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Jason Scott - Label Discography

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Acetates, Bootlegs, Curios

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The Dedications

A: Shining Star
B: Mary Lou
Jason Scott USA101979Bootleg / Repro 7"2 
The Visuals

A: Please Don't Be Mad At Me
B: Blue
Jason Scott USA111979Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
The Emotions [Card]

A: (By The Light Of The) Silvery Moon
B: Do You Love Me
Jason Scott USA121979Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
The Runarounds [aka Four Dreams]

A: The Nearest Thing To Heaven
B: Lover's Lane
Jason Scott USA131979Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
The Cruisers [Brooklyn, NY]

A: There's A Girl
B: Foolish Me
Jason Scott USA151979Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
The Class-Airs

A: Too Old To Cry
B: My Tears Start To Fall
Jason Scott USA161979Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
Bobby Capri And The Velvet Satins

A: One Sided Love
B: Charm Bracelet
Jason Scott USA171979Bootleg / Repro 7"2 
Anthony And The Sophomores

A: Beautiful Dreamer
B: Embraceable You
Jason Scott USA181979Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
Dickie And The Debonairs

A: Yo Yo Girl
B: Please Mr. Disc Jockey
Jason Scott USA191979Bootleg / Repro 7"1 
The Notations [Cincinnati, OH]

A: What A Night For Love
B: Chapel Doors
Jason Scott USA31979Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
The Four Evers

A: You Belong To Me
B: Such A Good Night For Dreaming
Jason Scott USA41979Bootleg / Repro 7"1 
Tico And The Triumphs

A: Cards Of Love
B: Noise
Jason Scott USA45-141979Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
The Admirations [Brooklyn, NY]

A: To The Aisle
B: Hey Senorita
Jason Scott USA51979Bootleg / Repro 7"1 
The Euniques

A: Cry Cry Cry
B: Silvery Moon
Jason Scott USA61979Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
The Demolyrs

A: Rain
B: Hey Little Rosie
Jason Scott USA71979Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
Del Rays

A: Lorraine
B: Girl In My Heart
Jason Scott USA81979Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
The Passions

A: Aphrodite
B: I've Gotta Know
Jason Scott USA91979Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
The Pacers [Philadelphia]

A: How Sweet
B: No Wonder I Love You
Jason Scott USA1Jan 1979Bootleg / Repro 7"2 
The Intentions [Philadelphia]

A: Summertime Angel
B: Mr. Misery
Jason Scott USA2Jan 1979Bootleg / Repro 7"2 
Jerry Landis

A: The Lone Teen Ranger
B: Lisa
Jason Scott USA221980Bootleg / Repro 7"3 
Nickie North And The Citations

A: Magic Eyes
B: Mystery Of Love
Jason Scott USA231980Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
The Creators [Hudson County, NJ]

A: I'll Stay Home

The Jaynells

B: I'll Stay Home
Jason Scott USA241984Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
Lenny And The Storks

A: My One Sincere
B: Congratulations, Baby
Jason Scott USA251986Bootleg / Repro 7"2 
Gary Kay And The Passions

A: Cinderella

The Echoes [New York]

B: I Love Candy
Jason Scott USA20Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
The Marvels [USA]

A: Guiding Angel

Buzz Clifford And The Teenagers

B: I'll Never Forget
Jason Scott USA21Bootleg / Repro 7"0 

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