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Jin - Label Discography

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Lawrence Walker And The Wandering Aces

A: Midnite Waltz
B: Walker Special
Jin USA45-1027"0 
Rod Bernard

A: This Should Go On Forever
B: Pardon, Mr. Gordon
Jin USA45-10519587"1 
Red Smiley And The Vel-Tones

A: Take A Ride
B: Lover Blues
Jin USA45-10719587"0 
Jivin' Gene And The Jokers

A: Up...Up...And Away
B: Going Out With The Tide
Jin USA45-10919597"0 
Johnnie Allan And The Krazy Kats

A: Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
B: The Convict And The Rose
Jin USA45-11119597"0 
Otis Smith

A: You´re So Good Looking
B: Sunday School Woman
Jin USA45-11219597"0 
Jivin' Gene And The Jokers

A: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
B: My Need For Love
Jin USA45-11619597"0 
Al Chase And The Midniters

A: Lubby Lou
B: Oh Yes My Darling
Jin USA45-11819597"0 
Phil Bo

A: Please Come Home
B: Tough
Jin USA45-123Oct 19597"0 
The Del-Chords

A: Help Me
B: Say That You Love Me
Jin USA45-12619607"1 
Prince Charles And The Rockin' Kings

A: I Broke Your Heart
B: Cheryl Ann
Jin USA45-12719607"18.0
Little Joe Gordon

A: Can´t Have Your Love
B: Wasting
Jin USA45-13119607"0 
Joe Barry

A: Greatest Moment Of My Life
B: Heart Broken Love
Jin USA45-13219607"07.0
Glen Wells And The Blends

A: You're Mine Tonite
B: Written In The Stars
Jin USA45-133Jun 19607"0 
Johnny Bersin And The Dial-Tones

A: I Ran Around
B: My Dream Love
Jin USA45-13419607"1 
Johnnie Allan

A: Crying Over You
B: She's Gone
Jin USA45-13719607"0 
Johnnie Allan

A: Crying Over You
B: She´s Gone
Jin USA45-13719607"0 
Tibby Edwards

A: Forever Is A Long Long Time
B: Congratulations To You
Jin USA45-13819607"0 
Mary McCoy And The Cyclones

A: I Make This Promise
B: Deep Elem Blues
Jin USA45-14019607"0 
Joe Barry

A: I'm A Fool To Care
B: I Got A Feeling
Jin USA45-14419607"58.0
Dale Chantel

A: The Good Things
B: Fools Must Cry
Jin USA45-1477"0 
Glenn Wells

A: Walking My Baby Back Home
B: Open Your Heart
Jin USA45-1487"0 
Lee Martin And The Vikings

A: I Lost Again
B: Change Of Heart
Jin USA45-1497"08.0
Josef Barrios (Joe Barry)

A: Je Suis Bet Pour Tàimer (I'm A Fool To Care)
B: Oh Teet Fille (Oh Little Girl)
Jin USA45-1507"0 
Phil Bo

A: Don´t Take It So Hard
B: She Wears My Ring
Jin USA45-151Jul 19617"0 
Joe Barry

A: Teardrops In My Heart
B: For You Sunshine
Jin USA45-15219617"07.0
Rockin' Sidney

A: No Good Woman
B: You Ain't Nothin' But Fine
Jin USA45-15619617"26.0
Ben Terrell And Johnny Winter`s Band

A: Golly Gee
B: How Do You Live A Lie
Jin USA45-1587"1 
Billy Lewis

A: The Memories
B: Show Me How To Twist
Jin USA45-16219627"1 
Junior Cole

A: I Won´t Cry
B: Coming Home
Jin USA45-16319627"08.0
Rockin' Sidney

A: Send Me Some Lovin´
B: Past Bedtime
Jin USA45-16419627"0 
Randy And The Rockets

A: No More Troubles
B: Bye Bye Baby
Jin USA45-16519637"0 
Ronnie Bennett And Johnny Winter´s Band

A: A Dark Night, A Lonely Street
B: Traveling Mood
Jin USA45-16619627"08.0
Rockin' Sidney

A: No Good Man
B: If I Could I Would
Jin USA45-16819637"0 
Rockin' Sidney

A: Don´t Let Me Cross Over
B: You Don´t Have To Go
Jin USA45-17019637"0 
Warren Lee

A: London Bridge
B: Geraldine
Jin USA45-17319637"0 
Rockin' Sidney

A: Really Is A Hurtin´ Thing
B: Something´s Wrong
Jin USA45-17419637"1 
Rockin' Sidney

A: Wasted Days And Wasted Nites
B: Ya Ya
Jin USA45-17719637"1 
Margo White

A: Dont' Mess With My Man
B: You Had Your Chance
Jin USA45-1787"0 
Clint West

A: Our Love
B: When My Heart Hurts No More
Jin USA45-17919637"1 
Margo White

A: I'm Not Ashamed
B: With All Of My Heart
Jin USA45-18019637"3 
Johnnie Allan

A: Let´s Do It
B: One More Chance
Jin USA45-18119647"0 
Clint West With The Boogie Kings

A: Try Me
B: Night Train
Jin USA45-18219647"1 
Johnnie Allan

A: Give Me More, More Of Your Kisses
B: Dream, Dream, Dream
Jin USA45-1847"0 
Clint West And The Fabulous Kings

A: Happy Weekend
B: Twelfth Of Never
Jin USA45-18619647"0 
Margo White

A: If Only You Were Here
B: I've Got A Right To Lose My Mind
Jin USA45-18719647"1 
Clint West

A: I'm Sorry Pillow
B: Mathilda
Jin USA45-18819647"0 
Jay Randall

A: Teenage Paradise
B: Cherry Pie
Jin USA45-18919647"0 
Johnnie Allan And The Krazy Kats

A: Cry Foolish Heart
B: My Baby's Gone
Jin USA45-19219647"16.0
Johnnie Allan And The Krazy Kats

A: The Prisoner's Song
B: My Love Is Strong
Jin USA45-1937"0 

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