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London - Label Discography

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  UK  3628
  Australia  1119
  New Zealand  810
  Germany  770
  USA  656
  Netherlands  576
  Canada  320
  Japan  169
  Ireland  138
  France  100
  Denmark  75
  Italy  72
  Sweden  72
  Belgium  70
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Bill Haley And His Comets

Live It Up! Del 1

A1: Live It Up
A2: Real Rock Drive
B1: Ten Little Indians
B2: Chattanooga Choo Choo
London SwedenRE-F.10491956EP1 
Bill Haley And His Comets

Live It Up! Del 2

A1: Rock The Joint
A2: Rocking Chair On The Moon
B1: I'll Be True
B2: Farewell, So Long, Goodbye
London SwedenRE-F.10501956EP3 
Josh White

Josh White Sings, Vol. 2, Part 1

A1: Barbara Allen
A2: Waltzing Matilda
B1: The Lonesome Road
B2: He Never Said A Mumblin' Word
London SwedenREP 80411956EP10 
The Four Esquires

Love Me Forever

A1: Love Me Forever
A2: I Ain't Been Right Since You Left
B1: Always And Forever
B2: I Walk Down The Street
London SwedenRE 50091958EP18.0
Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis Del 2

A1: Down The Line
A2: Breathless
B1: I'm Feelin' Sorry
B2: You Win Again
London SwedenRE 50151958EP09.0
Ricky Nelson

Ricky Vol. 2

A1: Baby I'm Sorry
A2: Am I Blue
B1: Your True Love
B2: Waitin' In School
London SwedenRE 50171958EP0 
The Champs

Go, Champs, Go!

A1: Tequila
A2: Train To Nowhere
B1: El Rancho Rock
B2: Midnighter
London SwedenRE 50191958EP0 
Moe Koffman Quartet

A1: Little Pixie
A2: Koko-Mamey
B1: Hambourg Bound
B2: Swingin' Shepherd Blues
London SwedenRE 50201958EP0 
Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin

A1: Splish Splash
A2: Pretty Baby
B1: Judy, Don't Be Moody
B2: Don't Call My Name
London SwedenRE 50281958EP19.0
Duane Eddy

A1: Rebel-Rouser
A2: Stalkin'
B1: Ramrod
B2: The Walker
London SwedenRE 50291958EP0 
Betty Johnson

A1: There's Never Been A Night
A2: Mr. Brown Is Out Of Town
B1: Hoopa Hoola
B2: One More Time
London SwedenRE 50351958EP0 
Don Rondo

A1: Dormi, Dormi, Dormi
A2: Her Hair Was Yellow
B1: City Lights
B2: I Could Be A Mountain
London SwedenRE 50371958EP1 
Little Richard And His Band

A1: Rip It Up
A2: Ready Teddy
B1: Tutti Frutti
B2: Long Tall Sally
London SwedenREO 10741958EP1 
Joe Turner

Presenting Joe Turner

A1: Love Roller Coaster
A2: World Of Trouble
B1: Corrine Corrina
B2: Morning, Noon And Night
London SwedenRE-E 1111Mar 1958EP1 
Johnny And The Hurricanes

A: Red River Rock
B: Buckeye
London Sweden45-HL 894819597"310.0
Little Richard

A1: By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
A2: I'll Never Let You Go
B1: Baby Face
B2: Heebie-Jeebies
London SwedenRE 50411959EP010.0
Duane Eddy

A1: Peter Gunn
A2: Lover
B1: Yep!
B2: Fuzz
London SwedenRE 50521959EP2 
The Coasters

"Charlie Brown" Riotous New Hit By The Coasters

A1: Charlie Brown
A2: Three Cool Cats
B1: Searchin'
B2: Brazil
London SwedenRE 50551959EP0 
Duane Eddy

A1: Tuxedo Junction
A2: Trouble In Mind
B1: Hard Times
B2: Just Because
London SwedenRE 50581959EP0 
Art Farmer

Modern Art

A1: Jubilation
A2: Cold Breeze
B1: I Love You
London SwedenRE 50691959EP17.0
Johnny And The Hurricanes

Red River Rock

A1: Crossfire
A2: Lazy
B1: Red River Rock
B2: Buckeye
London SwedenRE 50711959EP0 
Mona Lisa

Carl Mann

A1: Mona Lisa
A2: Foolish One

Bill Justis And His Orchestra

B1: The Stranger
B2: College Man
London SwedenRE 50721959EP29.0
Johnny And The Hurricanes

Johnny And The Hurricanes Vol 1

A1: Rock-Cha
A2: Joy Ride
B1: Reveille Rock
B2: Time Bomb
London SwedenRE 50831959EP0 
Roy Orbison

A: Only The Lonely (Know How I Feel)
B: Here Comes That Song Again
London Sweden45-HLU 914919607"1 
Louis Armstrong And Danny Kaye

