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Jubilee - Label Discography

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subsidiary : Jubilee Country Western
  USA  488
  Canada  38
  France  5
  Bootleg  3
  Spain  2
  Denmark  1
  Italy  1
  Jamaica  1
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The Orioles

A: It's Too Soon To Know
B: Barbra Lee
Jubilee USA45-500019507"29.5
The Orioles

A: What Are You Doing New Year´s Eve
B: (It´s Gonna Be A) Lonely Christmas
Jubilee USA45-501719507"410.0
The Orioles

A: Oh Holy Night
B: The Lord's Prayer
Jubilee USA45-5045Nov 19507"1 
Buddy Lucas And His Band Of Tomorrow

A: Undecided
B: Diane
Jubilee USA507019517"0 
The Sultans [New York]

A: Don't Be Angry
B: Blues At Dawn
Jubilee USA45-507719527"1 
Lew Bari

A: Two Faced Clock
B: I'll Never Know
Jubilee USA45-601219527"0 
Dick Thomas

A: A Stolen Waltz
B: Raindrops
Jubilee USA45-602619527"0 
The Orioles

A: Don't Cry Baby
B: See See Rider
Jubilee USA45-5092Aug 19527"0 
Little Sylvia

A: I Found Somebody To Love
B: Drive Daddy Drive
Jubilee USA45-5093Sep 19527"1 
Edna McGriff And Sonny Til

A: Good
B: Piccadilly
Jubilee USA45-5099Oct 19527"0 
Little Sylvia

A: A Million Tears
B: Don't Blame My Heart
Jubilee USA45-5100Nov 19527"2 
Herb Lance

A: Why Don't You Believe Me
B: My Inspiration Is You
Jubilee USA45-5106Dec 19527"0 
Dolly Dawn

A: Oodle I Ay
B: It's Too Soon To Know
Jubilee USA45-603619537"1 
Tommy Mara

A: I'll Try
B: Bella Mia
Jubilee USA45-604019537"0 
Marian Caruso

A: Wish Me Good Luck (As You Wish Me Goodbye)
B: Lilacs
Jubilee USA45-604119537"1 
Lauri Layton

A: Maybe It's The Mood I'm In
B: Tell Me How
Jubilee USA45-604719537"0 
Verna Leeds

A: Love In Bloom
B: All Over You
Jubilee USA45-900219537"0 
The Orioles

A: I Miss You So
B: Till Then
Jubilee USA45-5107Jan 19537"0 
The Orioles

A: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
B: Teardrops On My Pillow
Jubilee USA45-5108Jan 19537"0 
Little Sylvia

A: The Ring
B: Blue Heaven
Jubilee USA45-5113Mar 19537"0 
The Orioles

A: Crying In The Chapel
B: Don't You Think I Ought To Know
Jubilee USA45-5122Jul 19537"1 
The Orioles

A: In The Mission Of St. Augustine
B: Write And Tell Me Why
Jubilee USA45-5127Sep 19537"1 
The Four Tunes

A: Marie
B: I Gambled With Love
Jubilee USA45-5128Oct 19537"2 
Gloria Mann And The Carter Rays

A: Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight
B: Love-Me- Boy
Jubilee USA45-514219547"2 
Joe Foley

A: All Or Nothing At All
B: My Heart Tells Me
Jubilee USA45-514619547"0 
Joe Foley

A: Day In Day Out
B: More Than Anyone Else
Jubilee USA45-516019547"0 
Billy Ward And His Dominoes

A: Gimme Gimme Gimme
B: Come To Me Baby
Jubilee USA45-516319547"0 
The Stylers

A: Believe It Or Not
B: The World Is Yours
Jubilee USA45-516819547"0 
The Orioles

The Orioles Sing

A1: It's Too Soon To Know
A2: Tell Me So
B1: At Night
B2: Forgive And Forget
Jubilee USAEP-50001954EP0 
Harry Belafonte

Ballads By Belafonte

A1: Simple, Simple, Simple
A2: Annabelle Lee
B1: Venezuela
B2: Only One Like Me
Jubilee USAEP 50061954EP0 
The Orioles

A: Robe Of Calvary
B: There's No One But You
Jubilee USA45-5134Jan 19547"0 
The Four Tunes

A: My Wild Irish Rose
B: Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do Do It Again
Jubilee USA45-5135Jan 19547"1 
The Toppers [The Hurricanes]

A: (I Love To Play Your Piano) Let Me Bang Your Box
B: You're Laughing Cause I'm Crying
Jubilee USA45-5136Feb 19547"1 
The Orioles

A: Don't Go To Strangers
B: Secret Love
Jubilee USA45-5137Mar 19547"0 
Bette McLaurin

A: I'm Alone Because I Love You
B: Please Don't Leave Me
Jubilee USA45-5139Mar 19547"0 
The Four Tunes

A: I Understand Just How You Feel
B: Sugar Lump
Jubilee USA45-5132May 19547"1 
The Orioles

A: Drowning Every Hope I Ever Had
B: Maybe You'll Be There
Jubilee USA45-5143May 19547"2 
The Four Tunes

A: The Greatest Feeling In The World
B: Lonesome
Jubilee USA45-5152Jun 19547"1 
The Orioles

A: In The Chapel In The Moonlight
B: Thank The Lord! Thank The Lord!
Jubilee USA45-5154Jul 19547"0 
Bob Crewe

A: It's All Over
B: Punch
Jubilee USA45-5164Sep 19547"0 
The Four Tunes

A: L'Amour Toujour L'Amour
B: Don't Cry Darling
Jubilee USA45-5165Oct 19547"2 
Kip Hale And The Hearties

A: Don't You Care
B: Don't Say You Love Me (If You Don't Mean It)
Jubilee USA45-5166Oct 19547"2 
The Orioles

A: Runaround
B: Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep
Jubilee USA45-5172Nov 19547"6 
Sandy Solo

A: Mr Rainbow
B: A Love I Can Call My Own
Jubilee USA45-5173Nov 19547"1 
The Four Tunes

A: I Sold My Heart To The Junkman
B: Good News
Jubilee USA45-5174Dec 19547"27.0
Bette McLaurin

A: Old Man River
B: How Can I
Jubilee USA45-5179Jan 19557"0 
Jo Ann Tolley

A: Don't
B: Baby Won't You Please Come Home
Jubilee USA45-5180Feb 19557"0 
The Ravens Featuring Jimmy Ricks

A: Bye Bye Baby Blues
B: Happy Go Lucky Baby
Jubilee USA45-5184Mar 19557"1 
The Stylers

A: Shoo Shoo Shoo Sh' La La
B: Love Ya Like Crazy
Jubilee USA45-5188Mar 19557"0 
John Laurenz

A: Goodbye Stranger, Goodbye
B: Red Roses (For My Lady Fair)
Jubilee USA45-5190Apr 19557"1 

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