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Jet - Label Discography

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  UK  195
  USA  54
  Netherlands  31
  Australia  23
  Germany  22
  Japan  21
  Canada  15
  New Zealand  15
  Italy  13
  Spain  13
  Ireland  9
  France  7
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Lynsey De Paul

A: No Honestly
B: Central Park Arrest
Jet UKJET 74718 Oct 19747"87.5
David Carradine

A: Around
B: Cosmic Joke
Jet UKJET 75619757"3 
Steve Russell

A: Summer Love
B: The Best Thing I Ever Did
Jet UKJET 75719757"11.0
The Raymond Froggatt Band

A: Try To Get You Into My Life
B: Try To Get You Into My Life (full Version)
Jet UKJET 749Jan 1975Promo Only 7"0 
Bones [UK]

A: My One And Only
B: Baby Don't Make Me Cry
Jet UKJET 74810 Jan 19757"5 
The Raymond Froggatt Band

A: Try To Get You Into My Life
B: This Could Last All Night
Jet UKJET 74931 Jan 19757"0 

A: In The Midnight Hour
B: Funky Lady
Jet UKJET 7517 Feb 19757"09.0
Lynsey De Paul

A: My Man And Me
B: Dancing On A Saturday Night
Jet UKJET 75021 Feb 19757"38.0

A: Wasting Time
B: If It Feels Good Do It
Jet UKJET 75211 Apr 19757"0 
Len Marten

A: Champion Red Rum
B: Little Soldier
Jet UKJET 75311 Apr 19757"28.0
Roy Wood

A: Oh What A Shame
B: Bengal Jig
Jet UKJET 754May 19757"76.8
Lynsey De Paul

A: Rhythm And Blue Jean Baby
B: Into My Music
Jet UKJET 755Jul 19757"28.0

A: Rattlesnake Roll
B: Can't Help My Feelings
Jet UKJET 75817 Oct 19757"38.0
Lynsey De Paul

A: Hug And Squeeze Me
B: You Made Me Write This Song
Jet UKJET 76317 Oct 19757"29.0
Smiley And Co.

A: You Got Me Runnin'
B: Rock and Roll Medley incorporating a) Johnny B. Goode b) Long Tall Sally c) Bony Maronie
Jet UKJET 75924 Oct 19757"1 
Electric Light Orchestra

A: Evil Woman
B: 10538 Overture
Jet UKJET 7647 Nov 19757"39.3
Roy Wood

A: Looking Thru' The Eyes Of A Fool
B: Strider
Jet UKJET 76128 Nov 19757"3 
Lynsey De Paul / Barry Blue

A: Happy Christmas To You From Me
B: Stick To You
Jet UKJET 76228 Nov 19757"38.0
Lynsey De Paul

A: Love Bomb
B: Rainbow
Jet UKJET 76513 Feb 19767"19.0
Widow Maker

A: On The Road
B: Pin A Rose On Me
Jet UKJET 76613 Feb 19767"2 
Roy Wood's Wizzard

A: Indiana Rainbow
B: The Thing Is This
Jet UKJET 7685 Mar 19767"4 
Electric Light Orchestra

A: Nightrider
B: Daybreaker
Jet UKJET 76919 Mar 19767"97.5
Lowell Fulson

A: Do You Love Me
B: Monday Morning Blues
Jet UKJET 77019 Mar 19767"1 
Widow Maker

A: When I Met You
B: Pin A Rose On Me
Jet UKJET 7672 Apr 19767"2 
Lynsey De Paul

A: If I Don't Get You The Next One Will
B: Season To Season
Jet UKJET 77415 Apr 19767"29.0
Manchester United Supporters Club

A: Just One Of Those Teams
B: Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
Jet UKJET 77523 Apr 19767"27.0
Fast Buck

A: Sometime Man
B: Rock And Roll Star
Jet UKJET 77621 May 19767"2 
Electric Light Orchestra

A: Strange Magic
B: Showdown (Recorded Live)
Jet UKJET 779Jun 19767"19.0
David Carradine

A: Cosmic Joke
B: Chicken Song
Jet UKJET 7784 Jun 19767"0 
Widow Maker

A: Pin A Rose On Me
B: On The Road
Jet UKJET 78211 Jun 19767"2 
Stephen Russell

A: Summer Love
B: Spend All Your Money
Jet UKJET 7812 Jul 19767"3 
Bev Bevan

A: Let There Be Drums
B: Heavy Head
Jet UKJET 77713 Aug 19767"2 
Roy Wood

A: Any Old Time Will Do
B: The Rain Came Down On Everything
Jet UKJET 78520 Aug 19767"4 
Bandy Legs

A: Bet You Can't Dance
B: Circles
Jet UKJET 78327 Aug 19767"0 
Rabbitt [South Africa]

A: Something's Going Wrong With My Baby
B: Charlie
Jet UKJET 7843 Sep 19767"3 
Electric Light Orchestra

A: Rockaria!
B: Poker
Jet UKUP 3620919 Feb 19777"48.9

A: I Need A Friend
B: Getting Ready To Come Home
Jet UKUP 3623125 Mar 19777"1 
Koffee N Kreme

A: My World (Keeps Getting Smaller Everyday)
B: Sunshine And Roses
Jet UKUP 3624425 Mar 19777"1 

A: To Fly Away
B: Never Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll
Jet UKUP 3622422 Apr 19777"0 
Electric Light Orchestra

A1: Telephone Line
B1: Poorboy (The Greenwood)
B2: King Of The Universe
Jet UKUP 3625421 May 19777"49.0

A: What A Way To Fall
B: Mean What You Say
Jet UKUP 3626310 Jun 19777"1 
Alan Price

A: Meet The People
B: It Will Please Me
Jet UKUP 3627410 Jun 19777"4 
Jeff Lynne

A: Doin' That Crazy Thing
B: Goin' Down To Rio
Jet UKUP 362815 Aug 19777"0 

A: If That's The Way The Feeling Takes You
B: Rock And Roll Honeymoon
Jet UKUP 3628819 Aug 19777"5 

A1: Sugar Rain
B1: Street Fighting Lady
B2: Mainline Riders
Jet UKUP 3629019 Aug 19777"28.0
Lynch And Lawson

A: Emmy Lou (The Belly Dancer)
B: We're Making It Now
Jet UKUP 363069 Sep 19777"1 
Electric Light Orchestra

A: Turn To Stone
B: Mister Kingdom
Jet UKUP 3631314 Oct 19777"19.0

A: Street Fighting Lady
B: Mainline Riders
Jet UKUP 3631714 Oct 19777"88.0

A: Street Fighting Lady
B: Mainline Riders
Jet UKUP 3631714 Oct 19777"0 

A: Listen To My Music
B: Money Or Your Life
Jet UKUP 3632314 Oct 19777"2 

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