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Janus - Label Discography

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  USA  118
  UK  37
  Australia  12
  Netherlands  11
  Germany  9
  Canada  6
  New Zealand  3
  Jamaica  1
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Creme Caramel

A: My Idea
B: Excursion
Janus USAJ-100Aug 19697"0 
Doc Oliver

A: Soul Popcorn Part 1
B: Soul Popcorn Part 2
Janus USAJ-102Sep 19697"1 
Clinton Ford

A: Lonelyville
B: Cielito Lindo
Janus USAJ-103Sep 19697"0 
The Committee

A: Sleep Tight Honey
B: Memories Of Melinda
Janus USAJ-104Sep 19697"0 

A: Baby Take Me In Your Arms
B: I Fell Flat On My Face
Janus USAJ-106Nov 19697"1 
Owen B.

A: Mississippi Mama
B: Nowhere To Run
Janus USAJ-107Feb 19707"09.0

A: Our Love's A Chain
B: Upon The Earth
Janus USAJ-10819707"0 
Canned Heat

A: Spoonful
B: Big Road Blues
Janus USAJ-110Jan 19707"1 

A: Kickin' It Back To You
B: Come In, It's All For Free
Janus USAJ-11319707"0 
Phil Cordell

A: Pumping The Water
B: Red Lady
Janus USAJ-11419707"010.0
Andy Robinson

A: Sally She Weep
B: Uptight Saturday Nite
Janus USAJ-11619707"0 

A: That Same Old Feeling
B: Maybe We've Been Loving Too Long
Janus USAJ-118Apr 19707"28.0

A: That Same Old Feeling
B: That Same Old Feeling
Janus USAJ-118Apr 1970Promo Only 7"1 
Joe Dolan

A: You're Such A Good Looking Woman
B: Something Happens
Janus USAJ-119Apr 19707"0 
The London Pops Orchestra

A: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
B: Sparrow
Janus USAJ-122May 19707"1 
Owen B.

A: Never Goin' Home
B: Zig Zag Man
Janus USAJ-123May 19707"0 
Sounds Orchestral

A: Louie Louie
B: Love In The Shadows
Janus USAJ-124Jun 19707"1 
Mungo Jerry

A: In The Summertime
B: Mighty Man
Janus USAJ-125Jun 19707"179.0
Status Quo

A: Down The Dustpipe
B: Face Without A Soul
Janus USAJ-12719707"0 
Mungo Jerry

A: My Friend
B: Johnny B. Badde
Janus USAJ-128Oct 19707"1 
Paul Brett Sage

A: Reason For You Asking
B: 3D Mona Lisa
Janus USAJ-129Sep 19707"0 
Cissy Houston

A: I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
B: This Empty Place
Janus USAJ -13119707"29.0

A: Evil
B: Are You Ready
Janus USAJ-133Sep 19707"0 
Niagara [USA]

A: Lu Lu Makes It
B: Not Right Now
Janus USAJ-13419707"010.0

A: Working Man
B: Brown Hair
Janus USAJ-13519707"0 

A: Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)
B: Keep On Trucking
Janus USAJ-13819707"0 
The Whispers

A: There's A Love For Everyone
B: It Sure Ain't Pretty (Hard Core Unemployed)
Janus USAJ-140Dec 19707"0 
Status Quo

A: In My Chair
B: Gerdundula
Janus USAJ-141Dec 19707"110.0

A: Baby, I Won't Let You Down
B: Waldo P. Emerson Jones
Janus USAJ-142Promo Only 7"1 
Andy Robinson

A: Party Ball
B: Every Mother, Father, Brother, Sister
Janus USAJ-14319707"0 
Harvey Mandel

A: Baby Batter
B: Midnight Sun
Janus USAJ-14419717"0 
Cissy Houston

A: Be My Baby
B: I'll Be There
Janus USAJ-14519717"0 
Linda Plowman

A: I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
B: I Would
Janus USAJ-146Jan 19717"0 
Jerry Lane

A: The World's Youngest Dirty Old Man
B: She's Not Yours Anymore
Janus USAJ-14719717"0 
The Whispers

A: Your Love Is So Doggone Good
B: Crackel Jack
Janus USAJ-15019717"0 
Ersel Hickey

A: Bluebirds Over The Mountain
B: Self Made Man
Janus USAJ-151May 19717"5 
The Posse

A: (I've Got To) Take You Out
B: Sun Country
Janus USAJ-152May 19717"0 
Doug Anderson

A: I Won't Cry (I'll Just Laugh Myself To Death)
B: Hey Mama, Here Come The Preacher
Janus USAJ-15319717"1 
John George

A: I Just Can't Help Myself
B: Goodbye
Janus USAJ-154May 19717"0 
Water [Janus]

A: Get High On Jesus
B: My Baby Left Me
Janus USAJ-15619717"0 

A: Days I Remember
B: There He Goes
Janus USAJ-157Jun 1971Promo Only 7"0 
Paul Brett's Sage

A: To Every Man (Freedom)
B: Everlasting Butterfly
Janus USAJ-158Jun 19717"0 
Little Anthony And The Imperials

A: Father, Father
B: Each One, Teach One
Janus USAJ-16019717"1 
Dianne Davidson

A: (I Need A) Sixty Minute Man
B: You're The Only One
Janus USAJ-16119717"0 
Bill Haley And The Comets

A: A Little Piece At A Time
B: Travelin' Band
Janus USAJ-16219717"3 
Don Covay And The Jefferson Lemon Blues Band

A: Sweet Thang
B: Standing In The Grits Line
Janus USAJ-16419717"2 
Linda Plowman

A: Clinging To A Saving Hand
B: You've Still Got A Place
Janus USAJ-165Aug 19717"0 
Ernie K. Doe

A: Here Come The Girls
B: A Long Way Back From Home
Janus USAJ-167Sep 19717"0 
Scott English

A: Brandy
B: Lead Me Back
Janus USAJ-17119717"4 
Chris Tannum

A: The Nightbird Song
B: You Gotta Pay
Janus USAJ 17219717"0 

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