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London - Label Discography

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  UK  3754
  Australia  1251
  USA  961
  Germany  857
  New Zealand  829
  Netherlands  685
  Canada  501
  Japan  284
  France  184
  Ireland  162
  Italy  162
  Belgium  144
  Sweden  106
  Denmark  96
  Spain  57
  South Africa  53
  Portugal  38
  India  37
  Finland  35
  Mexico  27
  Philippines  21
  Jamaica  19
  Norway  17
  Greece  16
  Argentina  15
  Chile  14
  Israel  13
  Uruguay  11
  Brazil  10
  Rhodesia  10
  Hong Kong  8
  Turkey  8
  Peru  6
  Yugoslavia  6
  Venezuela  4
  Singapore  3
  Barbados  1
  Colombia  1
  Congo (DRC)  1
  Costa Rica  1
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Andy Williams

A: The Hawaiian Wedding Song (Ke Kalo Nei Au)
B: The House Of Bamboo
London South AfricaPD.7-819919597"0 
Bill Black's Combo

A: Movin'
B: Honkey Train
London South AfricaPD 7-848619617"0 
Los Machucambos

A: Pepito (Cha Cha Cha)
B: Dimelo En Septiembre (Cha Cha Cha)
London South AfricaPD 7-850219627"0 
Del Shannon

A: I Won't Be There
B: Ginny In The Mirror
London South AfricaPD.7-855519627"0 
Del Shannon

A: Hey Little Girl
B: I Don't Care Anymore
London South AfricaPD.7-856119627"0 
Eddie Hodges

A: Made To Love (Girls, Girls, Girls)
B: I Make Believe It's You
London South AfricaPD. 7-856519627"2 
Bobby Darin

A: Things
B: Jailer Bring Me Water
London South AfricaPD.7-858419627"0 
Del Shannon

A: The Swiss Maid
B: You Never Talked About Me
London South AfricaPD.7-862419627"4 
Johnny And The Hurricanes

A: The Sheik Of Araby
B: Come On Train
London South AfricaPD.7-867119627"1 
The Crystals

A: Da Doo Ron Ron
B: Git' It
London South AfricaPD. 7-873519637"0 
Del Shannon

A: Two Silhouettes
B: My Wild One
London South AfricaPD.7-877019637"0 
The Ronettes

A: Be My Baby
B: Tedesco And Pitman
London South AfricaPD.7-877319637"410.0
Dale And Grace

A: I´m Leaving It Up To You
B: That´s What I Like About You
London South AfricaPD.7-880519637"0 
Louis Armstrong And The All Stars

A: Hello, Dolly
B: A Lot Of Livin' To Do
London South AfricaPD.7-881319647"2 
Roy Orbison

A: It's Over
B: I Can't Stop Loving You
London South AfricaPD.7-883019647"0 
Little Richard

A: Bama Lama Bama Loo
B: Annie's Back
London South AfricaPD 7-884719647"0 
The Dawn Sisters

A: One Side Of My Heart
B: Silly Little Love Notes
London South AfricaPD.7-886719647"0 
Roy Orbison

A: Pretty Woman
B: Yo Te Amor Maria
London South AfricaPD. 7-888819647"3 
Jack Jones

A: The Race Is On
B: I Can't Believe I'm Losing You
London South AfricaPD. 7-894519657"0 
Sir Douglas Quintet

A: She's About A Mover
B: We'll Take Our Last Walk Tonight
London South AfricaPD. 7-895619657"0 
Jerry Wallace

A: You're Driving Me Out Of My Mind
B: Helpless
London South AfricaPD. 7-896219657"0 
The Righteous Brothers

A: Ebb Tide
B: (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons
London South AfricaPD.904519657"1 
The Righteous Brothers

A: Just Once In My Life
B: The Blues
London South AfricaPD.914019667"0 
Margaret Whiting

A: The Wheel Of Hurt
B: Nothing Lasts Forever
London South AfricaPD 916319667"1 

A: Guide For The Married Man
B: Think I'll Run Away
London South AfricaPD 925719677"1 
The Happenings

A: My Mammy
B: I Believe In Nothing
London South AfricaPD 927819677"0 
Little Richard

A: Good Golly Miss Molly
B: Lucille
London South AfricaME. 39619687"1 
Ides Of March

A: Hole In My Soul
B: Girls Don't Grow On Trees
London South AfricaPD.933519687"0 
The Turtles

A: Elenore
B: Surfer Dan
London South AfricaPD 943019687"0 

A: Abraham, Martin And John
B: Daddy Rollin' (In Your Arms)
London South AfricaPD.945019687"0 
The Righteous Brothers

A: Unchained Melody
B: Hung On You
London South AfricaPD 7-899019717"0 
Ace Cannon

A: Sunday Blues
B: Swanee River
London South AfricaPD 132929 Nov 19767"0 

A: Living On The Ceiling
B: I Can't Explain
London South AfricaTOS 142119837"0 

A: Waves
B: Game Above My Head
London South AfricaTOS 143619837"0 

A: That's Love, That It Is
B: Vishnu
London South AfricaTOS 147219837"0 
Bronski Beat

A: Why?
B: Cadillac Car
London South AfricaBITE 219847"0 
The Kane Gang

A: Closest Thing To Heaven
B: Mighty Day
London South AfricaSK 1519847"010.0

A: Don't Tell Me
B: Get Out Of That
London South AfricaTOS 149219847"0 
Bronski Beat

A: Smalltown Boy
B: Memories
London South AfricaTOS 149819847"0 

A: The Day Before You Came
B: All Things Are Nice
London South AfricaTOS 150019847"0 

A: I Heard A Rumour
B: Clean Cut Boy (Party Size)
London South AfricaPD 253319877"0 
Dave "Baby" Cortez

The Happy Organ

A1: The Happy Organ
A2: Love Me As I Love You
B1: Dave's Special
B2: You're The Girl
London South AfricaAZ-C. 508EP0 
Roger Williams

Roger Williams Plays

A1: Clair De Lune
A2: Flight Of The Bumble Bee
B1: Liebestraum
B2: Rustle Of Spring
London South AfricaAZK 506EP0 
Jerry Lee Lewis

The Great Ball Of Fire

A1: Mean Woman Blues
A2: I'm Feeling Sorry
B1: Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On
B2: Turn Around
London South AfricaAZ-S 501EP0 
Johnny And The Hurricanes

A1: Red River Rock
A2: Buckeye
B1: Crossfire
B2: Lazy
London South AfricaAZ-W. 512EP0 
Wink Martindale

A: Deck Of Cards
B: Now You Know How It Feels
London South AfricaHLD 89627"0 
Eddie Hodges

A: I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
B: Ain't Gonna Wash For A Week
London South AfricaPD 7-84497"1 
Harold Dorman

A: I'll Stick By You
B: There They Go
London South AfricaPD 7-84817"0 
The G-Clefs

A: I Understand (Just How You Feel)
B: Little Girl I Love You
London South AfricaPD 7-84877"0 
Donnie Brooks

A: Oh! You Beautiful Doll
B: Just A Bystander
London South AfricaPD. 7-85687"0 

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