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Little Teddy - Label Discography

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The Bartlebees

A1: Why
A2: Japanese Jews
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 70119917"0 


A1: Fridge Freezer
A2: Donald
B1: The Right Way Round
B2: Rotten
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7021991EP0 
The Hanshalf Trio

Cilla Black's Farewell To The Nineties

A1: The Organ Solo Song
A2: I'm Sick Of Being Burned (Parts I And II)
B1: That's What I'm For
B2: Clogs
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7051992EP0 
The Prime Movers

A: We Live To Shine
B: Nations Of Hostility
Little Teddy GermanyLITE70619927"0 
A Tribute To Daniel Johnston Vol. 1

TV Personalities

A1: Honey I Sure Miss You


A2: Casper The Friendly Ghost

Wimp Factor 14

B1: Good Morning You

The Hanshalf Trio

B2: Cold Hard World
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7071993EP0 
The Blind Bats

A1: Waiting For The Summer
A2: Killing Time
B1: Fall
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7081993EP0 
The Bartlebees

A1: You Are Still Beautiful
B1: Time To Say Goodbye
B2: Little Teddy
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7101993EP0 

Wee Beasties Ep

A1: Straighten It Out
A2: Everybody Knows
B1: Go Naked
B2: Satan Always Calls Collect
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7111993EP0 
Silly Pillows

A1: Los Angeles
A2: When She Gets Home
B1: Tamiami
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7131993EP0 
A Tribute To Daniel Johnston Vol. 2


A1: Museum Of Love

Paisley Shirts

A2: Fate'll Get Done

Fellow Travelers

B1: It's Over

Yukio Yung

B2: I Feel So High
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7141993EP0 

A1: Heroes And Villains
A2: Mongoloid
B1: Third World Lover
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7171993EP0 
A Tribute To Daniel Johnston Vol 3

Half Japanese

A1: King Kong

Kitchen Cynics

A2: I Am A Baby

Bedlam Rovers

B1: I Remember Painfully


B2: Big Business Monkey
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7181993EP0 
Melvyn And The Smartys

'Songs From Their TV Show'

A1: The Ali Baba Song
A2: Theme From Melvyn And The Smartys
B1: Don't Ask Ronnie
B2: The Red Balloon
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7031994EP0 
The Cannanes

A1: Prototype
B1: Bad Timing
B2: Der Fuhrender Sydney Rechtsanwalt
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7041994EP0 
Television Personalities

A1: I'm Not Like Everybody Else
A2: I Hear A New World
B1: I've Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me
B2: Whatever Gets You Through The Night
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7091994EP1 
This Happy Breed

How About This!

A1: Start Living
A2: I Feel The Earth Move
B1: Tell Me That You're Mine
B2: How About That!
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7121994EP0 
M.O.T.O.(Masters Of The Obvious)

Jacuzzi For The Dead

A1: It Tastes Just Like A Milkshake
A2: In And Around The Neighbourhood
B1: Around Every Corner
B2: Schmuck Factor
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7201994EP0 
Direct Hits

A1: Ever Ready Plaything
B1: The Ordinary Girl
B2: Leander By The River
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7211994EP0 
Paul Bevoir

The Ninetyfifth Beatle

A1: Changing Places (Acoustic Version)
A2: What The Butler Saw
B1: Stop That Girl (Demo)
B2: Eric's Dad's Song (Home Demo)
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7231994EP0 
The Jetset

The Best Of The Jetset

A1: Judy's Toy Box
A2: The Jetset Theme
B1: Wednesday Girl
B2: Good News
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7241994EP0 
The Jetset

The Best Of The Jetset - Volume Two

A1: Happy In My Mind
A2: Kingdom Come
B1: A Dead Giveaway
B2: Yesterday's News
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7251994EP0 
Colin Swan

A Portrait Of Dan Treacy

A1: Silly Girl
A2: I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
B1: (I Remember) Bridget Riley
B2: A Picture Of Dorian Gray
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7261994EP1 
The Great British Beat - Volume One

The Norbury Woods

A1: Hold Me With Your Eyes

Jenny Brett

A2: Valley Of Broken Hearts

Colin Swan

B1: The Game

Phil Ward

B2: Dance Of The Mice
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7271994EP0 

M.O.T.O.(Masters Of The Obvious)

A1: Do You Remember


A2: What The Water Gave Me

Paul Bevoir

A3: Dear Mr. Weatherman

Paisley Shirts

A4: Weather's Changing


A5: Petra K

Baine Watson Orchestra

A6: X-mas Stomp

Behaviour Savior

A7: The Frog Song

Arne Hansen

B1: Ultimate Blues

Wimp Factor 14

B2: Hibachi

Yukio Yung

B3: Business Suit

Fondue Set

B4: Hapiness Is Just A Flaming Moe Away

Schwermut Forest

B5: Hüllenaudio

Kitchen Cynics

B6: Dedicated To Jack Frost

Tender Whiskers

B7: Ice Blue Pole


C1: Jailhouse Pop


C2: Tons Of Money

David E. Lucy

C3: You Don't Have To Act Butch Now

Six Cents And Natalie

C4: Spooky Circus

Jowe Head ESQ.

