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Liberty - Label Discography

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  USA  1213
  UK  643
  Australia  375
  Netherlands  288
  Germany  254
  Japan  205
  New Zealand  163
  Canada  121
  France  82
  Italy  63
  Sweden  45
  Portugal  37
  Denmark  35
  Spain  32
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The Miniature Men

A: Baby Elephant Walk
B: Bool-Ya-Base
Liberty JapanLIB-2519627"0 
Johnny Burnette

A: Dreamin'
B: You're Sixteen
Liberty JapanLIB-1Apr 19627"0 
Bobby Vee

A: Rubber Ball
B: More Than I Can Say
Liberty JapanLIB-2Apr 19627"0 
Johnny Burnette

A: Ballad Of The One Eyed Jacks
B: Cincinnati Fire Ball
Liberty JapanLIB-15Jun 19627"010.0
Troy Shondell

A: This Time
B: Girl After Girl
Liberty JapanLIB-13Aug 19627"0 
Timi Yuro

A: What's A Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You)
B: Stardust
Liberty JapanLIB-3219637"1 
The Ventures

A: Loco-Motion
B: Limbo Rock
Liberty JapanLIB-285 Mar 19637"0 
The Ventures

A: Telstar
B: The Lonely Bull
Liberty JapanLIB-3710 Mar 19637"0 
Buddy Knox

A: Hula Love
B: She's Gone
Liberty JapanLIB-34May 19637"0 
Jan And Dean

A: Surf City
B: She's My Summer Girl
Liberty JapanLIB-47Aug 19637"0 
Julie London

A: I Left My Heart In San Francisco
B: The End Of The World
Liberty JapanLIB-52Dec 19637"0 
The New Band Of Spike Jones

A: Washington Square
B: Puff
Liberty JapanLR-1012Dec 19637"1 
The Ventures

A: More
B: Runaway
Liberty JapanLIB-5115 Dec 19637"0 
The Ventures

A: Walk Right In
B: Sukiyaki
Liberty JapanLIB-5415 Dec 19637"0 
The Ventures

A1: Yellow Bird
A2: Runaway
B1: Walk Don't Run
B2: Lullaby Of The Leaves
Liberty JapanLP-40231964EP0 
The Ventures

Diamond Head

A1: Diamond Head
A2: Pipeline
B1: Walk Don't Run
B2: Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
Liberty JapanLP-40511964EP0 
Jan And Dean

A1: Ride The Wild Surf
A2: Surf City
B1: Little Old Lady From Pasadena
B2: Dead Man's Curve
Liberty JapanLP-40591964EP0 
Jan And Dean

A: Honolulu Lulu
B: Someday (You'll Go Walking By)
Liberty JapanLR-1005Jan 19647"0 
The Ventures

A: Walk Don't Run
B: Yellow Bird
Liberty JapanLR-1043Mar 19647"010.0
Julie London

A1: I Left My Heart In San Francisco
A2: Love For Sale
B1: Cry Me A River
B2: Love Letters
Liberty JapanLP-4010Apr 1964EP0 
Jan And Dean

A: Drag City
B: Surfin' Hearse
Liberty JapanLR-1044May 19647"0 
Jan And Dean

A: Dead Man's Curve
B: The New Girl In School
Liberty JapanLR-1099Jun 19647"0 
The Ventures

A: Pipeline
B: The Lonely Sea
Liberty JapanLR-1080Jul 19647"0 
Jan And Dean

A1: She's My Summer Girl
A2: Summer Means Fun
B1: New Girl In School
B2: Hey Little Freshmen
Liberty JapanLP-41041965EP0 
The Ventures

A1: Cruel Sea
A2: Rap City
B1: Moon Dawg
B2: The Fugitive
Liberty JapanLP-41051965EP0 
The Ventures

A1: Pedal Pusher
A2: Journey To The Stars
B1: Caravan '65
Liberty JapanLP-41161965EP0 
The Ventures

A1: A Taste Of Honey
A2: El Cumbanchero
B1: No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)
B2: She's Just My Style
Liberty JapanLP-41441965EP0 
The Ventures

A: Kickstand
B: Candy Apple Racer
Liberty JapanLR-119919657"0 
The Ventures

A: Jingle Bells
B: White Christmas
Liberty JapanLR-144019657"0 
The Ventures

A: Diamond Head
B: The House Of The Rising Sun
Liberty JapanLR-1177Jan 19657"0 
The Ventures

A: Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
B: Rap City
Liberty JapanLR-118615 Feb 19657"1 
Jan And Dean

A: Ride The Wild Surf
B: Sidewalk Surfin'
Liberty JapanLR-121415 Mar 19657"0 
Gary Lewis And The Playboys

A: This Diamond Ring
B: Hard To Find
Liberty JapanLR-122315 Mar 19657"0 
Jan And Dean

A: The Little Old Lady From Pasadena
B: The Anaheim, Azusa And Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review And Timing Association
Liberty JapanLR-122415 Apr 19657"0 
The Ventures

A: Mariner No.4
B: Bird Rockers
Liberty JapanLR-1243May 19657"0 
The Ventures

A: Caravan
B: Bulldog
Liberty JapanLR-12425 May 19657"0 
Jan And Dean

A: Surf City
B: (Here They Come) From All Over The World
Liberty JapanLR-124415 May 19657"0 
Gary Lewis And The Playboys

A: Count Me In
B: Little Miss Go-Go
Liberty JapanLR-12655 Jun 19657"0 
Jan And Dean

A: Summer Means Fun
B: One-Piece Topless Bathing Suit
Liberty JapanLR-12665 Jun 19657"0 
The Ventures

A1: Bulldog
A2: Apache
B1: Caravan
B2: Perfidia
Liberty JapanLP-406015 Jun 1965EP0 
The Ventures


A1: Kickstand
A2: Surf Rider
B1: Wipe Out
B2: Yellow Jacket
Liberty JapanLP-4070Jul 1965EP1 
The Ventures

A: Walk Right In
B: Sukiyaki
Liberty JapanLR-1390Aug 19657"0 
The Ventures

A: Cruel Sea
B: The Fugitive
Liberty JapanLR-13005 Aug 19657"0 
Jan And Dean

A: She's My Summer Girl
B: Honolulu Lulu
Liberty JapanLR-13095 Aug 19657"0 
The Ventures

Let's Go

A1: Let's Go
A2: Driving Guitar
B1: More
B2: Bumble Bee Twist
Liberty JapanLP-4088Sep 1965EP0 
Gary Lewis And The Playboys

A: Save Your Heart For Me
B: Without A Word Of Warning
Liberty JapanLR-14145 Sep 19657"0 
The Ventures

A: The Swingin' Creeper
B: Pedal Pusher
Liberty JapanLR-131015 Sep 19657"0 
Julie London

A1: Fly Me To The Moon
A2: The End Of The World
B1: Boy On A Dolphin
B2: More
Liberty JapanLP-4097Oct 1965EP0 
Julie London

A: I Left My Heart In San Francisco
B: The End Of The World
Liberty JapanLR-1391Oct 19657"0 
The Ventures

A: Lullaby Of The Leaves
B: Apache
Liberty JapanLR-13115 Oct 19657"0 

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