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Liberty - Label Discography

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  USA  1251
  UK  646
  Australia  382
  Netherlands  289
  Germany  259
  Japan  234
  New Zealand  165
  Canada  126
  France  103
  Italy  76
  Sweden  47
  Portugal  39
  Spain  39
  Denmark  36
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Gene McDaniels

A Change Of Mood

A1: Chip Chip
A2: Another Tear Falls
B1: A Tear
B2: She's Come Back
Liberty UKLEP 20541962EP010.0
The Ventures

The Ventures Play Telstar And The Lonely Bull

A1: Telstar
A2: Red River Rock
B1: The Lonely Bull
B2: Percolator
Liberty UKLEP 21041962EP0 
Deane Hawley

A: Pocketful Of Rainbows
B: That Dream Could Never Be
Liberty UKLIB 55359Jan 19627"9 
Jan And Dean

A: A Sunday Kind Of Love
B: Poor Little Puppet
Liberty UKLIB 55397Jan 19627"4 
Gene McDaniels

A: Chip Chip
B: Another Tear Falls
Liberty UKLIB 55405Jan 19627"19.5
Troy Shondell

A: Island In The Sky
B: Tears From An Angel
Liberty UKLIB 55398Feb 19627"2 
The Mar-Kets

A: Surfer's Stomp
B: Start
Liberty UKLIB 55401Feb 19627"3 
Buddy Knox

A: Chi-Hua-Hua
B: Open (Your Lovin' Arms)
Liberty UKLIB 55411Feb 19627"0 
Dick Lory

A: Handsome Guy
B: The Pain Is Here
Liberty UKLIB 55415Feb 19627"29.0
Bobby Vee

A: Please Don't Ask About Barbara
B: I Can't Say Goodbye
Liberty UKLIB 55419Feb 19627"37.0
Vic Dana

A: I Will
B: Proud
Liberty UKLIB 51Mar 19627"4 
Bobby Vee

A: Run To Him
B: Walkin' With My Angel
Liberty UKLIB 55388Mar 19627"59.3
Timi Yuro

A: Satan Never Sleeps
B: Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Liberty UKLIB 55410Mar 19627"0 
Johnny Burnette

A: Clown Shoes
B: The Way I Am
Liberty UKLIB 55416Mar 19627"39.3
The Chipmunks

A: The Alvin Twist
B: I Wish I Could Speak French
Liberty UKLIB 55424Apr 19627"0 
Bobby Vee

A: Sharing You
B: At A Time Like This
Liberty UKLIB 55451May 19627"29.0
Walter Brennan

A: Old Rivers
B: The Epic Ride Of John H. Glenn
Liberty UKLIB 5543611 May 19627"76.7
Dick And DeeDee

A: Tell Me
B: Will You Always Love Me
Liberty UKLIB 5541218 May 19627"5 
Si Zentner And His Orchestra

A: Up A Lazy River
B: Shufflin' Blues
Liberty UKLIB 55374Jun 19627"1 
The Crickets

A: Don't Ever Change
B: I'm Not A Bad Guy
Liberty UKLIB 55441Jun 19627"310.0
The Marketts

A: Balboa Blue
B: Stompede
Liberty UKLIB 55443Jul 19627"39.0
Buddy Knox

A: She's Gone
B: Now There's Only Me
Liberty UKLIB 55473Jul 19627"28.0
Timi Yuro

A: What's A Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You)
B: Thirteenth Hour
Liberty UKLIB 55469Aug 19627"49.5
Vic Dana

A: (A Girl Needs) To Love And Be Loved
B: Time Can Change
Liberty UKLIB 58Aug 19627"1 
Bobby Vee

A: A Forever Kind Of Love
B: Remember Me, Huh?
Liberty UKLIB 10046Sep 19627"07.5
Martin Denny And His Orchestra

A: A Taste Of Honey
B: The Brighter Side
Liberty UKLIB 55470Sep 19627"0 
The Crickets

