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Major Minor - Label Discography

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subsidiary : Toast
  UK  228
  Belgium  30
  Portugal  24
  Netherlands  11
  Germany  4
  Argentina  2
  Italy  2
  Bootleg  1
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The Steel Toed Big Brown Boot Band

A: The Hodum Brigade
B: Sorry Laurie
Major Minor UKMM 55019687"1 
The Dubliners

A: Maids, When You're Young Never Wed An Old Man
B: Quare Bungle Rye
Major Minor UKMM 551Dec 19677"38.7
The Dubliners

A: Dirty Old Town
B: Peggy Gordon
Major Minor UKMM 552Jan 19687"99.3
Sandra Bryant

A: Out To Get You
B: There's No Lock Upon My Door
Major Minor UKMM 553Dec 19677"39.0
Persimmon's Peculiar Shades

A: Coplington
B: Watchmaker
Major Minor UKMM 55423 Feb 19687"39.0
Tony Kenny And The Sands Showband

A: Help Me Rhonda
B: Some Enchanted Evening
Major Minor UKMM 5558 Mar 19687"9 
Tony Loughnane

A: Goodbye Mick And Goodbye Pat
B: The Dingle Regatta
Major Minor UKMM 5561 Mar 19687"0 
The Choir

A: When You Were With Me
B: Changin' My Mind
Major Minor UKMM 5578 Mar 19687"1 
Tommy James And The Shondells

A: Get Out Now
B: Wish It Were You
Major Minor UKMM 5588 Mar 19687"1 
Raymond Lefevre And His Orchestra

A: Soul Coaxing (Ame Caline)
B: When A Man Loves A Woman
Major Minor UKMM 5591 Mar 19687"109.3
The Taste

A: Blister On The Moon
B: Born On The Wrong Side Of Time
Major Minor UKMM 56012 Apr 19687"1210.0
David McWilliams

A: This Side Of Heaven
B: Mr. Satisfied
Major Minor UKMM 561May 19687"18.0
Jackie And Bridie

A: Come Me Little Son
B: We Only Needed Time
Major Minor UKMM 56212 Apr 19687"28.0
The Dallas Boys

A: I Can't Fool My Heart
B: Night Of Love
Major Minor UKMM 563Apr 19687"18.0
Johnny Curtis

A: Pickin' Up Pebbles
B: Gentle On My Mind
Major Minor UKMM 564Apr 19687"26.0

A: One Love In My Heart (Pense A L'Ete)
B: Must We Say Goodbye
Major Minor UKMM 56519 Apr 19687"1 
Isabel Bond

A: Cry
B: When A Woman Loves A Man
Major Minor UKMM 56610 May 19687"37.0
Tommy James And The Shondells

A: Mony Mony
B: One Two Three And I Fell
Major Minor UKMM 567May 19687"168.0

A: My Clown
B: Dandelion Seeds
Major Minor UKMM 5687 Jun 19687"710.0
The Wild Angels

A: Nervous Breakdown
B: Watch The Wheels Go Round
Major Minor UKMM 56921 Jun 19687"8 
Mike Mercado

A: Mincing Lane
B: Morning Call
Major Minor UKMM 57021 Jun 19687"1 
Raymond Lefevre And His Orchestra

A: Delilah
B: Days Of Pearly Spencer
Major Minor UKMM 5717 Jun 19687"3 
The Dubliners

A: The Irish Navy
B: Seven Deadly Sins
Major Minor UKMM 57221 Jun 19687"08.0
Tony Kenny And The Sands

A: Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
B: Peanuts
Major Minor UKMM 5735 Jul 19687"0 
The Pebbles [Belgium]

A: 40 Miles Inside Your Heart
B: Get Around
Major Minor UKMM 5749 Aug 19687"17.0
Dominic Behan

A: Wormwood Scrubs
B: Rifles Of The I.R.A.
Major Minor UKMM 5759 Aug 19687"2 
José Ferrer

A: Mama
B: Sleepy Time Gal
Major Minor UKMM 5769 Aug 19687"1 
Janie Jones

A: Girl's Song
B: I've Never Met A Boy Like You
Major Minor UKMM 5776 Sep 19687"2 
The Pop Tops

A: Oh Lord, Why Lord?
B: Pepa
Major Minor UKMM 5784 Oct 19687"139.0
Frazer Hines

A: Who's Dr. Who ?
B: Punch And Judy Man
Major Minor UKMM 57911 Oct 19687"17.3

A: Hello, Who's There?
B: The Way
Major Minor UKMM 58025 Oct 19687"29.0
Malcolm Roberts

A: May I Have The Next Dream With You
B: Where Did I Go Wrong
Major Minor UKMM 58111 Oct 19687"36.5
Mike Mercado

A: St. Christopher
B: God's Choir
Major Minor UKMM 58225 Oct 19687"0 
Danny Doyle

A: Leaving On A Jet Plane
B: Johnny
Major Minor UKMM 5831 Nov 19687"0 
Karen Young

A: You Better Sit Down Kids
B: Too Much Of A Good Thing
Major Minor UKMM 58425 Oct 19687"2 
Eddie Stevens [UK]

A: You Make Me A Man
B: Don't Laugh At Me If I Cry
Major Minor UKMM 58515 Nov 19687"0 
Johnny Nash

A: You Got Soul
B: Don't Cry
Major Minor UKMM 58615 Nov 19687"38.5
Barry St. John

A: Cry Like A Baby
B: Long And Lonely Night
Major Minor UKMM 58715 Nov 19687"49.0
Peter Pan And Wendy

A: We All Love Tiny Tim
B: March Of The Pirates
Major Minor UKMM 58815 Nov 19687"27.0
Rene And Rene

A: Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero (The More I Love You)
B: Lloraras
Major Minor UKMM 58922 Nov 19687"0 
Raymond Lefevre And His Orchestra

A: Adagio Cardinal
B: Those Were The Days
Major Minor UKMM 5906 Dec 19687"0 
Michel Dintrich

A: L'Immortel Adagio Cardinal
B: Cantate BWV 147
Major Minor UKMM 59117 Jan 19697"0 
David McWilliams

A: The Stranger
B: Follow Me
Major Minor UKMM 59217 Jan 19697"0 
We 4

A: Candy Floss Man
B: Perry Square
Major Minor UKMM 59331 Jan 19697"12.0
Pop Tops

A: That Woman
B: The Man I Am Today
Major Minor UKMM 59414 Feb 19697"0 
Alyn Ainsworth And His Grand Orchestra

A: A Man, A Horse And A Gun
B: Mysti
Major Minor UKMM 59531 Jan 19697"0 
Eric Charden

A: One Love, One Life
B: Sorrow Is My Name
Major Minor UKMM 59628 Feb 19697"0 
Tony Ronald And His Kroners

A: Do You Remember
B: If You Ever Change Your Mind
Major Minor UKMM 5977 Mar 19697"1 
Malcolm Roberts

A: Stand Beside Me
B: Dancing Partner
Major Minor UKMM 59828 Feb 19697"1 
The Nashville Teens

A: The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian
B: Looking For You
Major Minor UKMM 5997 Mar 19697"0 

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