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Kill Rock Stars - Label Discography

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A1: Caterpillar
A2: Miserific Condition
B1: Love And Fear
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 2031991EP0 
Jean Smith

A: Ashes
B: Charcoal Ladder
Kill Rock Stars USA19927"0 

Kandy Korn Rituals +2

A1: Kandy Korn Rituals
A2: Against
B1: Hating In D
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 2051993EP0 
Heavens To Betsy

These Monsters Are Real

A1: Me And Her
A2: Monsters
B1: Playground
B2: Firefly
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 2091993EP1 
Bikini Kill

A1: New Radio
A2: Rebel Girl
B1: Demirep
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS-2121993EP0 
Mary Lou Lord

A: Some Jingle Jangle Morning
B: Western Union Desperate
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 21719937"0 

A: Mkultra
B: Totality
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS-22519937"0 

Babies And Bunnies

A1: Weird Machine
A2: Intertube Tomorrow
A3: Be Good
B1: What'shisname Loves The Frumpies
B2: She's A Real Cutie Pie
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 213Aug 1993EP1 
Team Dresch

A1: Hand Grenade
A2: Endtime Relay
B1: Molasses In January
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 2271994EP2 
Elliott Smith

A1: Needle In The Hay
B1: Alphabet Town
B2: Some Song
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 23919957"09.0

A: Elephantitus Of The Night
B: Multiple Organic
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 24219957"0 
The Delta 72

A1: On The Rocks
B1: Got A Train To Catch
B2: Hip Coat
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 24719957"0 
Bikini Kill

A1: In Accordance With Natural Law
A2: Strawberry Julius
B1: Anti-Pleasure Dissertation
B2: Rah ! Rah ! Replica
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS-25019957"0 
Fitz Of Depression

A: Seemingly Vague
B: Too Ripe
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 25219957"0 
Bikini Kill

A: I Like Fucking
B: I Hate Danger
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS-25319957"0 
Mary Lou Lord

A1: Martian Saints
B1: Salem '76
B2: I Figured You Out
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS-26419967"0 
Elliott Smith

A1: Speed Trials
B1: Angeles
B2: I Don't Think I'm Ever Gonna Figure It Out
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 26619967"010.0
Emily's Sassy Lime

A1: Dippity Do-Nut
B1: Sneaking Into Yer House
B2: Bait And Switch
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS-26719967"0 
The Hangovers

Mailorder Freak 7" Singles Club (May)

A: Sitting On Top Of The World
B: We Had A Really Smashing Time
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 30719987"0 
Comet Gain

A1: If I Had A Soul
A2: He Walked By Night
B1: The Brothers Off The Block
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 3231998EP0 
Comet Gain

A: Hate Soul
B: When You Come Back I'll Feel Like Jesus Coming Off The Cross
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 3461998Bonus 7"1 
Billy Childish

Wordcore Volume Ten

A: Hangman Communication
B: Hangman Communication
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 11019997"0 
The Prima Donnas

A: Headfull Of Pills
B: She's In A Rage
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 32619997"0 

A: Get Up
B: By The Time You're Twenty-Five
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 337Jan 19997"0 
Holly Golightly

A: Listen
B: Rain Down Rain
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 344Jun 19997"0 
The Black Gang

A1: This Is A Prayer
B1: A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond
B2: Tour Spiels I) Watt's II) Steve Reed's III) Bob Lee's IIII) Nels Cline's
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS-352Oct 19997"0 

Kill Rock Stars Mailorder Freak 7" Singles Club

A: [untitled]
B: [untitled]
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 332Nov 19997"0 

A: You're No Rock N' Roll Fun
B: Maraca
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 36420007"0 


A: When It Comes To You I'm Lazy
B: Goody Goody
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 46320067"0 
Explode Into Colors

A: Eyes Hands Mouth
B: Wooden Ghost
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS 50920097"0 
The Cribs

A: So Hot Now

The Thermals

B: Separate
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS-52720107"0 
Elliott Smith

Alternate Versions From Either/Or

A1: Angeles (Alternate Version)
A2: Alameda (Alternate Version)
B1: Ballad Of Big Nothing (Alternate Vocal)
B2: Punch And Judy (Other Version)
Kill Rock Stars USAKRS56920 Apr 2013EP0 

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