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Lightning - Label Discography

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Prince For I

A: Heavy Manners
B: Version
Lightning UKTRO 9000Feb 19777"110.0
Winston Fergus

A: Long Time
B: Version
Lightning UKTRO 9009Apr 19777"0 
Winston Fergus

A: African Woman
B: Version
Lightning UKTRO 901019777"4 
Elizabeth Archer And The Equators

A: Feel Like Making Love
B: Version
Lightning UKTRO 9011May 19777"110.0

A: Express Yourself
B: Rasshopper
Lightning UKTRO 9016May 19777"2 
Owen Gray

A: When I Need You
B: Heavy Robbery
Lightning UKTRO 9024Jun 19777"0 
One Love

A: The Slave Trade
B: Roots
Lightning UKTRO 902512 Aug 19777"17.0

A1: I'm All Hung Up On Pierrepoint
B1: The Exorcist
B2: Sex In The Afternoon
Lightning UKBCS 0007Jun 19777"04.0
Lucy [Lightning]

A: Really Got Me Goin'
B: Oy
Lightning UKBCS 008Aug 19777"1 

A: Three Piece Suit

Mighty Two

B: Big Fat Thing
Lightning UKLIGS 10112 Aug 19777"19.0
Marcia Aitken

A: Still In Love With You Boy

Mighty Two

B: Lover Boy
Lightning UKLIGS 10212 Aug 19777"29.0
Jet Bronx And The Forbidden

A: Ain't Doin' Nothin'
B: I Can't Stand It
Lightning UKLIG 5012 Dec 19777"3 

A: Stanley
B: I.R.T.
Lightning UKLIG 50221 Jul 19787"2 
The Mirrors [UK Punk]

A: Cure For Cancer
B: Nice Vice
Lightning UKGIL 50313 Jan 19787"1 
Blitzkrieg Bop

A1: Let's Go
B1: Life Is Just A So-So
B2: Mental Case
Lightning UKGIL 50413 Jan 19787"3 

A: All I Want
B: When I'm Bored
Lightning UKLIG 50527 Jan 19787"2 
Althia And Donna

A: Up Town Top Ranking

Mighty Two

B: Calico Suit
Lightning UKLIG 50630 Dec 19777"229.0
Martin And The Brownshirts

A: Taxi Driver
B: Boring
Lightning UKGIL 5077 Apr 19787"2 
Elton Motello

A: Jet Boy, Jet Girl
B: Pogo Pogo
Lightning UKLIG 508Jan 19787"59.0
Fruit Eating Bears

A: Chevy Heavy
B: Fifties Cowboy
Lightning UKGIL 509Jun 19787"1 
Howard Carpendale

A: Ti Amo
B: Just Another Town
Lightning UKLIG 51010 Feb 19787"0 
Dirty Dog

A1: Let Go Of My Hand
A2: Shouldn't Do It
B1: Guitar In My Hand
B2: Gonna Quit
Lightning UKGIL 5117 Apr 1978EP1 

A: I Don't Mind
B: England 77
Lightning UKGIL 5121 Sep 19787"0 
Too Much

A: Who You Wanna Be
B: Another Time Another Place
Lightning UKGIL 5137 Apr 19787"0 

A: Jah Pretty Face
B: Natty Dread Taking Over
Lightning UKLIG 51517 Feb 19787"18.0
Lucy [Lightning]

A: Never, Never
B: Feel So Good
Lightning UKGIL 516May 19787"0 

A: Don't Let This Good Thing Go Bad
B: I Don't Want It
Lightning UKLIG 51724 Mar 19787"0 
Toni Van Duyne

A: Venus And Mars
B: Cosmic Harmony
Lightning UKLIG 51824 Mar 19787"0 
The Exits

A: The Fashion Plague
B: Cheam
Lightning UKGIL 519Apr 19787"4 
The Nerves [UK]

A: T.V. Adverts
B: Sex Education
Lightning UKGIL 520Jun 19787"1 
Bilbo Baggins

A: I Can Feel Mad
B: Dole Q Blues
Lightning UKLIG 52124 Mar 19787"0 

A: Mulligan's Tyre
B: Nymphomaniac
Lightning UKLIG 52224 Mar 19787"0 
Jet Bronx

A: Rock And Roll Romance
B: On The Wall
Lightning UKLIG 52524 Mar 19787"2 
Ruddy Thomas

A: Loving Pauper
B: Judgement Time
Lightning UKLIG 526Mar 19787"1 
Dennis Brown

A: Equal Rights
B: Equal Rights (Part Two)
Lightning UKLIG 52723 Jun 19787"010.0

A: Ina Jah Children

Mighty Two

B: Save The Children
Lightning UKLIG 52812 May 19787"19.0
Rebel Force Band

A: Living In These Star Warz
B: Living In These Star Warz (Disco)
Lightning UKLIG 53024 Mar 19787"0 

3 X 3

A1: Dice
B1: Suburban Guerilla
B2: D. K. Dance
Lightning UKGIL 531May 1978EP2 
Althia And Donna

A: Love One Another

Mighty Two

B: Love One Another (Instrumental)
Lightning UKLIG 53226 May 19787"0 
Slainte Mhath

A: Sons Of Scotland
B: Tribute To Pele
Lightning UKLIG 53312 May 19787"1 
The Snifters

A: I Like Boys
B: Baby Punker
Lightning UKGIL 534Aug 19787"2 
Alec R. Costandinos And The Syncophonic Orchestra

A: Romeo And Juliet (Excerpt From Act I)
B: Romeo And Juliet (Excerpt From Act III)
Lightning UKLIG 5355 May 19787"0 
Neville Wanker And The Punters

A: (Sing A Little Song) For The Boys On The Dole
B: (Sing A Little Song) For The Boys On The Dole (Instrumental)
Lightning UKGIL 53619787"7 
Wood Lane

A: Skate Board Saturday
B: Skate Kat Jive
Lightning UKGIL 537Apr 19787"1 
Great British Heroes

A: Eric Miller
B: Don't Give A Damn
Lightning UKGIL 53819787"1 

A: Two Sevens Clash
B: I'm Not Ashamed
Lightning UKLIG 53912 May 19787"19.3
The O's And The O.K. Band (Official Orient 1978 Squad)

A: Fantastic'O
B: TangO's
Lightning UKGIL 541May 19787"0 
Nasty Media

Spiked Copy

A1: The Ripper
A2: John Peel
B1: Spiked Copy
B2: Winter
Lightning UKGIL 54221 Jul 1978EP0 
Blitzkrieg Bop

A: U.F.O.
B: Bobby Joe
Lightning UKGIL 543Sep 19787"0 
Arsenal 1978 Squad

A: Roll Out The Red Carpet
B: Kings Of London
Lightning UKLIG 54412 May 19787"3 

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