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Kapp - Label Discography

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  USA  762
  Canada  81
  Australia  52
  Germany  34
  Netherlands  26
  France  23
  Denmark  17
  Japan  12
  Sweden  7
  Norway  5
  Hong Kong  3
  Italy  3
  Spain  3
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Jane Morgan

A: Why Are There Things We Can't Explain
B: The Heart You Break May Be Your Own
Kapp USAK-107 XNov 19547"3 
Larry Starr

A: Don't Ringa Da Bell
B: I Only Want A Buddy Not A Sweetheart
Kapp USAK-154X19557"1 
The Sunnysiders

A1: Banjo Woogie
A2: The Parlor Piano

The Happy Harts

B1: I Just Wanna Be By You
B2: Hello Ma' Baby
B3: Goodbye My Lady Love
Kapp USAKE-70051955EP0 
Eddie Albert

A: I'm In Favor Of Friendship
B: Come Pretty Little Girl
Kapp USAK-108XJan 19557"0 
The Sunnysiders

A: Hey, Mr. Banjo
B: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom
Kapp USAK-113 XApr 19557"1 
The Sunnysiders

A: Banjo Woogie

The Happy Harts

B: I Just Wanna Be By You
Kapp USAK-114XJul 19557"1 
Roger Williams

A: Autumn Leaves
B: Take Care
Kapp USAK-116XAug 19557"1 
The Happy Harts

A: Tall Teller Of Tall Tales
B: The Band Played On
Kapp USAK-120XSep 19557"1 
Hamish Menzies

A: Over The Sea To Skye
B: Skye Boat Song
Kapp USAK-125XNov 19557"0 
Ed McCurdy And The Harvesters

A: The Miracle Of The Wheat
B: (Tonight Is Christmas Eve) Get Along Home Cindy
Kapp USAK-128X2 Dec 19557"0 
Roger Williams

A1: Wanting You
A2: Night Wind
B1: Hi-Lili Hi-Lo
B2: Minute Waltz (Variation)
Kapp USAKE-7131956EP1 
Roger Williams

A: Wanting You
B: Night Wind
Kapp USAK-127XJan 19567"0 
The Jones Boys

A: Cowpoke
B: There You Are
Kapp USAK-130XJan 19567"1 
Eddie Albert And Sondra Lee

A: Little Child

Eddie Albert

B: Jenny Kissed Me
Kapp USAK-134XJan 19567"1 
Roger Williams

A: Beyond The Sea (La Mer)
B: Song Of Devotion
Kapp USAK-138XFeb 19567"0 
Jane Morgan And The Jones Boys

A: Let's Go Steady
B: Take Care
Kapp USAK-140 XMar 19567"0 
The Jones Boys

A: Mary Smith
B: No One Home
Kapp USAK-147XApr 19567"0 
Roger Williams

A: Tumbling Tumbleweeds
B: I'll Always Walk With You
Kapp USAK-156XAug 19567"0 
The Jones Boys

A: Puddinhead
B: If I Had My Druthers
Kapp USAK-159XSep 19567"0 
The Hal Kanner Orchestra And Chorus

A: La La Collette
B: Man, Man Is For The Woman Made
Kapp USAK-160XSep 19567"0 
Roger Williams And Jane Morgan

A: Two Different Worlds

Roger Williams

B: Nights In Verona
Kapp USAK-161XSep 19567"0 
Dave Day And The Red Coats

A: Blue
B: Calypso Rock
Kapp USAK-163 XNov 19567"2 
Frank Scott And His Scottsmen

A: She Said
B: Walkin' Up Four Flights Of Stairs
Kapp USAK-164 XNov 19567"1 
Roger Williams

A: Anastasia
B: A Serenade For Joy
Kapp USAK-169XDec 19567"0 
Buddy Greco And The B-G Skiffle Gang

A: With All My Heart
B: Game Of Love
Kapp USAK-183X19577"0 
Stan Boreson And Doug Setterberg With The Gene Boscacci Trio

