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London - Label Discography

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  UK  3753
  Australia  1251
  USA  954
  Germany  854
  New Zealand  829
  Netherlands  685
  Canada  501
  Japan  283
  France  183
  Ireland  162
  Italy  161
  Belgium  143
  Sweden  106
  Denmark  96
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Slim Whitman

A: Rose Marie
B: We Stood At The Altar
London New Zealand45-HL.100419567"3 
Slim Whitman

A: Beautiful Dreamer
B: Ride Away
London New Zealand45-HL.101219567"2 
Slim Whitman

A: Indian Love Call
B: China Doll
London New Zealand45-HL.114919567"2 
Slim Whitman

A: Haunted Hungry Heart
B: Roll On Silvery Moon
London New Zealand45-HL.814119567"0 
Pat Boone

A: I Almost Lost My Mind
B: I'm In Love With You
London New Zealand45-NZL.129Nov 19567"0 
Del Wood

A: Twelfth Street Rag
B: Pickin' And Grinnin'
London New Zealand45-NZL.123Dec 19567"0 
Pat Boone

A: Friendly Persuasion (Thee I Love)
B: Chains Of Love
London New Zealand45-NZL.127Dec 19567"1 
The Chordettes

A: Born To Be With You
B: Love Never Changes
London New Zealand45-NZL.136Dec 19567"0 
Pat Boone

Pat Boone Sings The Hits

A1: No Arms Can Ever Hold You
A2: Rich In Love
B1: I Almost Lost My Mind
B2: I'll Be Home
London New ZealandREM.10631957EP0 
Pat Boone

Pat Boone Sings Songs From "Friendly Persuasion"

A1: Friendly Persuasion
A2: Coax Me A Little
A3: The Mocking Bird In The Willow Tree
B1: Indiana Holiday
B2: Marry Me! Marry Me!
London New ZealandREM.10681957EP0 
Pat Boone

"Four By Pat"

A1: Technique
A2: Cathedral In The Pines
B1: Louella
B2: Without My Love
London New ZealandREM-D 60011957EP0 
Pat Boone

A Date With Pat Boone

A1: Don't Forbid Me
A2: Why Did I Choose You
B1: Rock Me Baby
B2: The Fat Man
London New ZealandREM-D.60021957EP0 
Little Richard And His Band

A1: Rip It Up
A2: Ready Teddy
B1: Tutti Frutti
B2: Long Tall Sally
London New ZealandREM-O.10741957EP0 
Fats Domino

Blues For Love - Vol. 2.

A1: My Blue Heaven
A2: I'm In Love Again
B1: So Long
B2: When My Dreamboat Comes Home
London New ZealandREM-U.10621957EP0 
Slim Whitman

Slim Whitman And His Singing Guitar - Vol. 2 (Part 2)

A1: I Leave The Milky Way
A2: Heart Full Of Love
B1: Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
B2: When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
London New ZealandREM-U.10701957EP0 
The Hi-Lo's

The Hi-Lo's Under Glass

A1: Chinatown, My Chinatown
A2: Summertime
B1: I'm Beginning To See The Light
B2: The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
London New ZealandREM-U.10771957EP0 
Julie London

London's Girl Friends - No. 1

A1: A Foggy Day
A2: Don't Worry 'Bout Me
B1: Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
B2: You're Blase
London New ZealandREPM-N 10921957EP0 
Chuck Berry And His Combo

A: Roll Over Beethoven
B: Drifting Heart
London New Zealand45-NZL.110Jan 19577"7 
Slim Whitman

A: Serenade
B: I Talk To The Waves
London New Zealand45-NZL.118Jan 19577"0 
Gale Storm

A: A Heart Without A Sweetheart
B: Now Is The Hour
London New Zealand45-NZL.121Jan 19577"0 
Pat Boone

A: Rich In Love
B: Two Hearts, Two Kisses
London New Zealand45-NZL.131Jan 19577"1 
The Hilltoppers Featuring Chuck Schrouder

A: Ka-Ding-Dong

The Hilltoppers Featuring Jimmy Sacca

B: Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
London New Zealand45-NZL.134Jan 19577"0 
Johnny Maddox And The Rhythmasters

