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King - Label Discography

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  USA  1562
  Canada  54
  Bootleg  8
  New Zealand  8
  Jamaica  4
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The S-M-O-O-T-H Music Of Larry Fotine

A: Yes, Yes, Yes
B: Now And Forever
King USA45-1511419517"0 
Guy Mitchell And The Satisfiers Foursome

A: I've Got A Frame Without A Picture

Guy Mitchell

B: Cabaret
King USA45-1512519517"0 
Mary Small

A: Domino
B: I Like It, I Like It
King USA45-1512919517"0 
The S-M-O-O-T-H Music Of Larry Fotine

A: Sweet Bunch Of Daisies
B: No Hard Feelings
King USA45-1513019517"0 
Murray Arnold With Ray Charles Quartet

A: I'm On My Way
B: I Talk To The Trees
King USA45-1513119517"0 
Bernie Mann And The All-American Band

A: The Legend Of Tiabi
B: The Closer You Are
King USA45-1513519517"0 
Murray Arnold

A: It's All Over But The Memories
B: Blue December
King USA45-1513619517"0 
Bull Moose Jackson And His Buffalo Bearcats

A: Sneaky Pete
B: I Love You Yes I Do
King USA45-418119517"0 
Bull Moose Jackson And His Buffalo Bearcats

A: I Want A Bowlegged Woman
B: All My Love Belongs To You
King USA45-418919517"0 
Earl Bostic And His Orchestra

A: Seven Steps
B: Portrait Of A Faded Love
King USA45-438719517"1 
Percy Mayfield

A: Half Awoke
B: Two Years Of Trouble
King USA45-448019517"7 
Wayne Raney

A: Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me
B: Don't Know Why
King USA45-79119517"0 
Hank Penny

A: I Was Satisfied
B: Bloodshot Eyes
King USA45-82819517"0 
Moon Mullican

A: I'll Sail My Ship Alone
B: Moon's Tune
King USA45-83019517"3 
Cowboy Copas

A: From The Manger To The Cross
B: King Of Kings
King USA45-90419517"0 
Moon Mullican

A: The Leaves Mustn't Fall
B: I Was Sorta Wonderin'
King USA45-917Mar 19517"3 
Grandpa Jones

A: Send In Your Name And Address
B: Trouble, Trouble, Trouble
King USA45-934Mar 19517"0 
Zeb Turner

A: Chew Tobacco Rag
B: No More Nothin' (But Gettin' You Off My Mind)
King USA45-950Mar 19517"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: The Strange Little Girl

Cowboy Copas And Kathy Copas

B: You'll Never Ever See Me Cry
King USA45-951Mar 19517"0 
Clyde Moody

A: Beautiful Brown Eyes
B: What Can I Do
King USA45-952Mar 19517"0 
Hawkshaw Hawkins

A: Rattlesnakin' Daddy
B: I Hate Myself
King USA45-944Apr 19517"1 
Hank Penny

A: You're So Different
B: You Better Save It For A Rainy Day
King USA45-957Jun 19517"0 
Earl Bostic And His Orchestra

A: Sleep
B: September Song
King USA45-4444Jul 19517"0 
Lucky Millinder And His Orchestra

A: I'm Waiting Just For You
B: Bongo Boogie
King USA45-4453Jul 19517"0 
Tiny Bradshaw

A: Bradshaw Boogie
B: Walkin' The Chalk Line
King USA45-4457Jul 19517"0 
Moon Mullican

A: Cherokee Boogie (Eh-Oh-Aleena)
B: Love Is The Light That Leads Me Home
King USA45-965Jul 19517"110.0
Hawkshaw Hawkins

A: I'm Waiting Just For You
B: A Heartache To Recall
King USA45-969Jul 19517"0 
Earl Bostic And His Orchestra

A: Always
B: How Could It Have Been You And I
King USA45-4454Aug 19517"0 
Elliot Lawrence And His Orchestra

A: Sixty Minute Man
B: Quick
King USA45-15115Sep 19517"1 
Earl Bostic And His Orchestra

A: Flamingo
B: I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
King USA45-4475Oct 19517"1 
Moon Mullican

A: Heartless Lover
B: Another Night Is Coming
King USA45-984Oct 19517"0 
Hawkshaw Hawkins

A: Blues Skies In Your Eyes
B: Sunny Side Of The Mountain
King USA45-997Oct 19517"2 
Hawkshaw Hawkins

A: Slow Poke
B: Two Roads
King USA45-998Oct 19517"0 
Neal Burris

A: Lonely Little Robin
B: The Sissy Song
King USA45-999Oct 19517"1 
Cowboy Copas

A: 'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered
B: Because Of You
King USA45-1000Nov 19517"1 
Moon Mullican

A: Piano Breakdown
B: Memphis Blues
King USA45-1006Nov 19517"0 
Joe Thomas, His Sax And His Orchestra

A: You're Just My Kind
B: Buttons
King USA45-4474Nov 19517"0 
Wynonie Harris

A: Lovin' Machine
B: Luscious Woman
King USA45-4485Nov 19517"0 
Moon Mullican

A: Columbus Stockade Blues
B: Over The Waves
King USA45-996Nov 19517"0 
Hank Penny

A: Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon
B: Steel Guitar Polka
King USA45-1021Dec 19517"0 
Tiny Bradshaw

A: The Train Kept A-Rollin'
B: Knockin' Blues
King USA45-4497Dec 19517"310.0
Hawkshaw Hawkins

A: I Am Slowly Dying Of A Broken Heart

Hawkshaw Hawkins And Ruby Wright

B: Over The Hill
King USA45-104719527"0 
Hawkshaw Hawkins

A: Got You On My Mind
B: Unwanted
King USA45-106219527"0 
Grandpa Jones And His Grandchildren

A: Fifteen Cents Is All I Got
B: Fix Me A Pallet
King USA45-106919527"0 
Clyde Moody

A: Why Don't You Come Back To Me
B: When You Have No One To Love You
King USA45-107219527"0 
Eddie Smith And The Super Chiefs

A: Snow Deer
B: Preacher And The Bear
King USA45-109519527"0 
Moon Mullican

A: Jambalaya
B: A Mighty Pretty Waltz
King USA45-110619527"0 
Jimmie Ballard

A: She's Got Something
B: I Want A Bowlegged Woman
King USA45-111819527"0 
Wayne Raney

A: The Child's Side Of Life
B: If You Never Slip Around
King USA45-114919527"0 
Moon Mullican

A: A Crushed Red Rose (And A Faded Blue Ribbon)
B: A Thousand And One Sleepless Nights
King USA45-115219527"0 

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