blue

B: Since You Are Gone
Jackpot UKJP 70515 Aug 19697"0 
Peter Touch

A: The Crimson Pirate
B: Moon Duck
Jackpot UKJP 70619697"0 
Mr. Miller

A: Feel It

Lyn Beckford

B: Kiss Me Quick
Jackpot UKJP 70719697"1 
Winston Groovey

A: Funky Chicken


B: Funky Chicken Vers. 2
Jackpot UKJP 70819707"0 
Winston Groovey

A: Funny


B: Funny Vers. 2
Jackpot UKJP 70919707"0 
Don Drummond Jnr.

A: Memory Of Don Drummond


B: Resting
Jackpot UKJP 71019707"0 
Vincent McCloud

A: Too Late

Sir Collins And The Earthquakes

B: Late Night
Jackpot UKJP 71119707"0 

A: Let's Fall In Love

The Prophets [Reggae]

B: Purple Moon
Jackpot UKJP 71219707"0 
King Horror

A: Wood In The Fire


B: The Naked City
Jackpot UKJP 71319707"0 
King Horror

A: Police

Pama Dice

B: Reggae Popcorn
Jackpot UKJP 71619707"0 
Nat Cole

A: Pack Of Cards

Rita And Nat

B: Spread Joy
Jackpot UKJP 71719707"0 
Rita [Reggae]

A: Love Making

Nat Cole

B: My Love (Part 1)
Jackpot UKJP 71819707"0 
Moffat All Stars

A: Riot

The Impersonators

B: Girls And Boys
Jackpot UKJP 71919707"0 
Nat Cole

A: Sugar Sugar

Sonny Binns

B: Sign Off
Jackpot UKJP 72219707"0 
Roy Smith [Reggae]

A: The Wedding
B: Air Balloon
Jackpot UKJP 72319707"0 
Chanel Five

A: Love Brother
B: Ole Kent Road
Jackpot UKJP 72719707"1 
Nora Dean And Vern

A: Look Over Your Shoulder

Tommy McCook

B: The Kiss
Jackpot UKJP 72819707"0 
The Interns [Reggae]

A: See You At Sunrise

Little Wonder

B: Out Of Reach
Jackpot UKJP 72919707"0 
Little Wonder

A: Walk Thru This World

The Interns [Reggae]

B: Mr Chatterbox
Jackpot UKJP 73019707"0 
Twinkle Brothers

A: You Can Do It Too
B: All My Enemies Beware
Jackpot UKJP 73119707"0 
Errol The Champion

A: Lonely Boy
B: Oo Boo
Jackpot UKJP 73219707"0 
Winston Williams

A: D. J. Choice

Slim Smith

B: Can't Do Without It
Jackpot UKJP 73319707"310.0
Pat Kelly

A: Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
B: Lorna
Jackpot UKJP 73419707"1 
Jeff Barns

A: Get In The Groove

John Holt

B: A Little Tear
Jackpot UKJP 73519707"0 
Dave Barker

A: The Fastest Man Alive

Norman Grant [Reggae]

B: Bloodshot Eyes
Jackpot UKJP 73619707"0 
Errol And The Champions

A: Lonely Boy

Tony And The Champions

B: All Of My Life
Jackpot UKJP 73819707"0 
The Twinkle Brothers

A: Miss World
B: Take What You've Got
Jackpot UKJP 74019707"0 
The Twinkle Brothers

A: Sweet Young Thing
B: Grandma
Jackpot UKJP 74119707"0 
Dave Barker

A: Wet Version
B: I Got To Get Away
Jackpot UKJP 74219707"08.0
Winston Williams

A: The People's Choice

Bobby James [reggae]

B: Let Me Go Girl
Jackpot UKJP 74319707"0 
McBean Scot And The Champions

A: Top Of The World

Larry And The Champions

B: Everybody Reggae
Jackpot UKJP 74419707"0 
Dave Barker

A: Girl Of My Dreams
B: On Broadway
Jackpot UKJP 74519707"17.0
Domino Johnson And The Champions

A: Same Song
B: Groovin'
Jackpot UKJP 74619707"0 
Phil Pratt All Stars

A: Cut Throat

Ken Boothe

B: Left The Water
Jackpot UKJP 74819717"0 

A: Sex Machine
B: You Left Me And Gone
Jackpot UKJP 75119707"0 
Winston Williams

A: Love Version

The Darker Shades Of Black

B: Ball Of Confusion
Jackpot UKJP 75719707"0 
David Crooks

A: I Won't Hold It Against You

Bobby James [reggae]

B: King Of Hearts
Jackpot UKJP 75919707"0 
Rob Walker

A: Hear My Heart
B: Puppet On A String
Jackpot UKJP 76119717"1 
Lloyd And Dorreen

A: Midnight

Bunny Lee's All Stars

B: Version
Jackpot UKJP 76219717"18.0
Delroy Wilson

A: Better Must Come

Bunny Lee All Stars

B: Version
Jackpot UKJP 76319717"08.0
Wonder Boy

A: Just For A Day
B: He Ain't Heavy
Jackpot UKJP 76419717"1 
Ernest Wilson [Reggae]

A: Let Them Talk
B: The Truth Counts
Jackpot UKJP 76519717"0 
The Soulettes

A: My Desire
B: Bring It Up
Jackpot UKJP 76619717"2 
The Soulettes

A: All Of Your Loving

Lloyd Clarke

B: Love Me
Jackpot UKJP 76719717"0 
Twinkle Brother

A: Do Your Own Thing

Boy Wonder

B: They Talk About Love
Jackpot UKJP 76819717"0 

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