A: The Telephone
B: Swanson, Swenson, Jenson
Kapp USAK-198X19577"1 
Jane Morgan With The Troubadors Plus One

A: It's Been A Long Long Time

Jane Morgan With The Troubadors

B: I'm New At The Game Of Romance
Kapp USAK-200X19577"0 
Roger Williams

Songs Of The Fabulous Fifties

A1: Moonglow / Theme From Picnic
A2: Wish You Were Here
B1: Mona Lisa
B2: I Belive
Kapp USAKE-7161957EP0 
Roger Williams

Songs Of The Fabulous Fifties Vol. 4

A1: Tennessee Waltz
A2: High Noon
B1: Blue Tango
B2: Hey There
Kapp USAKE-7171957EP0 
Roger Williams

Roger Williams Plays The Wonderful Music Of The Masters

A1: Clair De Lune
A2: Flight Of The Bumblebee
B1: Liebestraum
B2: Rustles Of Spring
Kapp USAKE-7241957EP0 
Roger Williams

Roger Williams Plays Christmas Songs

A1: White Christmas
A2: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
A3: Jingle Bells
A4: Oh, Christmas Tree
B1: Silent Night
B2: Joy To The World
B3: Hark The Herald Angels Sing / Adeste Fidelis
Kapp USAKE-7461957EP0 
Jane Morgan


A1: Fascination
A2: It's Not For Me To Say
B1: My Heart Reminds Me (And That Reminds Me)
B2: An Affair To Remember
Kapp USAKE-7471957EP0 
Cindy, Joanie And Daddy-O

A: The Pink Flamingo And The Dancing Crane

Buddy Greco

B: Wow
Kapp USAK-170XJan 19577"06.0
Jane Morgan

A: From The First Hello To The Last Goodbye
B: Come Home, Come Home, Come Home
Kapp USAK-172XJan 19577"1 
Roger Williams

A: Almost Paradise
B: For The First Time
Kapp USAK-175XMar 19577"0 
Jose Duval

A: Message Of Love
B: That's What You Mean To Me
Kapp USAK-177XMar 19577"1 
The Tempos [Pittsburgh]

A: Kingdom Of Love
B: That's What You Do To Me
Kapp USAK-178XMar 19577"2 
Ray Bolger

A: The Cricket Song
B: Once In Love With Amy
Kapp USAK-180XApr 19577"0 
Armenian Jazz Sextet

A: Harem Dance
B: Pretty Girl
Kapp USAK-181XApr 19577"0 
Russ Hamilton

A: Rainbow
B: We Will Make Love
Kapp USAK-184 XJun 19577"19.0
Jane Morgan

A: It's Not For Me To Say
B: Around The World
Kapp USAK-185 XJun 19577"0 
Roger Williams

A: Moonlight Love
B: Every Little Movement
Kapp USAK-186XJun 19577"0 
Jane Morgan And The Troubadors

A: Fascination

The Troubadors

B: Midnight In Athens
Kapp USAK-191XJul 19577"3 
Jane Morgan

A: Fascination
B: Fascination
Kapp USAK-191XJul 1957Promo Only 7"0 
Jane Morgan And The Troubadors

A: Fascination

The Troubadors

B: Fascination (Whistling Instrumental)
Kapp USAK-191 XAug 19577"5 
Buddy Greco

A: You Are Mine
B: Leona
Kapp USAK-192XAug 19577"1 
Russ Hamilton

A: Wedding Ring
B: I Still Belong To You
Kapp USAK-194XSep 19577"0 
Bing Crosby

A: Never Be Afraid
B: I Love You Whoever You Are
Kapp USAK-195XSep 19577"0 
Roger Williams

A: Till
B: Big Town
Kapp USAK-197XOct 19577"0 
Bing Crosby

A: How Lovely Is Christmas
B: My Own Individual Star
Kapp USAK-196XNov 19577"0 

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