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PO Box 28123, San Antonio, TX.
division of Epstein Enterprises, owned by Abe Epstein
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Mike And The Del Rays

A: You Talk Too Much
B: Restless
Jox USAJO-01819647"1 
Johnny And Gene

A: It's You I Love
B: Baby You Know
Jox USAJO-02319647"0 
Al Turnage And The Turnpikes

A: Bad News
B: Honey Hush
Jox USAJO-02419647"0 
Sonny Ace And The Twisters

A: Lucille
B: Gotta See Baby Tonight
Jox USAJO-02819647"0 
Jerry And The Radiants

A: California Sun
B: Trash
Jox USAJO-016Feb 19647"0 
Rene And Rene

A: Write Me Soon
B: Angelito
Jox USAJO-017Feb 19647"1 
Royal Jesters

A: Please Say You Want Me
B: What'cha Gonna Do 'Bout It?
Jox USAJO-029Dec 19647"2 
Paul Thompson [Jox]

A: Honky Tonk Heartache
B: Never Again
Jox USAJO-03519657"0 
Royal Jesters

A: Wishing Ring
B: Perdon
Jox USAJO-03619657"0 
The Dreamliners

A: From One Fool To Another
B: Best Things In Life
Jox USAJO-03719657"0 
Travis Phillips And His Wonder Boys

A: Do The Every Thing
B: That's Alright
Jox USAJO-03919657"1 
Mysterions [Jox]

A: Is It A Lie
B: Why Should I Love You
Jox USAJO-04019657"2 
Rene And Rene

A: Little Vagabond
B: Little Peanuts
Jox USAJO-04119657"18.0
Ron Collier

A: If It Hadn't Been For You
B: Logger And A Bucker
Jox USAJO-0441965Promo Only 7"0 
The Kings [Jox]

A: It's The LCB
B: If I Could Believe You
Jox USAJO-04519657"1 
The Kings [Jox]

A: Baby You're The One
B: Got Temptation
Jox USAJO-04919657"0 
Rene And Rene

A: Chantilly Lace
B: I'm Not The Only One (No Soy El Unico)
Jox USAJO-032Jan 19657"0 
Rene And Rene

A: Loving You Could Hurt Me So
B: Little Diamonds
Jox USAJO-050Dec 19657"1 
Sixth Edition

A: Your Kind Of Lovin'
B: Talkin 'Bout You
Jox USAJO-05419667"2 
The Eptones

A: Making Me Cry
B: Sweet Tater Pie
Jox USAJO-06319667"0 
The Kings [Jox]

A: I've Got A License
B: Just A Little Bit Of You
Jox USAJOX 05219667"0 
The Argyles [Texas]

A: Still In Love With You Baby
B: Turn On Your Love Light
Jox USAJO-05519677"3 
The Mind's Eye

A: Help, I'm Lost
B: Still In Love With You Baby
Jox USAJO-05819677"1 
Tommy Jett

A: Groovy Little Trip
B: Send Me Some Lovin'
Jox USAJO-06019677"18.0
Denny Ezba

A: Misty Blue
B: Bald Headed Lena
Jox USAJO-06119677"0 
Denny Ezba And The B. F. B. A.

A: I Want To Love You
B: Cleo's Back
Jox USAJO-06419677"28.0
Justo Almario Quintet

A: O Barquinho (Little Paper Boat)
B: No
Jox USAJO-06719677"0 
Denny Ezba

A: L-O-V-E
B: Wearing My Heart Away
Jox USAJOX 05919677"0 
Brown Paper Bag

A: Little Red Book
B: Something Tells Me
Jox USAJOX-06519677"1 
Laughing Kind

A: Show Me
B: I Who Have Nothing
Jox USAJOX-06619677"0 
Denny Ezba And The Goldens

A: I`m A Back Door Man
B: Susie Buffalo
Jox USAJOX-06819687"0 
The Eptones

A: A Love That's Real
B: No One Else But You
Jox USAJOX-07019687"0 
Laughing Kind

A: Shotgun
B: Sad Memories
Jox USAJOX-07219687"0 

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