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Jay Jay - Label Discography

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Owned by Walter Jagiello better known as Polka King Li'l Wally. Began in Chicago and moved to Florida in the early 1970's and were still trading into the late 1980's He also owned Bonfire, Polka Tone and Drum Boy
Premier Albums bought his catalogue in August 1966 leaving him as a producer for that company.By early 1968 he was suing them for copyright infringement and Premier went bankrupt.
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Li'l Wally

A: Chicago Waltz
B: New Circus Polka
Jay Jay USA13319557"1 
Li'l Wally And The Harmony Boys Orch.

A: Wish I Was Single Again
B: Ooh-La-La-La-La Polka
Jay Jay USA14519557"1 
Li'l Wally

A: Wish I Was Single Again
B: Ooh-La-La-La-La Polka
Jay Jay USA14519557"0 
Li'l Wally

A: We Left Our Wives At Home
B: I'm In Love With You Polka
Jay Jay USA14819557"1 
Li'l Wally

A: Sleigh Bells Waltz
B: Jingle Bells Polka
Jay Jay USA15019557"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Who'd Ya Like To Love Ya
B: Blue Skirt Waltz
Jay Jay USA15419567"0 
Cliff Davis And His Kentucky Play Boys

A: Rocky Road Blues
B: Give Me One More Chance
Jay Jay USA16119567"1 
Li'l Wally

A: Jay Jay Hop
B: Bed Time Polka
Jay Jay USA16519567"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Just Because Polka
B: Milwaukee's Favorite Waltz
Jay Jay USA16619567"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Lover Give Me A Chance
B: Tick Tock Polka
Jay Jay USA16719567"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Take Me Baby Polka
B: Barbara Polka
Jay Jay USA16819577"0 
Be Happy And Gay With Jay Jay Hi-Fi Records

Li'l Wally And The Lucky Harmony Boys Orchestra

A: "You" Waltz

Li'l Wally

B: Play Me A Polka
Jay Jay USA17119577"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Julida
B: Rain Rain
Jay Jay USAJJ-17319577"1 
Ampol Aires Orchestra

A: Happy Nites Polka
B: Circus Polka
Jay Jay USA18319587"0 
Ed Lash

A: Oh Mary-Ann
B: Fascination
Jay Jay USA18619587"0 
Ampol Aires Orchestra

A: Mary's Wedding Polka
B: Side By Side Oberek
Jay Jay USA18819587"0 

A: Happy Hearts Polka
B: Time To Dance Polka
Jay Jay USA19019587"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Whatcha Got? Polka
B: I Dream Of Irene
Jay Jay USA19119587"0 
Ampol Aires Orchestra

A: Hula Hoop Polka
B: Suzie's Polka
Jay Jay USA19219587"0 
Eddie Lash

A: Just Because Polka
B: Clarine Waltz
Jay Jay USA19319587"0 
Walega's Happy Polka Hearts Orch.

A: Sweetheart Be Mine Polka
B: Sally's Waltz
Jay Jay USA19619597"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Seven Days Without You Polka
B: Tu Lu Lu Waltz
Jay Jay USA19719597"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Out With The Boys
B: She's Too Fat For Me Polka
Jay Jay USA19919597"0 
Key-Tones Orchestra

A: Roll Out The Barrel Polka
B: Saturday Night Waltz
Jay Jay USA20119597"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Doodle Doo Doo Polka
B: Love Me Forever Polka
Jay Jay USA20319597"0 
Ampolaires Orch.

A: Caldonia Polka
B: Old Timer's Polka
Jay Jay USA20419597"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Marina Polka
B: Dreaming Of You Waltz
Jay Jay USA20819597"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Happy New Year (Wesolego Nowego Roku)
B: Jesus Was Born (Narodzil Sie Jezus)
Jay Jay USA20919597"0 
Eddie Lash

A: Tricky Fingers Polka
B: Maryland Waltz
Jay Jay USA21019607"0 
Li'l Wally

A: You Are My Sweetheart Now
B: St. Paul Waltz
Jay Jay USA21119607"0 
Lee Morgan And The Midwesterners

A: Remember Me
B: Swiss Chalet
Jay Jay USA21219607"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Joe And Josey Polka
B: Stevens Point Oberek
Jay Jay USA21319607"0 
Li'l Wally

A: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
B: Rosey From Jersey
Jay Jay USA21419607"0 
Maly Wladziu (Li'l Wally)

A: Nasze Rozlaczenie (Our Break Up Polka)
B: U Mego Tatusia (Daddy's Polka)
Jay Jay USA21619607"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Thanks For A Wonderful Evening
B: Helena Polka
Jay Jay USA21819607"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Old Grey Mare
B: Baby Doll
Jay Jay USA21919607"0 
Li'l Wally And The Harmony Boys

A: I Feel Blue, Because Of You (Opowiesc Kochanka)
B: Polonia Grove Polka
Jay Jay USA22019607"0 
Li'l Wally

A: He'll Have To Go
B: Brighton Park Polka
Jay Jay USA22119607"0 
Eddie Blatnick And His Polka Pals

A: I Can't Stop Doin' The Polka
B: I Stopped For A Beer Polka
Jay Jay USA22219607"0 
Li'l Wally

A: My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
B: Julianna Polka
Jay Jay USA22519607"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Lovely Girl Polka (Ladna Dziewczyna)
B: Only A Girl
Jay Jay USA22619607"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
B: How Lovely Is Christmas
Jay Jay USA22819607"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Auld Land Syne
B: Dance Around The Christmas Tree
Jay Jay USA22919607"0 
Li'l Wally

A: Oh Christmas Tree
B: Merry Christmas Mom And Dad
Jay Jay USA23019607"1 
Li'l Wally

Beautiful Waltzes

A1: Honeymoon Waltz
A2: Fiesta Waltz
B1: Milwaukees Favorite
B2: Dreaming Of You
Jay Jay USAE.P. 1061960EP0 
Li'l Wally And The Harmony Boys Orchestra

"The Polka King" Li'l Wally And The Harmony Boys

A: You Are My Sweetheart Now
B: St. Paul Waltz
Jay Jay USAS-21119607"0 
Li'l Wally And The Harmony Boys

A: Thanks For A Wonderful Evening
B: Helena Polka
Jay Jay USAS-21819607"0 
Lee Morgan [Jay Jay]

A: Remember Me
B: Swiss Chalet
Jay Jay USAS-212Feb 19607"0 
Li'l Wally And The Lucky Harmony Boys Orchestra

A: Smile Awhile
B: Red Wing
Jay Jay USA23319617"0 
Michigan Dutchmen

A: Flint Polka
B: Players Waltz
Jay Jay USA23419617"0 

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