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Le Cam - Label Discography

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The Team Mates

A: Sooner Or Later
B: If Only I Had Known
Le Cam USA70619597"0 
Honey Welch And The Shadows

A: The Squirm
B: Evil Doll
Le Cam USA72319617"2 
Bruce Channel

A: Hey! Baby
B: Dream Girl
Le Cam USA95319617"10 
Bruce Channel

A: Number One Man
B: If Only I Had Known
Le Cam USA96319627"2 
Bruce Channel

A: Come On Baby
B: Tipped Out
Le Cam USA97319627"1 
Tad And The Small Fry

A: Checkered Continental Pants
B: Pretty Blue Jean Baby
Le Cam USA956May 19627"1 
Jill And Ray

A: Hey Paula
B: Bobby Is The One
Le Cam USA979Nov 19627"38.0
Bruce Channel

A: Oh! Baby
B: Let's Hurt Together
Le Cam USA99319637"0 
Bruce Channel

A: Going Back To Louisiana
B: Forget Me Not
Le Cam USA12219647"18.0
Bruce Channel

A: My Baby
B: Blue Monday
Le Cam USA12519647"0 
J. Frank Wilson

A: Last Kiss
B: Carla
Le Cam USALC-72219647"0 
Mac Curtis

A: Lie And Get By
B: I Just Ain`t Got
Le Cam USA96519657"0 
Johnny Patterson

A: Release Me
B: Tennessee Waltz
Le Cam USAZS7 9502Jul 19727"0 
Berry Street Station

A: Sweet City Song
B: Sweet City Song
Le Cam USAZS7 9504Oct 1972Promo Only 7"1 
Bruce Channel

A: These Boots Are Made For Walking
B: Somewhere In This Town
Le Cam USALC-11119787"0 
Bruce Channel

A: Hey! Baby '78
B: Going Back To Louisiana
Le Cam USALC-11319787"0 
Major Bill And His Cowboys

A: San Antonio Rose
B: Country Heaven
Le Cam USALC-117819787"0 
Bruce Channel

A: Hey Sweet Baby
B: King Bee
Le Cam USALC-32919787"1 
Major Bill Smith And Bruce Channel

A: Requiem For Elvis / Love Me

Andrea Kibbe And Major's Minors

B: Midnight Boogie
Le Cam USALC-55A/LC-512Z19787"0 
Bruce Channel

A: A Presley Medley
B: A Man Without A Woman
Le Cam USALC-111719797"0 
Delbert McClinton And Ron-Dels

A: Mr. Pitiful
B: If You Really Want Me To I´ll Go
Le Cam USALC 122019797"1 
Bruce Channel And Major Bill Smith

A: The King Is Free (Love Me)

Andy And The Dude

B: Funky Dude
Le Cam USALC-727719797"0 
Bruce Channel

A: (The Original) Hey! Baby

Bruce Channel And Major Bill Smith

B: The King Is Free (Love Me)
Le Cam USALC-7277AA/LC-7277AAA19797"1 

A: Double Dealing

Kelli And El Coyote

B: All I Want Is You (Simple Mente Eres Tu)
Le Cam USALC-31319847"1 

A: Suga B
B: Tokyo Night
Le Cam USALC-883Oct 19847"0 
Kelli And Spectron 7

A: Dance Baby Dance
B: Dance Baby Dance
Le Cam USALC-303Mar 19867"0 
The Uptowners

A: Vicki
B: You're A Habit
Le Cam USA1267"0 
Pic And Bill

A: All I Want Is You
B: Just A Tear
Le Cam USA6557"0 
Amos Milburn Jr.

A: Look At A Fool
B: Dearest Darling
Le Cam USA9617"4 
Charlie Jester

A: Come On Baby
B: Don't Let It End This Way
Le Cam USA9817"1 
Bruce Channel

A: Stand Tough
B: Somewhere In This Town
Le Cam USA9837"0 
Zane And Hogan With Kibbe

A: Cobra
B: Tokyo Nights
Le Cam USALC-10227"0 
Danny Carson With Steel Water

A: Hey! Paula
B: Carla
Le Cam USALC-12167"0 
Major Bill Smith

A: Thank You, Mr. Khomeini
B: Requiem For Elvis
Le Cam USALC-12807"0 
Paul And Paula

A: All I Want Is You
B: From The Top Of The World
Le Cam USALC-3057"0 
Orville Couch

A: Big Daddy Of The Bayou
B: Dance Her By Me
Le Cam USALC-3087"1 
EDE Robin With 96.8

A: There Must Be A Love Somewhere
B: Chick'N Slacks
Le Cam USALC 3107"0 

A: Party Doll
B: Do You Feel It Woman
Le Cam USALC-3157"0 
Christian Plicque

A: Hot Foxy Woman

Berry Street Station

B: The Stripper
Le Cam USALC-3167"1 
Judy Lindsey

A: (If You Don't Know) My Sweet Lord
B: Banks Of The Ohio
Le Cam USALC-3167"0 
Maggie Stewart

A: Bye, Bye, Love
B: Black Velvet
Le Cam USALC-3207"0 
Gene Henslee

A: Nobody's Done It Like Bob
B: If You
Le Cam USALC-3347"0 
Unity (Le Cam)

A: Girl, I Think I Love You
B: Carla
Le Cam USALC-3367"0 
Gene Summers And Crossfire

A: Da Ya Think I'm Sexy
B: The Clown
Le Cam USALC-347"0 
Jimmy Luke And Bruce Channel

A: Medley: My Darling Ginger, Since I Met You Baby

Jimmy Luke

B: Soul Of A Man
Le Cam USALC-5127"0 
Bruce Channel

A: Louisiana Fiddle Man
B: Hey! Sweet Baby
Le Cam USALC-5207"0 
Berry Street Station

A: I Don't Care No More
B: King Bee
Le Cam USALC-6307"1 
Six Feet Under

A: She's Not There
B: Soul Over Easy
Le Cam USALC-7117"0 
Edie And Robin With Six Feet Under

A: Chocolate Sugar (Vocal)

Six Feet Under

B: Chocolate Sugar (Instrumental)
Le Cam USALC-7127"1 

A: Well All Right
B: Heartbeat
Le Cam USALC-8217"3 

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