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Major Minor - Label Discography

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subsidiary : Toast
  UK  228
  Belgium  29
  Portugal  24
  Netherlands  11
  Germany  4
  Argentina  2
  Italy  2
  Bootleg  1
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Dave Wintour

A: Pisces
B: Mary Anne
Major Minor UKMM 64917 Oct 19697"0 
Raymond Lefevre And His Orchestra

A: Queen Of Sheba
B: The Immortal Cannon Of Pachelbel
Major Minor UKMM 65031 Oct 19697"1 
Jean Bouchety

A: Marley Purt Drive
B: Portrait Of Nancy
Major Minor UKMM 65131 Oct 19697"0 
Russell Stone

A: I Can't Believe My Eyes
B: I'm Going Home
Major Minor UKMM 6527 Nov 19697"0 

A: Erotica
B: Sexologie
Major Minor UKMM 65312 Dec 19697"79.5
Charles Hodges

A: Try A Little Love
B: Someone To Love
Major Minor UKMM 65428 Nov 19697"0 
Sam Dees

A: If It's All Wrong (It's All Right)
B: Don't Keep Me Hangin' On
Major Minor UKMM 65528 Nov 19697"0 
Brian Fahey And His Orchestra

A: Countdown
B: Open House
Major Minor UKMM 65628 Nov 19697"28.0
Gilles Marchal

A: Summer Wine
B: Ma Belle
Major Minor UKMM 65728 Nov 19697"19.0
The Great Unknowns

A: Mah-Na-Mah-Na
B: Doo-Bee-Doo-Bee-Doo
Major Minor UKMM 65828 Nov 19697"0 
Mike Holm

A: Mendocino
B: Cutey Girl
Major Minor UKMM 65930 Jan 19707"08.5
Year One

A: Eli's Comin'
B: Will You Be Staying After Sunday?
Major Minor UKMM 6607 Nov 19697"46.8
M.B.P. Mix

A: Light My Fire
B: There's A Baby
Major Minor UKMM 6619 Jan 19707"1 
Karen Young

A: Allentown Jail
B: I Need Your Hand In Mine
Major Minor UKMM 66214 Nov 19697"29.0

A: She Was A Woman
B: Green Green Boy
Major Minor UKMM 66328 Nov 19697"0 
The Travellers [Irish]

A: The Ballad Of The Orange And The Green
B: The Mullaghmore Love Lilt
Major Minor UKMM 66419707"0 
The Trixons

A: Just Another Song
B: Sunny Side Sam
Major Minor UKMM 6655 Dec 19697"0 

A: Ma Belle Amie
B: The Angels Coming (In The Holy Night)
Major Minor UKMM 66619707"48.5

A: Georgie
B: With Him
Major Minor UKMM 6675 Dec 19697"0 
Mike Wallace

A: Daffodil
B: Early Morning Bird
Major Minor UKMM 66816 Jan 19707"38.3
Money [Manchester]

A: Welcome Me Love
B: Breaking Of Her Heart
Major Minor UKMM 6695 Dec 19697"0 
The Artie Scott Orchestra

A: March Of The Skinheads
B: Love At First Sight (Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus)
Major Minor UKMM 6709 Jan 19707"26.0
Daisy Clan

A: Mr Walkie Talkie
B: Lions In The Tree
Major Minor UKMM 6719 Jan 19707"0 
Crazy Elephant

A: There's A Better Day A Comin' (Na, Na, Na, Na)
B: Space Buggy
Major Minor UKMM 67216 Jan 19707"17.0
The Magic Christians

A: Come And Get It
B: Nats
Major Minor UKMM 6737 Dec 19697"28.0
The Magic Christians

A: If You Want It
B: Nats
Major Minor UKMM 67328 Nov 19697"98.5
The Gang Show

A: The Angel
B: Together
Major Minor UKMM 6742 Jan 19707"0 
Pepper And Salt

A: It Was Yesterday Today
B: Just Wait And See
Major Minor UKMM 67519 Jan 19707"06.0
Derek Christien

A: When A Woman Has A Baby
B: Please Don't Go Away
Major Minor UKMM 67616 Jan 19707"05.0
Miki And Griff

A: Two Little Orphans
B: Oh How I Miss You
Major Minor UKMM 67713 Feb 19707"0 

A: You Are All I Need
B: Call My Name
Major Minor UKMM 67830 Jan 19707"0 
Golden Earring

A: Another 45 Miles
B: I Can't Get Hold Of Her
Major Minor UKMM 6796 Feb 19707"0 
Sylvia Sands

A: When I Was A Child
B: God How Much I Love You
Major Minor UKMM 68020 Feb 19707"0 
The Sands

A: Venus
B: Cara Mia
Major Minor UKMM 68119707"3 
Charles Aznavour

A: To My Daughter
B: Yesterday When I Was Young
Major Minor UKMM 68230 Jan 19707"5 
Kim Weston

A: Danger, Heartbreak Dead Ahead
B: I'll Be Thinkin'
Major Minor UKMM 68320 Feb 19707"1 
Jim Nelson

A: Love Can Fly
B: Yours Forever
Major Minor UKMM 6846 Feb 19707"0 
Neville Dickie

A: Busybody
B: Oh! What A Lovely Rag
Major Minor UKMM 68513 Feb 19707"1 
Michel Delpech

A: Wight Is Wight
B: Wight Is Wight (Instrumental)
Major Minor UKMM 68620 Feb 19707"0 

A: My Son John
B: Step By Step
Major Minor UKMM 68720 Feb 19707"0 
Malcolm Roberts

A: We Can Make It Girl
B: If Dreams Came True
Major Minor UKMM 68827 Feb 19707"2 
Caroline Hall

A: Dream Boy
B: Julie
Major Minor UKMM 6896 Mar 19707"0 
Dee Eldridge

A: Joys Of Alicia
B: Half As Much
Major Minor UKMM 69026 Mar 19707"4 
Karen Young

A: One Tin Soldier
B: Que Sera Sera
Major Minor UKMM 69110 Jan 19707"2 
The Second Generation

A: Ready Or Not Here I Come
B: House Of The Rising Sun
Major Minor UKMM 69220 Mar 19707"2 

A: Concerto For One Voice
B: Variations
Major Minor UKMM 69320 Mar 19707"0 
The New Wave Band

A: Cecilia
B: Free Free Free
Major Minor UKMM 6946 Mar 19707"6 

A: Hey Ya
B: Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
Major Minor UKMM 69526 Mar 19707"2 
Howard Tate

A: My Soul's Got A Hole In It
B: It's Too Late
Major Minor UKMM 69626 Jun 19707"1 
Bob Darin

A: Maybe We Can Get It Together
B: RX-Pyro (Prescription: Fire)
Major Minor UKMM 6973 Apr 19707"0 

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