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London - Label Discography

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  UK  3781
  Australia  1262
  USA  1092
  Germany  878
  New Zealand  832
  Netherlands  700
  Canada  529
  Japan  314
  France  214
  Italy  182
  Ireland  164
  Belgium  158
  Sweden  114
  Denmark  97
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The Songsters

A: Bahama Buggy Ride
B: It Isn't Right
London UKHL 8100Dec 19547"2 
Laurie Loman

A: Whither Thou Goest
B: I Was The Last One To Know
London UKHL 8101Dec 19547"3 
Kitty White

A: Jesse James

Kitty White And Dave Howard

B: Scratch My Back
London UKHL 8102Dec 19547"138.5
Merle Kilgore

A: It Can't Rain All The Time
B: Seeing Double, Feeling Single
London UKHL 8103Dec 19547"2 
The De Castro Sisters

A: Teach Me Tonight
B: It's Love
London UKHL 8104Dec 19547"1010.0
Jim Reeves

A: Padre Of Old San Antone
B: Mother Went A-Walkin'
London UKHL 8105Dec 19547"37.0
The Hal Hoppers

A: More Love
B: Do Nothin' Blues
London UKHL 8107Dec 19547"196.0
Sandy Coker

A: Meadowlark Melody
B: Toss Over
London UKHL 8109Dec 19547"1 
Archie Bleyer And His Orchestra

A: The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane
B: While The Vesper Bells Were Ringing
London UKHL 8111Jan 19557"07.0
Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra

A: Melody Of Love
B: Joy Ride
London UKHL 8112Jan 19557"310.0
The Fontane Sisters

A: Hearts Of Stone
B: Bless Your Heart
London UKHL 8113Jan 19557"47.5
The Penguins

A: Earth Angel
B: Hey Senorita
London UKHL 8114Jan 19557"398.6
Norman Brooks

A: Back In Circulation
B: Lou Lou Louisiana
London UKHL 8115Feb 19557"0 
The Hilltoppers

A: Time Waits For No One
B: You Try Somebody Else
London UKHL 8116Feb 19557"2 
Don, Dick And Jimmy

A: You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It Too
B: That's What I Like
London UKHL 8117Feb 19557"310.0
Jim Reeves

A: Penny Candy
B: I'll Follow You
London UKHL 8118Feb 19557"1 
Ginny Wright

A: Indian Moon
B: Your Eyes Feasted Upon Her
London UKHL 8119Feb 19557"36.0
Rosalind Paige

A: When The Saints Go Marching In
B: Nobody's Sweetheart Now
London UKHL 8120Feb 19557"29.0
Two-Ton Baker

A: Clink, Clank (In My Piggy Bank)
B: Mr Froggie
London UKHL 8121Feb 19557"210.0
Woody Herman

A: Sorry 'bout The Whole Darned Thing
B: Love's A Dog
London UKHL 8122Feb 19557"2 
Jim Edward Brown And Maxine Brown

A: Itsy Witsy Bitsy Me
B: Why Am I Falling?
London UKHL 8123Feb 19557"8 
Fats Domino

A: Love Me
B: Don't You Hear Me Calling You?
London UKHL 8124Feb 19557"85.5
Slim Whitman

A: When I Grow Too Old To Dream
B: Cattle Call
London UKHL 8125Mar 19557"49.0
The Fontane Sisters

A: Rock Love
B: You're Mine
London UKHL 8126Mar 19557"17.0
Al Lombardy And His Orchestra

A: In A Little Spanish Town
B: Flying Home
London UKHL 8127Mar 19557"210.0
The Dooley Sisters

A: Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So)
B: Heart Throb
London UKHL 8128Mar 19557"8 
The Hal Hoppers

A: Mother Of Pearl
B: Baby I've Had It
London UKHL 8129Mar 19557"1 
Oscar McLollie And His Honeyjumpers

A: Love Me Tonight
B: Take Your Shoes Off Pop
London UKHL 8130Mar 19557"510.0
John Sebastian [50s]

A: Stranger In Paradise
B: Autumn Leaves
London UKHL 8131Apr 19557"0 
Lorry Raine

A: Love Me Tonight
B: What Would I Do?
London UKHL 8132Apr 19557"07.0
Fats Domino

A: Thinking Of You
B: I Know
London UKHL 8133Apr 19557"44.0
Johnny Maddox

A: The Crazy Otto - Medley
B: Humoresque
London UKHL 8134Apr 19557"17.0
The Sunnysiders

A: Hey! Mr Banjo
B: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom
London UKHL 8135Apr 19557"210.0
Eddie Albert

A: I'm In Favour Of Friendship
B: Come Pretty Little Girl
London UKHL 8136Jun 19557"3 
De Castro Sisters

A: Boom Boom Boomerang
B: Let Your Love Walk In
London UKHL 8137Jun 19557"4 
John Laurenz

A: Goodbye, Stranger, Goodbye
B: Red Roses
London UKHL 8138Jun 19557"2 
The Bon-Bons [1950s]

A: That's The Way Love Goes
B: Make My Dreams Come True
London UKHL 8139Jun 19557"77.0
Ferko String Band

A: Alabama Jubilee
B: Sing A Little Melody
London UKHL 8140Jun 19557"27.0
Slim Whitman

A: Haunted Hungry Heart
B: Roll On Silvery Moon
London UKHL 8141Jun 19557"17.0
Bill Haley And His Comets

A: Green Tree Boogie
B: Sundown Boogie
London UKHL 8142Jun 19557"107.3
Jerry Colonna

A: Chicago Style
B: Baffi
London UKHL 8143Jun 19557"9 
Don, Dick And Jimmy

A: Make Yourself Comfortable
B: (Whatever Happened To The) Piano Players (That Played Like This)
London UKHL 8144Jun 19557"1 
Nappy Brown

A: Don't Be Angry
B: It's Really You
London UKHL 8145Jun 19557"48.5
The Thunderbirds

A: Ayuh, Ayuh
B: Blueberries
London UKHL 8146Jul 19557"410.0
David Houston

A: Blue Prelude
B: I'm Sorry I Made You Cry
London UKHL 8147Jul 19557"4 
Jane Morgan

A: Why - Oh Why
B: The Heart You Break (May Be Your Own)
London UKHL 8148Jul 19557"0 
Bill Hayes

A: The Berry Tree
B: Blue Black Hair
London UKHL 8149Jul 19557"3 
Ginny Wright And Tom Tall

A: Are You Mine?
B: Boom Boom Boomerang
London UKHL 8150Jul 19557"47.7
The Four Tunes

A: I Sold My Heart To A Junkman
B: The Greatest Feeling In The World
London UKHL 8151Jul 19557"0 
The Four Esquires

A: The Sphinx Won't Tell
B: Three Things (A Man Must Do)
London UKHL 815218 Jul 19557"59.0

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