A: Little Hollywood Girl
B: Parisian Girl
Liberty UKLIB 55495Sep 19627"1 
The Ventures

A: Lolita Ya-Ya
B: Lucille
Liberty UKLIB 60Sep 19627"2 
Gene McDaniels

A: Point Of No Return
B: Warmer Than A Whisper
Liberty UKLIB 5548021 Sep 19627"1 
Eddie Cochran

A: Never
B: Think Of Me
Liberty UKLIB 10049Oct 19627"18.0
Nick Noble

A: Hello Out There
B: We Could
Liberty UKLIB 55488Oct 19627"1 
Johnny Burnette

A: Lonesome Waters
B: Damn The Defiant
Liberty UKLIB 55489Oct 19627"07.0
The Rivingtons

A: Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
B: Deep Water
Liberty UKLIB 554275 Oct 19627"3 
Eddie Cochran

Never To Be Forgotten

A1: Blue Suede Shoes
A2: Long Tall Sally
B1: Little Angel
B2: Milk Cow Blues
Liberty UKLEP 2052Nov 1962EP210.0
David Seville And The Chipmunks

Sing Along With The Chipmunks

A1: The Chipmunk Song
A2: Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
B1: Lily Of Laguna
B2: Comin' Thru The Rye
Liberty UKLEP 2057Nov 1962EP0 
The Chipmunks

A: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
B: Jingle Bells
Liberty UKLIB 10054Nov 19627"0 
Gary Paxton

A: Alley Oop Was A Two-Dab Man
B: Stop Twistin' Baby
Liberty UKLIB 55485Nov 19627"210.0
Jackie De Shannon

A: You Won't Forget Me
B: I Don't Think So Much Of You Myself Now
Liberty UKLIB 55497Nov 19627"18.0
Walter Brennan

A: Mama Sang A Song
B: Who Will Take Gramma
Liberty UKLIB 55508Nov 19627"19.0
The Fleetwoods

A: Lovers By Night, Strangers By Day
B: They Tell Me It's Summer
Liberty UKLIB 62Nov 19627"0 
The Ventures

Twist With The Ventures

A1: Gringo
A2: Moon Dawg
B1: Sunny River
B2: Guitar Twist
Liberty UKLEP 2058Dec 1962EP2 
Gene McDaniels

A: Spanish Lace
B: Somebody's Waiting
Liberty UKLIB 55510Dec 19627"28.0
The Ventures

A: The 2,000 Pound Bee - Part 1
B: The 2,000 Pound Bee - Part 2
Liberty UKLIB 67Dec 19627"29.0
Bobby Vee


A1: What Do You Want
A2: My Love Loves Me
B1: I Can't Say Goodbye
B2: Sincerely
Liberty UKLEP 205315 Dec 1962EP1 
Just For Fun

Bobby Vee

A1: The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
A2: All You've Got To Do Is Touch Me

The Crickets

B1: My Little Girl
B2: Teardrops Fall Like Rain
Liberty UKLEP 20841963EP28.0
Bobby Vee

A Forever Kind Of Love

A1: A Forever Kind Of Love
A2: Remember Me, Huh?
B1: Sharing You
B2: At A Time Like This
Liberty UKLEP 20891963EP0 
The Crickets

Straight - No Strings!

A1: Willie And The Hand Jive
A2: Summertime Blues
B1: Searchin'
B2: What'd I Say
Liberty UKLEP 20941963EP1 
Bobby Vee

Bobby Vee's Biggest Hits

A1: Take Good Care Of My Baby
A2: Rubber Ball
B1: More Than I Can Say
B2: Run To Him
Liberty UKLEP 21021963EP0 
Julie London


A1: Desafinado
A2: Cuddle Up A Little Closer
B1: Cry Me A River
B2: June In January
Liberty UKLEP 21031963EP1 
Bobby Vee, The Crickets

"Bobby Vee Meets The Crickets"

A1: Someday
A2: Bo Diddley
B1: I Gotta Know
B2: Peggy Sue
Liberty UKLEP 21161963EP0 

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