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Line - Label Discography

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Johnny And The Hurricanes

Oldies But Goldies

A: Red River Rock
B: Reveille Rock
Line Germany6.11 30119777"3 
Link Wray

A: It's All Over Now Baby Blue
B: Snag
Line GermanyLS 100119797"1 

A: Giving It All
B: Under The Freeway
Line GermanyLS 100219797"010.0
The Flamin' Groovies

A: You Tore Me Down
B: Him Or Me
Line GermanyLS 100319797"09.0
Mitch Ryder

A: Nice And Easy
B: Passions Wheel
Line GermanyLS 100419797"09.0
The Scruffs

A: Teenage Girls
B: Shakin'
Line GermanyLS 100519797"1 
Battered Wives

A: Daredevil
B: You Better Be Right
Line GermanyLS 100619797"0 
The New York Blondes

A: Little GTO
B: Holocaust On Sunset Boulevard
Line GermanyLS 100919797"08.0
Link Wray

A: Fever
B: The Sky Is Falling
Line GermanyLS 101019797"19.0
Mitch Ryder

A: Freezin' In Hell
B: Long Hard Road
Line GermanyLS 101419797"09.5
The Moonlighters [California]

A: Midnight In Memphis
B: Home In San Antone
Line Germany6.1273719807"0 
Jackie De Shannon

A: To Love Somebody
B: Tonight You're Doin' It Right
Line GermanyLS 101619807"1 

A: Heart Of Stone
B: The Last Word
Line GermanyLS 101919807"0 
Commander Cody

A: Two Triple Cheese
B: Rockette 88
Line GermanyLS 102519807"0 
The Flamin' Groovies

A: Shake Some Action
B: When I Heard Your Name
Line GermanyLS 102619807"0 
Chris Darrow

A: A Southern California Drive
B: I Saw You
Line GermanyLS 103019807"0 

A: Battery Chicken
B: Alone
Line GermanyLS 103119807"0 
Bad News Reunion

A: Behind The Next Door
B: Confused Mind
Line GermanyLS 103219807"08.0
The Dogs [Finland]

A: Wild Doggies
B: I've Been Breaking The Law
Line GermanyLS 103419807"0 
Jackie De Shannon

A: Things We Said Today
B: Way Above The Angels
Line GermanyLS 103619807"1 
Sean Tyla

A: Breakfast In Marin
B: Freeway In The Rain
Line GermanyLS 103719807"16.0
Link Wray

A: Young Love
B: Shake, Rattle And Roll
Line GermanyLS 103919807"0 

A: Spoon
B: Silent Night
Line GermanyLS 104019807"0 
Commander Cody Band

A: Sea Wolf
B: Either He's Wrong
Line GermanyLS 104119807"0 
Al Stahaley

A: Trust Me
B: Hot Rods And Cool Women
Line GermanyLS 104319807"0 
Roger Chapman

A: Mail Order Magic
B: Right To Go
Line GermanyLS 104419807"0 
Bad News Reunion

A: The Easiest Way
B: Boogie Man
Line GermanyLS 104619807"0 
Chas And Dave

A: Rabbit
B: Uneasy Feeling
Line GermanyLS 104919807"0 
Sean Tyla

A: Diamond Lane
B: Credit Card Bash
Line GermanyLS 105519807"0 
Morty And The Racing Cars

A: Are You Big Enough?
B: You
Line Germany6.13 16619817"0 
Mickey Jupp

A: Don't Talk To Me
B: Poison Girls
Line GermanyLS 104219817"0 
Mitch Ryder

A: Red Scar Eyes
B: We're Gonna Win
Line GermanyLS 104819817"0 
Roger Chapman

A: Unknown Soldier (Can't Go To Heaven)
B: Higher Ground
Line GermanyLS 105119817"1 

A: Potatoland Theme
B: Turn To The Right
Line GermanyLS 105219817"1 
Commander Cody Band

A: Lose It Tonight
B: Buddy's Cafe
Line GermanyLS 105319817"0 
Del Shannon

A: Runaway
B: Little Town Flirt
Line GermanyLS 105719817"1 
Chas And Dave

A: Turn That Noise Down
B: Flying
Line GermanyLS 105819817"0 
Hank Wangford

A: Wild Thing
B: Cowboys Stay On Longer
Line GermanyLS 105919817"2 
The Guess Who

A: Magic
B: All Over Now
Line GermanyLS 106219817"0 
Eric Hine

A: Not Fade Away
B: After Dark
Line GermanyLS 106319817"0 
Roger Chapman And The Shortlist

A: Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun
B: Sweet Vanilla
Line GermanyLS 106419817"0 
Bad News Reunion

A: Two Steps Forward
B: Muddy Water
Line GermanyLS 106719817"0 
The Fall

A: Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
B: Fantastic Life
Line GermanyLS 106819817"0 
Roger Chapman

A1: Hearts On The Floor
A2: The Long Goodbye

Mitch Ryder

A3: Er ist nicht mein Präsident
A4: Tough Kid
Line GermanySep 1981Flexi0 
Chas And Dave

A: Ain't No Pleasin' You
B: Give It Some Stick, Mick
Line GermanyLS 106919827"0 
Randy California

A: Grosser Herrscher
B: Magic Wand
Line GermanyLS 107119827"0 
Eric Burdon Band

A: Take It Easy
B: Crawling King Snake
Line GermanyLS 107219827"0 
Mickey Jupp

A: Joggin'
B: Daisy Mayes (Live)
Line GermanyLS 107419827"0 
The Dixie Cups

A: Iko Iko
B: Gee Baby Gee
Line GermanyLS 107619827"0 
Henry McCullough

A: Can't Help Falling In Love
B: Gone With Another
Line GermanyLS 107719827"1 

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