C5: Your Baby's Gone Down The Plughole

Cee Bee Beaumont

C6: Teen Girl Pizza Party


C7: You Put The Name Of R'n'R In Vain

Silly Pillows

D1: I'll Buy A Castle


D2: Sleigh Ride


D3: Zeit Triologie Teil 1

Chris Gretsch

D4: The Different Sun


D5: The Sweet One

Catfish II

D6: Xanadu

TV Personalities

D7: I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7281994Double Pack0 
The Bartlebees

A: My Baby Lives Her Live
B: Darling Are You Sure?
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 1-UP19957"0 
Silly Pillows

A: Out Of My Depth
B: Perfect Pop
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 3-UP19957"0 
Television Personalities

A: Time Goes Slowly When You're Drowning
B: Meanwhile In A Luxury Dockland Home
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 71619957"0 
Arne Hansen And The Guitarspellers

Dr. Hansen Goes Pop (Greatest Hits Vol.)

A1: What I'd Like To Do
A2: Gardina
A3: Gardina (Part 2)
A4: Gardina (Part 4)
A5: Can't Stand The Rezillos
B1: Let's Not Get Involved
B2: Cartoon Song
B3: Dr. Hansen Goes Pop
B4: Dreamin' Of Kylie
B5: Boogieman (Part 22)
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7191995EP2 
Silly Pillows

A1: Luke Warm Weather
A2: Up In The Air
B1: What Do You Do With A Dreamer?
B2: Pickin' Out The Good Bits
B3: Relishing
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7221995EP0 
The Groovy Metal Babies

Never EP

A1: She Does Not
A2: My Secondhand Sweetheart
B1: Never
B2: In No Time
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7301995EP0 
Little Teddy Garagepop Showcase


A: Cat


B: Heavenly Conscience
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 73119957"0 
Armitage Shanks

Road Fever EP

A1: Road Fever
A2: Alf Ramsey's Porn Dungeon
B1: Right To Work
B2: Thank You
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7331995EP0 
Mickey Hampshire

A1: Mumbo Jumbo
A2: Good Or Bad
B1: Don't Complain
B2: Creature Called Doubt
Little Teddy GermanyLITE7341995EP0 
The Great British Beat - Volume Two

Jenny Brett

A1: Mad About The Wrong Boy

The Young Idea [1990s]

A2: Red Light

Nick Anthony

B1: Tears On My Shoulder

Direct Hits

B2: I'd Rather Stay Than Go
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7351995EP0 

A1: 1st String Teenage High
A2: Not Quite Burning Bridges
B1: Piano Lessons For Beauty Queens
B2: Stay Cool I'll See You This Summer
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7381995EP0 
The Happening

Television Personalities

A: Jennifer, Julie And Josephine

The Bartlebees

B: Why Don't You Smile Now?
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 73919957"0 
Stereo Total

A1: Miau Miau
A2: Tu M'as Voulue
B1: Aua
B2: À La Sortie Du Lycée
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 2-UP1996EP0 
Television Personalities

A: If I Was Your Girl Friend
B: Salvador Dali's Garden Party
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 72919967"0 
Cee Bee Beaumont

...For The Male Animal

A1: Wormhole
A2: Cad Drag 94
B1: Tramp Gas/The Blackstock Memorandum
B2: Roscoe Roadkill
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7321996EP0 
The Creams

A1: These Magic Beans (Are Brown)
A2: Sub Sub
B1: Anything Goes
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7371996EP0 
Television Personalities

A: Now That I'm A Junkie
B: How Does It Feel To Be Loved?
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 74119967"0 
The Mad Scene

A1: The Big Setup
A2: Change
B1: I Met You In My Dreams
C1: Pictures On My Wall
C2: Cold Sun
D1: Waiting For The Rain
D2: Chinese Honey
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7451996Double Pack0 
Television Personalities

You, Me And Lou Reed E.P

A1: You, Me And Lou Reed
A2: My Imaginery Friend
B1: I Remember Bridget Riley
B2: I Wish You Could Love Me For What I Am
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7401997EP0 
Sexton Ming

A1: Beastly Magnet
A2: The Wind Blows Mary
B1: Girls Eat Worms
B2: Cry Your Tears And Renew Your Strength
Little Teddy GermanyLITE7421997EP0 
Franklin Bruno

A1: Wholly Heavy Heart
A2: Dream Worth Dreaming
B1: La Radia
B2: Say No (To Saturday's Girl)
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7461997EP0 
The Bartlebees

A: Nobody's Lonesome For Me
B: Lonesome Version
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 4-UP19987"0 
The Bartlebees

The Bartlebees Sing Songs About Burds EP

A1: Never Found A Woman Worth To Die For
B1: Put Some Sugar On It
B2: I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 5-UP1998EP0 
Bunsen Honeydew

A: Modern Gal
B: Christopher Street
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 74720017"5 

A: Twee
B: Falling Out Of Love (With You)
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 74920027"0 
Liam Lynch

A1: United States Of Whatever
B1: United States Of Whatever (Original Version)
B2: Sir Track (Previously Untitled)
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7532003EP0 

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