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Kapp - Label Discography

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  USA  751
  Canada  78
  Australia  52
  Germany  33
  Netherlands  26
  France  22
  Denmark  16
  Japan  12
  Sweden  7
  Norway  5
  Hong Kong  3
  Italy  3
  Spain  2
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Roger Williams

A: Almost Paradise
B: For The First Time
Kapp CanadaK-175-X19577"0 
Roger Williams

A1: Till
A2: Marcheta
B1: Always
B2: The Merry Widow Waltz
Kapp CanadaKE-751-X1957EP0 
Jane Morgan

A: If I Could Live My Life Again
B: To Love And Be Loved
Kapp CanadaK-253Nov 19587"0 
Jane Morgan

A: Love Is Like Champagne (Mon Manege A Moi)
B: To Each His Own
Kapp CanadaK-264-X19597"0 
Jerry Keller

A: If I Had A Girl
B: Loveable
Kapp CanadaK-295-X19597"2 
Jane Morgan

A: Happy Anniversary
B: C'est La Vie, C'est L'amour
Kapp CanadaK-305Dec 19597"0 
Gordon Jenkins, His Orchestra And Chorus

A: The Clock Song
B: Romantica
Kapp CanadaK-326X19607"0 
Brian Hyland

A: Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini
B: Don't Dilly Dally, Sally
Kapp CanadaK-342Jul 19607"0 

A: Sailor (Your Home Is The Sea)
B: La Luna (Quando La Luna)
Kapp CanadaK-349Sep 19607"0 
The Grasshoppers

A: Chewing Gum (Bubble Gum)
B: Tammy
Kapp CanadaK-37619617"0 
Brian Hyland

A: Baby Face
B: Sixteen Cubes Of Sugar
Kapp CanadaK-384Apr 19617"1 
Roger Williams

A: Clair De Lune (Moonlight Love)
B: Riviera Concerto
Kapp CanadaK-413Jun 19617"0 

A: O Sole Mio
B: Romantica
Kapp CanadaK-416Jul 19617"0 
The Chad Mitchell Trio

A: Mighty Day
B: Lizzie Borden
Kapp CanadaK-428Nov 19617"0 
Mike Joseph

A: King Of Wealth
B: Just A Dream
Kapp CanadaK-46219627"1 
Little Jo Ann

A: My Daddy Is President

Harmony Jones Orchestra

B: Marcaroni (Caroline's Pony)
Kapp CanadaK-46719627"45.0
Roger Williams And His Friends The Lincolns And Rich Dehr

A: On Top Of Old Smoky

Roger Williams

B: Hatari!
Kapp CanadaK-47019627"0 
Paul Evans

A: The Bell That Couldn't Jingle
B: Gilding The Lily
Kapp CanadaK-49919627"0 
Babs Tino

A: Too Late To Worry
B: My Heart Just Can't Say Goodbye
Kapp CanadaK-458Apr 19627"110.0
Jack Jones

A: Dreamin' All The Time
B: Poetry
Kapp CanadaK-477Jul 19627"0 
Babs Tino

A: Forgive Me (For Giving You Such A Bad Time)
B: If I Didn't Love You So Much
Kapp CanadaK-472Aug 19627"410.0
Paul Evans

A: Feelin' No Pain
B: Picture Of You
Kapp CanadaK-473Aug 19627"0 
Babs Tino

A: Call Off The Wedding (Without A Groom There Can't Be A Bride)
B: Keep Away From Other Girls
Kapp CanadaK-498Nov 19627"0 
Ruby And The Romantics

A: Our Day Will Come
B: Moonlight And Music
Kapp CanadaK-501Dec 19627"010.0
Johnny Cymbal

A: Cinderella Baby
B: Teenage Heaven
Kapp CanadaK 52419637"0 
Tom Glazer and The Do-Re-Mi Children's Chorus

A: On Top Of Spaghetti
B: Battle Hymn Of The Children
Kapp CanadaK 52619637"0 
Jose Jimenez

A: What Kind Of Fool Am I?

Jose Jimenez As Interviewed By Don Hinkley

B: King Of The Surf (Part II)
Kapp CanadaK-55819637"0 
Chad Mitchell Trio

A: Blowing In The Wind
B: Adios Mi Corazon
Kapp CanadaK 510Jan 19637"0 
Babs Tino

A: My First Love
B: If Only For Tonight
Kapp CanadaK-517Mar 19637"1 
The Charmettes [New York]

A: Please Don't Kiss Me Again
B: What Is A Tear
Kapp CanadaK-547Aug 19637"0 
Barbara Chandler

A: I Live To Love You
B: Fool's Errand
Kapp CanadaK-555Oct 19637"2 
Babs Tino

A: Dr. Jekyll Or Mr. Hyde
B: Great Thing
Kapp CanadaK-561Nov 19637"0 
Patty Lace And The Petticoats

A: Sneaky Sue
B: The Back
Kapp CanadaK 563Dec 19637"0 
The Gleams

A: Mr. Magic Moon
B: Pile Driver
Kapp CanadaK 565Dec 19637"2 
Gilbert Bécaud

A: What Now My Love (Et Maintenant)
B: What To Do With Laurie (Il Tuo Migliore Amico)
Kapp CanadaK-566Dec 19637"0 
Milton De Lugg And The Little Eskimos

A: Hurray For Santa Claus

Milton De Lugg And Orchestra

B: Lonely Beach
Kapp CanadaFC4-11419647"0 
The West Winds

A: You're Lookin' At My Guy
B: Oowee, Oowee, Oowee, Oowee
Kapp CanadaK-58819647"0 
The Greenwood County Singers

A: Frankie And Johnny
B: Climb Up Sunshine Mountain
Kapp CanadaK-59119647"0 
Gilbert Bécaud

A: Let It Be Me (Je T'appartiens)
B: Marie Marie
Kapp CanadaK-59919647"0 
Billy Edd Wheeler

A: Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back
B: Sister Sara
Kapp CanadaK-61719647"0 
The Charmettes [New York]

A: Oozi-Oozi-Ooh
B: He's A Wise Guy
Kapp CanadaK-570Jan 19647"0 
Louis Armstrong And His All Stars

A: Hello, Dolly!
B: I've Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do
Kapp CanadaK-573Jan 19647"0 
Charlie And Chan

A: Rickshaw Drag Race
B: My Boyfriend's Learning Karate
Kapp CanadaK-582Mar 19647"0 
The Simon Sisters

A: Winkin', Blinkin' And Nod
B: So Glad I'm Here
Kapp CanadaK-586Apr 19647"2 
Dolph Hewitt

A: Someone Hurt You
B: Little Folks
Kapp CanadaK-68219657"0 
The Calendar Girls

A: People Will Talk (The Sha-Rel-A-Ret Song)

The Congo Combo

B: Sha-Rel-A-Nova
Kapp CanadaFC4-118Jan 19657"0 
Ruby And The Romantics

A: Nobody But My Baby
B: Imagination
Kapp CanadaK 702Sep 19657"0 
Roger Williams

A: Autumn Leaves 1965
B: Autumn Leaves 1955
Kapp CanadaK-707Sep 19657"0 
Linda Scott

A: You Baby
B: I Can't Get Through To You
Kapp CanadaK 713Nov 19657"06.0
Roger Williams

A: Lara's Theme From "Dr. Zhivago"
B: Dulcinea
Kapp CanadaK 73819667"0 

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