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London - Label Discography

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  Australia  1153
  New Zealand  811
  Germany  784
  USA  735
  Netherlands  595
  Canada  332
  Japan  181
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Chris Barber Jazz Band With Ottilie Patterson

Chris Barber At The Royal Festival Hall

A1: St Louis Blues
A2: The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
B1: The Girls Go Crazy About The Way I Walk
B2: I Never Knew Just What A Girl Could Do
London JapanLEB-34Jan 1956EP0 
Chris Barber's Jazz Band

At The Royal Festival Hall No. 2

A1: Storyville Blues
A2: It's Tight Like That
B1: Ice Cream
B2: Oh, Didn't He Ramble
London JapanLEB-72Aug 1957EP0 
Eddie Cochran

A: Sittin' In The Balcony
B: Dark Lonely Street
London JapanLED.47Sep 19577"0 
Little Richard And His Band

A: Lucille (ルシヤ)
B: Send Me Some Lovin' (愛しておくれ)
London JapanLED-58Dec 19577"0 
Cozy Cole

A: Topsy I
B: Topsy II
London JapanLED-10919587"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Wake Up Little Suzy
B: Maybe Tomorrow
London JapanLED.71Feb 19587"0 
Little Richard

A: Miss Ann
B: Jenny Jenny
London JapanLED-93Sep 19587"0 
Danny Kaye

A: The Five Pennies

Danny Kaye And Barbara Bel Geddes

B: Lullabye In Ragtime
London JapanLED-140Oct 19597"0 
Danny Kaye And Louis Armstrong

A: The Five Pennies Saints
B: Battle Hymn Of The Republic
London JapanLED-141Oct 19597"0 
Kathy Linden

A: Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye
B: Heartaches At Sweet Sixteen
London JapanHIT-116Nov 19597"0 
Kathy Linden

A: Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye
B: Heartaches At Sweet Sixteen
London JapanLED-139Nov 19597"0 
Johnny And The Hurricanes

A: Red River Rock
B: Buckeye
London JapanLED-146Nov 19597"1 
Stanley Black And His Orchestra

A: Ecstasy Tango
B: Adios Pampa Mia
London JapanLED-174Oct 19607"0 
Duane Eddy

A: My Blue Heaven
B: Drivin' Home
London JapanLED-22119617"0 
Duane Eddy

A: Ring Of Fire
B: Bobbie
London JapanLED-198Jul 19617"0 
Roy Orbison

A: Crying
B: Candy Man
London JapanLED-209Oct 19617"0 
Billy Fury

A: Jealousy
B: Open Your Arms
London JapanLED-219Dec 19617"0 
Paul Clayton

A: Yellow Bird
B: Kilgary Mountain (Darlin' Sportin' Jenny)
London JapanLED-232Dec 19617"1 
Hayley Mills

A: Ding Ding Ding
B: Side By Side
London JapanLED-263Aug 19627"0 
Duane Eddy

A: Runaway Pony
B: Just Because
London JapanLED-269Oct 19627"0 
Little Eva

A: The Loco-Motion
B: He Is The Boy
London JapanLED-278Oct 19627"0 
Jerry Wallace

A: Auf Wiedersehen
B: If I Make It Through Today
London JapanHIT-31119637"0 
Craig Douglas

A: From Russia With Love
B: Counting Up The Kisses
London JapanHIT-32219637"2 
Caterina Valente

A: Vacance De L'Amour (恋のバカンス)
B: Ciao
London JapanHIT-6019637"1 
Marcie Blane

A: Bobby's Girl
B: A Time To Dream
London JapanHIT-3Mar 19637"1 
Little Richard

A: Send Me Some Lovin'
B: Jenny Jenny
London JapanHIT-48Jun 19637"1 
The Crystals

A: Da Do Ron Ron
B: Git It
London JapanHIT-77Jul 19637"0 
The Velvets

A: Lana
B: Laugh
London JapanHIT-200Sep 19637"0 
The Ronettes

A: Be My Baby
B: Tedesco And Pitman
London JapanHIT-233Oct 19637"0 
Johnny And The Hurricanes

A: Red River Rock
B: Buckeye
London JapanHIT-119Nov 19637"0 
The Dixiebelles

A: Southtown U.S.A.
B: Why Don't You Set Me Free
London JapanHIT-31719647"0 
Bruce Channel

A: Going Back To Louisiana
B: Forget Me Not
London JapanHIT-34019647"0 
The Nashville Teens

A: Tobacco Road
B: I Like It Like That
London JapanHIT 39319647"0 
Roy Orbison

A: Come Back To Me
B: Raindrops
London JapanHIT-270Jan 19647"0 
Little Richard

A: Keep A Knockin'
B: By The Light Of The Sivery Moon
London JapanHIT-271Jan 19647"0 
Roy Orbison

A: Mean Woman Blues
B: Blue Bayou
London JapanHIT-245Feb 19647"0 
The Velvets

A: Tonight (Could Be The Night)
B: Spring Fever
London JapanHIT-289Feb 19647"0 
Little Richard

A: Lucille
B: Rip It Up
London JapanHIT-293Mar 19647"0 
The Rolling Stones

A: I Wanna Be Your Man
B: Stoned
London JapanHIT-323Mar 19647"0 
The Rolling Stones

A: Not Fade Away
B: Little By Little
London JapanHIT-346May 19647"0 
The Ronettes

A: Do I Love You
B: Bebe And Susu
London JapanHIT-382Aug 19647"0 
The Rolling Stones

A: It's All Over Now
B: Good Times, Bad Times
London JapanHIT-386Aug 19647"0 
The Rolling Stones

A: Tell Me
B: Carol
London JapanHIT-388Sep 19647"0 
Roy Orbison

A: Oh, Pretty Woman
B: Yo Te Amo Maria
London JapanHIT-400Nov 19647"0 
The Zombies

A: She's Not There
B: You Make Me Feel Good
London JapanHIT-422Dec 19647"0 
The Rolling Stones

A: Time Is On My Side
B: Congratulations
London JapanHIT-427Dec 19647"0 
The Rolling Stones

Tell Me

A1: Tell Me
A2: I Wanna Be Your Man
B1: It's All Over Now
B2: Carol
London Japan17M-95Jan 1965EP0 
The Zombies

A: Woman
B: Leave Me Be
London JapanHIT-435Jan 19657"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: Little Red Rooster
B: Off The Hook
London JapanHIT-440Feb 19657"0 
Dave Berry

A: One Heart Between Two
B: You're Gonna Need Somebody
London JapanHIT-442Feb 19657"0 

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