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Jay Boy - Label Discography

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Doris Willingham

A: You Can't Do That
B: Lost Again
Jay Boy UKBOY 1Nov 19687"18.5
The Shadrocks [Featuring Little John]

A: There Is
B: Jigsaw
Jay Boy UKBOY 2Nov 19687"0 
The Countrymen [Jay Boy]

A: After All
B: White Rose Of Athens
Jay Boy UKBOY 319687"0 
Migil 5

A: If I Had My Way
B: Somebody's Stolen The Moon
Jay Boy UKBOY 419687"0 
The Hogs

A: It's All Coming To Me Now
B: Motor Cycle Rider
Jay Boy UKBOY 519697"0 
Chords Five

A: Some People
B: Battersea Fair
Jay Boy UKBOY 6Mar 19697"17.7
Mike Quinn

A: Toothbrush Nell

Mike Quinn And The Breadcrumbs

B: Fairy Cakes (For Tea)
Jay Boy UKBOY 719697"4 
Dee And The Quotum

A: Someday You'll Need Someone
B: Send Some Flowers To Julie
Jay Boy UKBOY 819697"18.0
Lyons And Malone

A: Dr. Gentle
B: She's Alright
Jay Boy UKBOY 9Jul 19697"29.0
Shelly Paul

A: The Clowns Are Coming In
B: Take Me To Your Heart
Jay Boy UKBOY 1019697"0 
The Annie Rocket Band

A: A Little Smile On Christmas Morning
B: Apology For Living
Jay Boy UKBOY 1119697"0 
E. K. Bunch

A: Banana
B: Free
Jay Boy UKBOY 1219697"2 
Rough Riders [Reggae]

A: Boss
B: President House
Jay Boy UKBOY 1319697"2 
The Bed Bugs

A: Freedom Sound
B: A Message To You
Jay Boy UKBOY 1419697"0 
The Alterations

A: Work It Up
B: Work, Rest And Play
Jay Boy UKBOY 1519697"1 
The Sugarlumps

A: Sugar Sugar
B: Can't We Be Friends
Jay Boy UKBOY 1619697"1 

A: Move
B: And So To Sleep
Jay Boy UKBOY 1719697"37.0
The Roundtable

A: Saturday Gigue
B: Scarborough Fair
Jay Boy UKBOY 1819697"18.0
The Swamp

A: That's The Way I Like It
B: Reggae 70
Jay Boy UKBOY 1913 Feb 19707"0 
The Sugarlumps

A: Satan's People
B: Shame Shame
Jay Boy UKBOY 2019707"1 
Niyah And The Sunflakes

A: Two Little Boys
B: Holding On
Jay Boy UKBOY 2119707"58.0
Ray Merrell

A: Tears Of Joy
B: Searching
Jay Boy UKBOY 2219707"29.0
The Complete Cycle

A: I'm On The Road Again
B: Back On The Road Again
Jay Boy UKBOY 2319707"06.0
The Invitations

A: How'd We Ever Get This Way
B: Picking Up
Jay Boy UKBOY 2419707"0 
Bob And Earl

A: Harlem Shuffle
B: Send For Me, I'll Be There
Jay Boy UKBOY 25Jul 19717"08.0
Jackie Lee [Soul]

A: The Shotgun And The Duck
B: Do The Temptation Walk
Jay Boy UKBOY 2630 Apr 19717"3 
The Olympics

A: Hully Gully
B: Big Boy Pete
Jay Boy UKBOY 27Jul 19717"0 
Jackie Lee [Soul]

A: Would You Believe
B: You're Everything
Jay Boy UKBOY 28Jul 19717"18.0
The Hideaways

A: Hide Out
B: Jolly Joe
Jay Boy UKBOY 29Jul 19717"1 
The Sheppards

A: How Do You Like It
B: Stubborn Heart
Jay Boy UKBOY 30Jul 19717"19.5
Richard Temple

A: That Beatin' Rhythm
B: Could It Be
Jay Boy UKBOY 31Jul 19717"18.5
Donald Height

A: Talk Of The Grapevine
B: There'll Be No Tomorrow
Jay Boy UKBOY 32Jul 19717"19.0
Jerry O

A: Karate-Boo-Ga-Loo
B: The Pearl
Jay Boy UKBOY 3330 Jul 19717"0 
Freddie Scott

A: Just Like A Flower
B: Spanish Harlem
Jay Boy UKBOY 3430 Jul 19717"0 
Jackie Moore

A: Dear John
B: Here Am I
Jay Boy UKBOY 356 Aug 19717"1 
Erma Franklin

A: I'm Just Not Ready For Love
B: The Right To Cry
Jay Boy UKBOY 366 Aug 19717"1 
Phillip Mitchell

A: I'm Gonna Build California From All Over The World
B: The World Needs More People Like You
Jay Boy UKBOY 3713 Aug 19717"0 
The Exciters

A: Soul Motion
B: You Know It Ain't Right
Jay Boy UKBOY 3813 Aug 19717"1 
Charles Leonard

A: Funky Driver On A Funky Bus Part 1
B: Funky Driver On A Funky Bus Part 2
Jay Boy UKBOY 3919717"0 
The Liberty Belles

A: Shing-A-Ling Time
B: Just Try Me
Jay Boy UKBOY 4019717"07.0
Erma Franklin

A: Piece Of My Heart
B: Big Boss Man
Jay Boy UKBOY 4119717"39.6
The Dreams Featuring Keni Lewis

A: (They Call Me) Jessie James

The Dreams Band

B: Charge
Jay Boy UKBOY 42May 19727"3 
Virgil Griffin

A: La Da Da Da Da
B: Climbing
Jay Boy UKBOY 4310 Sep 19717"17.0
The Blues Busters

A: I Can't Stop
B: Inspired To Love You
Jay Boy UKBOY 4410 Sep 19717"0 
The Barons [New Orleans]

A: Society, Don't Let Us Down
B: No More Baby Love
Jay Boy UKBOY 4517 Sep 19717"2 
Randolph Walker

A: I Love Her More
B: Good Ole Soul
Jay Boy UKBOY 4617 Sep 19717"0 
Howard Johnson [60s]

A: Slide
B: That Magic Touch Can Send You Flying
Jay Boy UKBOY 4724 Sep 19717"5 
George Torrence And The Naturals

A: (Mamma Come Quick And Bring Your) Lickin' Stick
B: So Long, Good Bye
Jay Boy UKBOY 48Oct 19717"0 
Charles Lattimore

A: Do The Thing
B: We Try Harder
Jay Boy UKBOY 491 Oct 19717"27.0
Shan Miles

A: Soul People - Part 1
B: Soul People - Part 2
Jay Boy UKBOY 501 Oct 19717"0 

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