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Karate - Label Discography

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Erik And The Vikings

A: Heaven And Paradise
B: Step By Step
Karate USA45-503H / 45-503S19647"1 
Barry Grand

A: Anniversary Song
B: Looking Back
Karate USA45-50419647"1 
The Outsiders [New York]

A: The Guy With The Long Liverpool Hair
B: The Outsider
Karate USA45-50519657"2 
The Emotions [Brooklyn, NY]

A: Hey Baby
B: I Wonder
Karate USA45-506May 19657"1 
Sam And Bill

A: For Your Love
B: Beautiful Baby
Karate USA45-50819657"1 
Jerry Roberts

A: O.K. Girl
B: Cream Puff
Karate USA45-50919657"1 
Jimmy London [Soul]

A: Chain Of Love
B: Get Ready
Karate USA45-51019657"1 
Dave Curtiss And The Tremors

A: How I Cry
B: Que Sera Sera
Karate USA45-51419657"1 
Audrey Akins

A: That's The Man That's Mine
B: What Can You Lose (But The Blues)!
Karate USA45-515Oct 19657"0 
Ronnie Wilson

A: Boy In A Crowd
B: I'm Walking Behind You
Karate USA45-51619657"1 
Roger Lewis

A: Don't Let Him
B: Harriet
Karate USA45-51719657"0 
Chico Holiday

A: Show Us The Way
B: She Gave Me Love
Karate USA45-51819657"0 
The Renegades [UK]

A: Take A Heart
B: If It Gets Lonesome
Karate USA45-51919657"1 
The Splendors

A: Please Don't Go
B: Blue Alley
Karate USA45-520Dec 19657"0 
The Sherry Satins

A: Little Girl Sad
B: Don't Let Him Catch You Crying
Karate USA45-521Feb 19667"0 
The Peels

A: Juanita Banana
B: Fun
Karate USA45-522Feb 19667"15.0
Tony Hestor

A: Just Can't Leave You
B: Watch Yourself
Karate USA45-523Mar 19667"210.0
Mikki Farrow

A: Could It Be
B: Set My Heart At Ease
Karate USA45-524Mar 19667"29.5
The Daytrippers

A: That's Part Of The Game
B: You Cheated
Karate USA45-525Apr 19667"19.0
The Surf Boys

A: Da Doo Ron Ron
B: Hurt (Hurt)
Karate USA45-526Apr 19667"0 
The Peels

A: Scrooey Mooey
B: Time Marches On
Karate USA45-527Apr 19667"0 
Jimmy Ponder

A: Sometimes You Win
B: Bring Back The Lovin' Times
Karate USA45-52819667"0 
The Accents [San Diego]

A: On The Run
B: He's The One
Karate USA45-52919667"1 
Mae Young

A: You Take Care Of Me (And I'll Take Care Of You)
B: No Ifs, No Ands, No Buts
Karate USA45-53019667"210.0
The Outcasts [San Diego]

A: I Can't Get Through To You
B: I Found Out About You
Karate USA45-53119667"0 
Nai Bonet

A: Jelly Belly
B: The Seventh Veil
Karate USA45-53219667"2 
The Midtown Repertory

A: Benjamin Beanbag
B: Bee Side Blues
Karate USA45-53519677"1 
Mickey Milan

A: Come Rain Or Come Shine
B: This Heart
Karate USA45-53819677"0 

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