A: Heart And Soul
B: Dixieland Band
London New Zealand45-NZL.135Jan 19577"0 
Andy Williams

A: Canadian Sunset
B: High Upon A Mountain
London New Zealand45-NZL.139Feb 19577"0 
Sanford Clark

A: The Fool
B: Lonesome For A Letter
London New Zealand45-NZL.128Mar 19577"0 
Fats Domino

A: Blueberry Hill
B: Honey Chile
London New Zealand45-NZL.140Mar 19577"1 
The Chordettes

A: Lay Down Your Arms
B: Teenage Goodnight
London New Zealand45-NZL.141Mar 19577"0 
The Cadets

A: Stranded In The Jungle
B: I Want You
London New Zealand45-NZL.143Mar 19577"0 
Patience And Prudence

A: Tonight You Belong To Me


B: A Smile And A Ribbon
London New Zealand45-NZL.146Mar 19577"0 
Dave Barry And Sara Berner

A: Out Of This World With Flying Saucers - Side 1
B: Out Of This World With Flying Saucers - Side 2
London New Zealand45-NZL.147Mar 19577"0 
Bill Hayes

A: The Legend Of Wyatt Earp
B: That Do Make It Nice
London New Zealand45-NZL.130May 19577"0 
Jim Lowe With The High Fives

A: The Green Door
B: (The Story Of) The Little Man In Chinatown
London New Zealand45-NZL.138May 19577"1 
Johnny Maddox And The Rhythmasters

A: Nickelodeon Tango
B: Solitude
London New Zealand45-NZL.145May 19577"0 
Slim Whitman

A: Curtain Of Tears
B: Smoke Signals
London New Zealand45-NZL.149May 19577"0 
Fats Domino

A: Ain't That A Shame
B: La La
London New Zealand45-NZL.150May 19577"0 
Johnny Maddox And The Rhythmasters

A: Rock And Roll Medley
B: Mood Indigo
London New Zealand45-NZL.154May 19577"0 
Tab Hunter

A: Young Love
B: Red Sails In The Sunset
London New Zealand45-NZL.159May 19577"1 
The Fontane Sisters

A: The Banana Boat Song
B: Honolulu Moon
London New Zealand45-NZL.163May 19577"0 
Pat Boone

A: Don't Forbid Me
B: Anastasia
London New Zealand45-NZL.167May 19577"1 
Fats Domino

A: My Blue Heaven
B: I'm In Love Again
London New Zealand45-NZL.187May 19577"0 
Ginny Wright And Tom Tall

A: Are You Mine
B: Boom Boom Boomerang
London New Zealand45-NZL.189May 19577"7 
Nervous Norvus

A: Ape Call
B: Wild Dog Of Kentucky
London New Zealand45-NZL.126Jun 19577"1 
Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra

A: La La Colette
B: Petticoats Of Portugal (Rapariga Do Portugal)
London New Zealand45-NZL-142Jun 19577"0 
Slim Whitman

A: I'm Casting My Lasso Towards The Sky
B: There's A Love Knot In My Lariat
London New Zealand45-NZL.153Jun 19577"0 
The Hilltoppers Featuring Jimmy Sacca

A: Marianne
B: You're Wasting Your Time (Tryin' To Lose The Blues)
London New Zealand45-NZL.162Jun 19577"0 
Fats Domino

A: I'm Walkin'
B: I'm In The Mood For Love
London New Zealand45-NZL.170Jun 19577"0 
Little Richard With His Band

A: Tutti Frutti
B: Long Tall Sally
London New Zealand45-NZL.175Jun 19577"1 
Andy Williams

A: Butterfly
B: It Doesn't Take Very Long
London New Zealand45-NZL.176Jun 19577"0 
Patience And Prudence

A: Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now
B: The Money Tree
London New Zealand45-NZL.178Jun 19577"0 
Fats Domino

A: Blue Monday
B: What's The Reason I'm Not Pleasing You
London New Zealand45-NZL.182Jun 19577"0 

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