The Five Pennies Vol. 1

A1: The Five Pennies Saints
A2: College Montage: Washington And Lee Swing, Runnin Wild, Follow The Leader
B1: Goodnight, Sleep Tight
B2: Five Pennies Finale
London SwedenRE 50761960EP0 
Danny Kaye And Louis Armstrong

The Five Pennies Vol. 2

A1: Battle Hymn Of The Republic
A2: The Five Pennies
B1: Lullaby In Ragtime
B2: Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home
London SwedenRE 50771960EP1 
Duane Eddy

A1: Lost Island
A2: Bonnie Came Back
B1: Some Kind-a Eartquake
B2: First Love, First Tears
London SwedenRE 50821960EP0 
Johnny And The Hurricanes

Johnny And The Hurricanes Vol. 2

A1: Storm Warning
A2: Bam Boo
B1: Cut Out
B2: Thunderbolt
London SwedenRE 50841960EP28.0
Duane Eddy

The "Twangs" The "Thang" Vol. 1

A1: My Blue Heaven
A2: Tiger Love And Turnip Greens
B1: Route No. 1
B2: You Are My Sunshine
London SwedenRE 50851960EP0 
Duane Eddy

The "Twangs" The "Thang" Vol. 2

A1: The Battle
A2: Blueberry Hill
B1: Rebel Walk
B2: St. Louis Blues
London SwedenRE 50861960EP1 
Ernie Field's Orchestra

A1: In The Mood
A2: Christopher Columbus
B1: Chattanooga Choo Choo
B2: Workin' Out
London SwedenRE 50891960EP0 
The Buddy Brennan Quartet

A1: Big River
A2: The Chase

Johnny And The Hurricanes

B1: Beatnik Fly
B2: Sand Storm
London SwedenRE 50901960EP1 
Johnny And The Hurricanes


A1: Catnip
A2: Hot Fudge
B1: The "Hep" Canary (The Hot Canary)
B2: Corn Bread
London SwedenRE 50911960EP18.0
Benny Golson And The Philadelphians

A: Blues On My Mind
B: Afternoon In Paris
London SwedenRE 50931960EP0 
The Modern Jazz Quartet

Musik Ur Odds Against Tomorrow

A: Skating In Central Park
B: A Cold Wind Is Blowing
London SwedenRE 50951960EP0 
Anita Bryant

A1: Paper Roses
A2: Mixed Emotions
B1: The Blessings Of Love
B2: Six Boys And Seven Girls
London SwedenRE 50961960EP2 
Duane Eddy

Because They're Young

A1: Shazam!
A2: The Secret Seven
B1: Because They're Young
B2: Up And Down
London SwedenRE 50971960EP0 
Johnny And The Hurricanes

A1: Milk Shake
A2: Cyclone
B1: Beanbag
B2: Rockin' "T"
London SwedenRE 50981960EP0 
Duane Eddy

A1: Forty Miles Of Bad Road
A2: The Quiet Three
B1: Kommotion
B2: Theme For Moon Children
London SwedenRE 50991960EP0 
Johnny And The Hurricanes

Rocking Goose

A1: Rocking Goose
A2: Revival
B1: Down Yonder
B2: Sheba
London SwedenRE 51051960EP18.0
Gene McDaniels

A: Tower Of Strength
B: The Secret
London Sweden45-HLG 944819617"18.7
Ray Peterson

A: Corrine Corrina
B: Be My Girl
London Sweden45-HLX 924619617"18.0
Duane Eddy


A1: Pepe
A2: Lost Friend
B1: Night Train To Memphis
B2: Trambone
London SwedenRE 51111961EP0 
Steve Lawrence

A1: Portrait Of My Love
A2: Oh How You Lied

Eydie Gorme And Steve Lawrence

B1: The Facts Of Life
B2: I'm A Girl, You're A Boy
London SwedenRE 51121961EP1 
Del Shannon

A1: Hats Off To Larry
A2: Don't Glide The Lily, Lily
B1: I Wake Up Crying
B2: Wide Wide World
London SwedenRE 51221961EP0 
Gene McDaniels

A1: Tower Of Strength
A2: The Secret
B1: A Tear
B2: She's Come Back
London SwedenRE 51301961EP010.0
Bob Moore And His Orchestra

A1: Mexico
A2: Mexicali Rose
B1: La Paloma
B2: South Of The Border
London SwedenRE 51311961EP0 
Manos Hadjidakis

Never On Sunday

A1: Ies Enfants Du Pirée
A2: Parle Doucement
B1: Les Enfants Du Pirée
B2: Hassapico Nostalgique
London SwedenRE 70691961EP38.0
Little Eva

A: The Loco-Motion
B: He Is The Boy
London Sweden45-HL 958119627"19.0
Jerry Lee Lewis

A: Save The Last Dance For Me
B: Hello Josephine
London SwedenHL 711719627"210.0

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