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Magnet - Label Discography

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  UK  352
  Netherlands  88
  Germany  72
  Australia  40
  Ireland  22
  Belgium  10
  Japan  6
  France  5
  South Africa  5
  Spain  4
  Sweden  4
  Italy  2
  Norway  1
  Rhodesia  1
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Alvin Stardust

A: My Coo Ca Choo
B: Pull Together
Magnet UKMAG 1Oct 19737"259.1

A: Rock And Roll Crazy
B: Right On!
Magnet UKMAG 29 Nov 19737"27.0

A: See My Face
B: Thick As A Plank
Magnet UKMAG 323 Nov 19737"39.0
The Dazzling All Night Rock Show

A: 20 Fantastic Bands
B: 20 Fantastic Bands (Continued)
Magnet UKMAG 423 Nov 19737"17.5
Alvin Stardust

A: Jealous Mind
B: Guitar Star
Magnet UKMAG 51 Feb 19747"69.1

A: Madolin
B: Thick As A Plank
Magnet UKMAG 61 Mar 19747"37.0
Ruby Pearl And The Dreamboats

A: The Shang-A-Lang Song
B: Will You Stop That!
Magnet UKMAG 712 Apr 19747"38.0
Alvin Stardust

A: Red Dress
B: Little Darlin'
Magnet UKMAG 826 Apr 19747"119.3

A: Motorbike
B: Gotta Getaway
Magnet UKMAG 910 May 19747"07.0
Chris Rea

A: So Much Love
B: Born To Lose
Magnet UKMAG 1031 May 19747"59.0
Marty Wilde

A: All Night Girl
B: She's A Mover
Magnet UKMAG 1121 Jun 19747"26.0
Peter Shelley

A: Gee Baby
B: I'm In Love Again
Magnet UKMAG 122 Aug 19747"07.6
Peter Shelley


A: Gee Baby
Magnet UKMAG 121974Special Edition 7"1 
Alvin Stardust

A: You You You
B: Come On!
Magnet UKMAG 1323 Aug 19747"68.4
Zenda Jacks

The Goddess Of Rock

A: Rub My Tummy
B: Party Queen
Magnet UKMAG 1411 Oct 19747"110.0
Marty Wilde

A: I Love You
B: She's A Mover
Magnet UKMAG 1520 Sep 19747"05.0
Yellow Bird

A: Attack Attack
B: Right On
Magnet UKMAG 1618 Oct 19747"28.0

A: The Bump
B: Sleeping Blue Nights
Magnet UKMAG 1725 Oct 19747"66.0

A: Keep On Bumpin'
B: Sleeping Blue Nights
Magnet UKMAG 177 Feb 19757"25.5
Peter Shelley

A: Bye Bye
B: Storybook Ending
Magnet UKMAG 188 Nov 19747"18.0
Alvin Stardust

A: Tell Me Why
B: Roadie Roll On
Magnet UKMAG 1915 Nov 19747"38.0
Guys 'n' Dolls

A: There's A Whole Lot Of Loving
B: Don't Turn The Other Cheek
Magnet UKMAG 2031 Jan 19757"87.8
Alvin Stardust

A: Good Love Can Never Die
B: The Danger Zone
Magnet UKMAG 2124 Jan 19757"410.0
Peter Shelley

A: Love Me Love My Dog
B: My Sweet Deutsche Friend
Magnet UKMAG 2214 Feb 19757"67.6
Susan Cadogan

A: Hurt So Good

The Upsetters

B: Loving Is Good
Magnet UKMAG 237 Feb 19757"129.1
Alvin's Heartbeats

A: Chilli Willi
B: Chilli Willi (Part 2)
Magnet UKMAG 2421 Feb 19757"36.0
Ruby Pearl And The Dreamboats

A: The Shang-A-Lang Song
B: Holding You
Magnet UKMAG 2528 Feb 19757"29.0
Silver Bird Convention

A: Save Me
B: Save Me
Magnet UKMAG 2628 Feb 19757"18.0
Silver Convention

A: Save Me
B: Save Me [Special Disco Mix]
Magnet UKMAG 2628 Feb 19757"28.0
Junior Byles

A: Curly Locks


B: Golden Locks
Magnet UKMAG 2721 Mar 19757"16.0
The Ace Of Spades

A: I Hit The Jackpot
B: Sweeter Than Honey
Magnet UKMAG 2827 Mar 19757"0 
Joey Dell

A: Raindrops
B: A Boy That's Growing Up (To Be A Man)
Magnet UKMAG 294 Apr 19757"19.0
Guys 'n' Dolls

A: Here I Go Again
B: Can't You Hear The Song
Magnet UKMAG 3025 Apr 19757"17.0
Zenda Jacks

A: Earthquake!

[no artist listed]

B: Earthquake! (Instrumental Version)
Magnet UKMAG 312 May 19757"48.0
Alvin Stardust

A: Sweet Cheatin' Rita
B: Come On
Magnet UKMAG 3220 Jun 19757"27.0
Peter Goalby

A: Ain't It Funny
B: Shirt On A Loser
Magnet UKMAG 3330 May 19757"0 
Adrian Baker And The Tonics

A: Sherry
B: I Was Only Fooling
Magnet UKMAG 346 Jun 19757"57.8
Peter Shelley

A: Little Julie
B: I'm Flyin'
Magnet UKMAG 3519 Sep 19757"16.0
Susan Cadogan

A: Love Me Baby
B: Call My Name
Magnet UKMAG 364 Jul 19757"110.0
Guys 'n' Dolls

A: Let's All Get Together
B: Guys And Dolls
Magnet UKMAG 3711 Jul 19757"17.0
Shannon [Marty Wilde]

A: Come Back & Love Me
B: She's A High Flyer
Magnet UKMAG 385 Sep 19757"46.0
Alvin Stardust

A: Move It
B: Be Smart Be Safe
Magnet UKMAG 395 Sep 19757"28.0
Barry Mason

A: Without You
B: Waiting In The Wings
Magnet UKMAG 4019 Sep 19757"18.0
Adrian Baker

A: Candy Baby
B: Dance To It
Magnet UKMAG 413 Oct 19757"07.0
Susan Cadogan

A: How Do You Feel The Morning After
B: How Can I Go On
Magnet UKMAG 423 Oct 19757"010.0
Silver Convention

A: Fly Robin Fly
B: I Like It
Magnet UKMAG 4326 Sep 19757"38.8
J.A.L.N. Band

A: Street Dance
B: Ev'ry Bodys Getin' Some
Magnet UKMAG 443 Oct 19757"0 
Peter Goalby

A: You Are Day You Are Night
B: Captains Log
Magnet UKMAG 453 Oct 19757"07.0
Linda G. Thompson

A: Ooh What A Night (Part 1)
B: Ooh What A Night (Part 2)
Magnet UKMAG 4624 Oct 19757"06.0
Linda G. Thompson

A: Ooh What A Night (Special Disco Mix) [Stereo]
B: Ooh What A Night (Special Disco Mix) [Mono]
Magnet UKMAG 4624 Oct 1975Promo Only 7"0 

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