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Kent - Label Discography

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See also the sub-labels Kent Select and Kent / Gusto.
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John Edwards

A: Ain't That Good Enough

Loleatta Holloway

B: This Mans Arms
Kent UK6T 1119957"1 
6T's 20th Anniversary Special

Johnnie Taylor

A: Please Let Me In

Judy Clay

B: Since You Came Along
Kent UK6T 1519997"0 
Junior McCants

A: Try Me For Your New Love

Garland Green

B: Come Through Me
Kent UK6T 1620007"0 
Mill Evans

A: Ain't You Glad

The Millionaires [Los Angeles]

B: I'm The One Who Loves You
Kent UK6T 1720017"0 
Debra Johnson

A: To Get Love You've Got To Bring Love

The Diplomats

B: I Really Love You
Kent UK6T 1920037"2 
28th Anniversary Special

Milton Bennett

A: What's One More Lie

The Hesitations

B: Go Away
Kent UK6T 2320077"0 
The Paramount Four

A: Sorry Ain't The Word

Gene And Gary

B: Baby Without You
Kent UK6T 2620107"0 
The Quotations [DiVenus]

A: I Wanna Thank You

George Soule

B: Midnight Affair
Kent UK6T 2720117"0 

A: Not My Girl

Sammy Ambrose

B: Welcome To Dreamsville
Kent UK6T 319877"1 
Wally Cox

A: This Man Wants You

Six Teasers

B: Doing The Hundred
Kent UK6 T519897"09.0
Chuck Jackson

A: What's With This Loneliness

The Superb Strings

B: Surf And Soul
Kent UK6 T819907"0 
The Stars Of Fame Records

George Jackson

A1: Search Your Heart

Ben And Spence

A2: Thief In The Night

The C&C Boys (Clarence And Calvin)

B1: Thread The Needle

Jimmy Hughes

B2: Steal Away '68 Part 1
Kent UKLTDEP 00916 Apr 2011EP1 
The Stars Of Mirwood

Jackie Lee

A1: Oh My Darlin'

The Olympics

A2: I'll Do A Little Bit More

The Mirettes

B1: He's Alright With Me

Bobby Garrett

B2: Keep It Coming
Kent UKLTDEP 0112011EP4 
Clarence Carter

I Found What I Wanted (Unissued And Rare Fame Masters)

A1: I Found What I Wanted
A2: Johnny Poverty
B1: I'm The One
B2: Say A Little Prayer
Kent UKLTDEP 01421 Apr 2012EP0 
Jack Montgomery

A: Dearly Beloved

Marie Knight

B: Thats No Way To Treat A Girl
Kent UKTOWN 10219857"0 
Candy And The Kisses

A: Mr Creator

Chuck Jackson

B: Hand It Over
Kent UKTOWN 1047"0 
Johnny Caswell

A: You Don't Love Me Anymore

The Steinways

B: You've Been Leading Me On
Kent UKTOWN 1067"1 
Eddie Bishop

A: Call Me

Jackie Lee

B: Darkest Days
Kent UKTOWN 10719857"0 
Bobby Bland

A1: Shoes
A2: Call On Me
B1: Getting Used To The Blues
B2: Good Time Charlie
Kent UKTOWN 1081985EP0 
Little Ann

A: Who Are You Trying To Fool
B: I Got To Have You
Kent UKTOWN 11219997"06.0
Millie Jackson

A: Don't Send Nobody Else

The Mayberry Movement

B: Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right
Kent UKTOWN 1137"0 
John Edwards

A: Tin Man

Bill Brandon

B: The Streets Got My Lady
Kent UKTOWN 11520087"010.0
Tobi Lark

A: Challenge My Love

O C Tolbert

B: You Got Me Turned Around
Kent UKTOWN 1167"1 
Carla Thomas

A: I'll Never Stop Loving You
B: I Play For Keeps
Kent UKTOWN 11720037"1 
Dorothy Williams

A: The Well's Gone Dry

Albert Washington

B: I'm The Man
Kent UKTOWN 11820037"1 
Melba Moore

A: The Magic Touch

Dean Parrish

B: Bricks, Broken Bottles And Sticks
Kent UKTOWN 11920037"29.0
Dottie And Millie

A: Talkin' About My Baby

Tobi Lark

B: Happiness Is Here
Kent UKTOWN 12020037"1 
Little Ann

A: What Should I Do
B: Who Are You Trying To Fool
Kent UKTOWN 1217"2 
The Themes

A: Do Yourself A Favor

The Pentagons

B: Gonna Wait For You
Kent UKTOWN 1227"1 
Bobby Garrett

A: I Can't Get Away

Curtis Lee

B: Is She In Your Town ?
Kent UKTOWN 1237"28.0
Millie Jackson

A: A House For Sale

Garland Green

B: Come Through Me
Kent UKTOWN 12420077"010.0
Unique Blend

A: Yes I'm In Love

Houston Outlaws

B: Ain't No Telling
Kent UKTOWN 12520077"0 
Bobby Wisdom

A: Handwriting On The Wall

Morris Chestnut

B: Too Darn Soulful
Kent UKTOWN 12620077"0 
The Imaginations

A: Strange Neighborhood

The Diplomats

B: Cards On The Table
Kent UKTOWN 1277"27.0
The Primers

A: How Does It Grab You

Minnie Jones

B: Shadow Of A Memory
Kent UKTOWN 1287"0 
Sugar And Spices

A: Have Faith In Me

The Brilliant Korners

B: Three Lonely Guys
Kent UKTOWN 1297"0 
Millie Jackson

A: If That Don't Turn You On
B: You Can't Stand The Thought Of Another Man Loving Me
Kent UKTOWN 1307"0 
Toni And The Showmen

A: Try My Love

Bobby Angelle

B: Too Much For You
Kent UKTOWN 13120087"38.0
The Charmaines

A: I Idolize You

Frank Dell

B: He Broke Your Game Wide Open
Kent UKTOWN 13220087"29.0
Mr. Dynamite

A: Sh'Mon

Hank Jacobs

B: Elijah Rockin' With Soul
Kent UKTOWN 1337"0 
Tobi Lark

A: Sweep It Out In The Shed

Dottie And Millie

B: Nothing In This World
Kent UKTOWN 13420117"2 
Karmello Brooks

A: Tell Me Baby

Carla Thomas

B: I'll Never Stop Loving You
Kent UKTOWN 13520097"28.5
Towana And The Total Destruction

A: Wear Your Natural, Baby

Ty Karim

B: You Really Made It Good To Me
Kent UKTOWN 1367"0 
The Hesitations

A: Is This The Way To Treat A Girl (You Bet It Is)

Mary Love Comer

B: Come Out Of The Sandbox
Kent UKTOWN 137Jan 20117"08.0
Salt And Pepper

A: A Man Of My World

The San Francisco TKOs

B: Make Up Your Mind
Kent UKTOWN 138Mar 20107"27.0
Rudy Love And The Company

A: Suffering Wrath

Percy Milem

B: Call On Me
Kent UKTOWN 13920107"0 
The Antellects

A: Love Slave

The Ravins

B: Your Love Is What I Want
Kent UKTOWN 1407 Feb 20117"09.0
The Hytones

A: Good News

Young Brothers

B: What's Your Game
Kent UKTOWN 1417"1 
Trini Lopez

A: Sinner Not A Saint

Johnny Copeland

B: No Puppy Love
Kent UKTOWN 1427"19.0
Dave Hamilton

A: Pisces Pace

The Barrino Brothers

B: The Bad Things (You Said To Me)
Kent UKTOWN 144Feb 20127"1 

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