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Puzzle [UK 1970s]

A: Houla
B: Do You Feel The Pain
Jam UKJAM 118 Feb 19727"17.0
Vanity Fare

A: The Big Parade
B: Angel
Jam UKJAM 218 Feb 19727"05.0
Hayden Wood

A: That's A Mighty Road
B: Star Restaurant
Jam UKJAM 317 Mar 19727"0 
T.N.T. [Jam]

A: Big Trouble (Part One)
B: Big Trouble (Part Two)
Jam UKJAM 47 Apr 19727"2 
Telly Savalas

A: We All End Up The Same
B: We Both Knew It Was Over
Jam UKJAM 57 Apr 19727"16.0
Edward Woodward

A: We'll Only Hurt Ourselves
B: I Could Never Lose My Love For You
Jam UKJAM 621 Apr 19727"1 
Tyrone And Carr

A: I Want To Give You My Everything
B: I'm Still In Love With You
Jam UKJAM 728 Apr 19727"0 

A: Poco Poco
B: Julie's Place
Jam UKJAM 85 May 19727"1 
Vaughan Thomas

A: Gotta Be You Gotta Be Me
B: Woman
Jam UKJAM 95 May 19727"0 
Denis King

A: Where Forever Begins
B: A Girl And A Golden Ring
Jam UKJAM 1012 May 19727"0 
Walter Mitty

A: Caroline
B: Another Child
Jam UKJAM 1119 May 19727"2 
Jimmy Lindsay

A: Magnificent Sanctuary Band
B: Giving Up To Get
Jam UKJAM 1212 May 19727"0 
Blackfoot Sue

A: Standing In The Road
B: Celestial Plain
Jam UKJAM 132 Jun 19727"88.0
Rescue Co. No. 1

A: I Want To Save You
B: Amanda
Jam UKJAM 1426 May 19727"09.7

A: Can't You Hear The Song
B: All I Ever Wanna Do
Jam UKJAM 159 Jun 19727"29.0
Sylvester [UK]

A: Gimme Time
B: I'll Know Better
Jam UKJAM 167 Jul 19727"0 
Tony Mansell Singers

A: Rosie Had Everything Planned
B: Detective's Lot (From The Film "Rentadick")
Jam UKJAM 1714 Jul 19727"1 
Tony Mansell Singers

A: Rosie
B: Detective's Lot (From The Film "Rentadick")
Jam UKJAM 1714 Jul 1972Promo Only 7"0 
Bitter Suite

A: King's Highway
B: It's Been A Long Long Time
Jam UKJAM 1811 Aug 1972Promo Only 7"3 
Bitter Suite

A: It's Been A Long Long Time
B: King's Highway
Jam UKJAM 181 Sep 19727"0 
Symon's Jazzband

A: Hey Jude
B: Aziz
Jam UKJAM 1918 Aug 19727"1 
Bendy Dog

A: I Wanna Hear (Rock 'N' Roll Music)
B: Carry My Mind
Jam UKJAM 208 Sep 19727"1 
Hayden Wood

A: The Spirit Of '68
B: Where Are We All Going To
Jam UKJAM 2115 Sep 19727"0 
Hazy Osterwald

A: Oumbala Oumbala
B: Tai Weh
Jam UKJAM 2229 Sep 19727"2 
Birds Of A Feather

A: You Know Me Better (Than I Know Myself)
B: Summer Has Gone
Jam UKJAM 236 Oct 19727"0 
Esprit De Corps

A: If (Would It Turn Out Wrong)
B: Picture On The Wall
Jam UKJAM 2413 Oct 19727"19.0
The Troggs

A1: Wild Thing
B1: With A Girl Like You
B2: Love Is All Around
Jam UKJAM 253 Nov 19727"19.0
Vaughan Thomas

A: Giant
B: Good Old Sam
Jam UKJAM 262 Feb 19737"06.0
Rescue Co. No. 1

A: I Stand Alone
B: You Shouldn't Have Been So Nice
Jam UKJAM 2717 Nov 19727"09.5

A: Go Anywhere
B: Look Every Day
Jam UKJAM 2824 Nov 19727"05.5
Blackfoot Sue

A: Sing Don't Speak
B: 2 B Free
Jam UKJAM 2910 Nov 19727"2 
Bitter Suite

A: Moonshine Girl
B: No More Early Mornings
Jam UKJAM 305 Jan 19737"3 
Stephen Shane

A: I'm Beginning To Touch You
B: Someone Who Cares
Jam UKJAM 3116 Feb 19737"0 
Esprit De Corps

A: Lonely
B: Do You Remember Me (Like I Remember You)
Jam UKJAM 329 Mar 19737"27.0

A: Giant
B: Wanderer
Jam UKJAM 332 Mar 19737"1 
The Newbeats

A: The Way You Do The Things You Do
B: Does Your Body Need Lovin'
Jam UKJAM 3416 Mar 19737"0 
The Jesters [UK]

A: Fool For A Day
B: Can't Live Without You
Jam UKJAM 3516 Mar 19737"18.0
Tyrone And Carr

A: Love Me Love You
B: Take Me With You
Jam UKJAM 3623 Mar 19737"1 
Moon Williams

A: Looking For Love
B: Seaweed Avenue
Jam UKJAM 3730 Mar 19737"18.0

A: Girl You Make It Easy
B: Betsy Ballou
Jam UKJAM 386 Apr 19737"0 

A: Witch Hunt
B: Living Dead
Jam UKJAM 3930 Mar 19737"29.0
Lloyd Miller

A: Black Is Black
B: It Takes Two
Jam UKJAM 4013 Apr 19737"0 

A: Bridges, Motorways And Dams
B: Can't Get Thru' To You
Jam UKJAM 4127 Apr 19737"17.0
Edward Woodward

A: Maman
B: Morning Has Broken
Jam UKJAM 4227 Apr 19737"1 
Bitter Suite

A: Six O'Clock News
B: Here's Hoping
Jam UKJAM 434 May 19737"0 
Blackfoot Sue

A: Summer (From The Seasons Suite)
B: Morning Light
Jam UKJAM 4420 Apr 19737"1 
Rescue Co. No. 1

A: It's Only Words
B: Look Out
Jam UKJAM 4511 May 19737"29.0
Hayden Wood

A: I Don't Wanna Lose You
B: Hand Me Down
Jam UKJAM 4618 May 19737"19.0
Bob Rowe

A: Skylab
B: Mexican Flyer
Jam UKJAM 4718 May 19737"1 

A: Bobby Charlton
B: City Summer
Jam UKJAM 4818 May 19737"1 

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