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Magnet [Reggae] - Label Discography

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Gene Rondo

A: Prisoner Of Love
B: How Many Times Girl
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 00119737"39.0
J. Holt

A: Time & The River
B: Tonight
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 00119737"49.0
Roy Shirley

A: Endlessly
B: Put Your Sweet Lips
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 00219737"0 
Glen Lee

A: Like A Child
B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 00319737"0 
Barbara Jones

A: Wonderful World

Soul Syndicate Band

B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 00419737"0 
Diane Lawrence

A: A Little Bit Of Soap

Diane And Gene

B: Tell Me Darling
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 00519737"0 
Gene Rondo

A: Each Moments
B: If You Do Want Me
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 00619737"1 
H. Carter

A: The Way Of Life
B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 00719737"17.0
Dennis Alcapone

A: Five Cent Scant

Sir Harry

B: Movies Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 00819737"0 
Mark Holder

A: I'm Doing Fine
B: Something Of Value
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 00919737"2 
Mark Holder

A: Something Good
B: Lean On Me
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 01019737"2 
Gene Rondo

A: Prisoner Of Love
B: How Many Times Girl
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 00117"1 
X Press [Reggae]

A: Tenderness
B: Black Ivory
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 0117"0 
Roy Shirley

A: When You're Young
B: Traitor
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 01219737"0 
N. Watson

A: Rasta Army
B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 01319737"17.0
Willie Francis

A: Dukebox
B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 01419737"17.0
Max Romeo

A: Murder In The Place
B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 01519737"1 
Lerdy Peck

A: Man From Zion
B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 01719737"3 
Willie Francis

A: Break Your Behind
B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 01819737"0 
Allan And Rocky Domino

A: Melona
B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 01919737"0 
Silent Choir

A: Silent Night

Tropic Shadows

B: Anniversary
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 02019737"0 
John Holt

A: I Am The One To Blame
B: I See Your Face
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 02119737"19.0

A: Put Those Fools
B: What A Great Day
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 02219737"1 
A. Campbell

A: When Spring Is Around
B: It Wouldn't Be Fair
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 02319737"0 
Gene Rondo

A: Oh Sweet Africa
B: This Is Love
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 02819737"19.0
Gene Rondo

A: Oh Sweet Africa (Mellow)
B: Oh Sweet Africa
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 0287"0 
Derrick Morgan

A: Seeing A Girl Is Not Knowing Her
B: The More We Love Together
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 2919737"0 
Calvin Scott [Jamaica]

A: Searching For My Baby
B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 3019747"1 
Gene Rondo

A: Valley Of Tears
B: He Will Break Your Heart
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 03519747"0 
Glen Roy Lynsday

A: Give A Little Loving

Willie Francis

B: Break Your Behind Chapter 2
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 03619747"0 
Willie Francis

A: Marcus Is Alive

Charles Organie

B: George Webb
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 03719737"1 
Willie Francis

A: Quick March

Charles Organie

B: African Melody
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 03819747"1 
G. McT. And The Classics

A: The Soldier
B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 3919747"0 
Gregory Isacc

A: Your Smiling Face

[no artist listed]

B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 04019737"1 
Matador And Fay

A: Sex Grand National
B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 04119737"17.0
Ronald And Lloyd

A: Back In My Arms


B: Drifting Away
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 04219747"0 
Ansil Collins

A: Breakfast Special

Phill Pratt

B: My Heart Is An Open Book
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 04319747"1 
Tan Lloyd

A: This Yah Corner

Righteous Flame

B: Second Emotion
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 04419747"27.0
D. D. Dennis

A: I Had To Let It Out
B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 04619747"1 
Milton Hammilton

A: Looking For A Woman
B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 04719747"0 
Milton Hammilton

A: Night Fall
B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 04819747"28.0
G. McT. And The Classics

A: Solomon Grandpa

B. Spence

B: Diana
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 5019747"0 
Lyndon Otis

A: You Make Me Mad
B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 05119747"18.0
Willie Francis

A: Ripe Sour Sap
B: Poor Boy
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 05319757"1 
Willie Francis

A: Cool You Iron
B: Halolmo
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 05419757"1 
Willie Francis

A: Morning Stars

[no artist listed]

B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 05519757"0 
Jimmy Mc

A: Day And Night

The Heptones

B: Crackling Rosie
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 05619757"0 
Mike Robinson

A: Nothing Left For Me
B: Sweet Corral
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA05719757"0 
Mike Robinson

A: Don't Take Your Love From Me
B: Version
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 05819757"0 
Dennis Alcapone

A: Muhammad Ali
B: Knock Out Punch
Magnet [Reggae] UKMA 05919757"0 

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