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Major Minor - Label Discography

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subsidiary : Toast
  UK  226
  Belgium  28
  Portugal  24
  Netherlands  9
  Germany  4
  Italy  2
  Argentina  1
  Bootleg  1
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O'Brien Brothers

A: Was It You
B: She's Coming To Me
Major Minor UKMM 50019667"0 
Odins People

A: From A Distance
B: I Need You
Major Minor UKMM 501Dec 19667"2 
Los Canarios

A: Three-Two-One-Ah
B: What Can I Do For You
Major Minor UKMM 502Jan 19677"19.0
The Darwin's Theory

A: Daytime
B: Hosanna
Major Minor UKMM 50319667"58.0
Peter Holm

A: This Is Not The Way
B: You Will Be Mine
Major Minor UKMM 50419677"27.0
Odin's People

A: Tommy Jones
B: I Need Your Hand In Mine
Major Minor UKMM 505Feb 19677"0 
The Dubliners

A: Seven Drunken Nights
B: Paddy On The Railway
Major Minor UKMM 506Mar 19677"49.0
The O'Briens

A: I Wanna See Nashville
B: I'm Gonna Leave This Town
Major Minor UKMM 50719677"0 
Drew And Dy

A: Believe Me
B: Your Ma And Pa
Major Minor UKMM 50819677"210.0

A: Gloria
B: Friday's Child
Major Minor UKMM 509Jul 19677"19.0

A: Love Is A Feeling
B: Seasons Of Love
Major Minor UKMM 51019677"010.0
Tommy James And The Shondells

A: I Think We're Alone Now
B: Gone Gone Gone
Major Minor UKMM 511Apr 19677"29.7
Freddy Davies

A: Semolina
B: I Want Me Seed
Major Minor UKMM 51219677"2 

A: Story Of Them Part 1
B: Story Of Them Part 2
Major Minor UKMM 513Sep 19677"0 
Barbara Law

A: When I Tell You (That I Love You) (Quando Dico Che Ti Amo)
B: Love Is But A Moment (Canta Ragazzina)
Major Minor UKMM 51419677"010.0
The Kayes

A: It Is No Secret
B: Remember Me
Major Minor UKMM 51519677"1 
The Sherwoods [Ireland 60s]

A: Here's To You, Sir Francis
B: Butcher Boy
Major Minor UKMM 516Oct 19677"0 
Equipe 84

A: Auschwitz
B: 29th September (29 Settembre)
Major Minor UKMM 51719677"48.0
The Grumbleweeds

A: Mama
B: Hear My Song Violetta
Major Minor UKMM 51819677"3 
Dermot O'Brien

A: Kelly The Boy
B: The Foggy Dew
Major Minor UKMM 51919677"0 
Peter Lincoln

A: In The Day Of My Youth
B: My Monkey Is A Junkie
Major Minor UKMM 520Jun 19677"38.0
The Dubliners

A: All For Me Grog
B: I Know My Love
Major Minor UKMM 52119677"27.3
Peter Law

A: Lingering On
B: Memories Of You
Major Minor UKMM 5224 Aug 19677"0 
Sandra Bryant

A: Girl With Money
B: Golden Hours
Major Minor UKMM 52319677"97.5
The Gibsons

A: Night And Day
B: City Life
Major Minor UKMM 524Aug 19677"17.0
Raymond Lefevre And His Orchestra

A: A Whiter Shade Of Pale
B: Think Of Summer (Pense A L'Ete)
Major Minor UKMM 52511 Aug 19677"1 
Joyce's Angels

A: Flowers For My Friends
B: Rodney Reginald Smithfield Harvey Jones
Major Minor UKMM 526Aug 19677"1 
The Beadle/Horricks Orchestra

A: Samba Saravah
B: Flugal Pass
Major Minor UKMM 527Aug 19677"17.5
Sean Fagan

A: For He's A Jolly Good Fellow
B: She Thinks I Still Care
Major Minor UKMM 52819677"2 
Danny Doyle

A: Step It Out Mary
B: Irish Soldier
Major Minor UKMM 529Aug 19677"6 
The Dubliners

A: Black Velvet Band
B: Maloney Wants A Drink
Major Minor UKMM 530Aug 19677"39.1
Dolly McMahon

A: Hills Of Connemara
B: Charlie
Major Minor UKMM 53119677"1 
Los Canarios

A: Get On Your Knees
B: Keep On The Right Side
Major Minor UKMM 5323 Nov 19677"0 
David McWilliams

A: Harlem Lady
B: Days Of Pearly Spencer
Major Minor UKMM 5336 Oct 19677"129.3
The Dallas Boys

A: He Won't Love You (Like I Do)
B: What Do You Know About Losin'
Major Minor UKMM 53419677"1 
Jimmy Wilson

A: Walk Through This World With Me
B: There Was A Time
Major Minor UKMM 53513 Oct 19677"0 
Freddy Davies

A: Sentimental Songs
B: Cynthia Crisp
Major Minor UKMM 53619677"28.0
The Choir

A: It's Cold Outside
B: I'm Going Home
Major Minor UKMM 537Nov 19677"69.0
The Gibsons

A: She's Not Like Any Girl
B: Lazy Summer Day
Major Minor UKMM 538Nov 19677"0 
The New Inspiration

A: You Made A Fool Of Me
B: M.T.
Major Minor UKMM 53919687"39.0
The Raisins [UK]

A: Ain't That Lovin' You (For More Reasons Than One)
B: Stranger Things Have Happened
Major Minor UKMM 54019677"17.0
The Kerries

A: Coulters Candy
B: Gallon Of Whisky And A Barrel Of Beer
Major Minor UKMM 54119677"0 
Uncle Tom Cobley's Ensemble

A: How Now Brown Cow
B: The Dusty Miller
Major Minor UKMM 54219677"2 
Danny Doyle

A: Whiskey On A Sunday
B: Reason To Believe
Major Minor UKMM 54319687"07.0
The Grumbleweeds

A: Goodbye (Adieu Mein Kleiner Gardeoffizier)
B: You'll Never Get The Chance Again
Major Minor UKMM 54419677"0 
Peter Law

A: The Long Black Veil
B: You'll Never Get The Chance Again
Major Minor UKMM 54519687"1 
Dolly McMahon

A: Sweet Rathcoole
B: Roving Galway Boy
Major Minor UKMM 54619687"37.0
The Gibsons

A: Only When You're Lonely
B: Ode To A Dolls House
Major Minor UKMM 54719687"0 
Tommy James And The Shondells

A: Out Of The Blue
B: Love's Closing In On Me
Major Minor UKMM 548Jan 19687"1 
Bill Gibson

A: Just Call Me Lonesome
B: Don't Look Back
Major Minor UKMM 54919687"0 

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