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MAM - Label Discography

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  UK  191
  Germany  45
  USA  39
  Netherlands  38
  Belgium  28
  Australia  26
  New Zealand  26
  Ireland  15
  Italy  14
  Japan  13
  Canada  11
  Spain  11
  Denmark  10
  Norway  7
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Dave Edmunds

A: I Hear You Knocking
B: Black Bill
MAM Netherlands6101 65019707"07.0
Nicky Speero

A: Dulcie (It's December)
B: In A Moment Of Weakness
MAM NetherlandsMAM 619707"0 
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: Nothing Rhymed
B: Everybody Knows
MAM Netherlands6101 65119717"08.0
Frankie Stevens

A: Family Man
B: I'll Be Home (In A Day Or So)
MAM Netherlands6101 65219717"0 
Mike Lynch

A: Time To Get It Together
B: I'm Crying Too
MAM Netherlands6101 65319717"0 
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: Doing The Best I Can
B: Underneath The Blanket Go
MAM Netherlands6101 65419717"2 
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: Susan Van Heusen
B: I Didn't Know What To Do
MAM Netherlands6101 65619717"0 
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: We Will
B: I Didn't Know What To Do
MAM Netherlands6101 65719717"09.0
Mike Lynch

A: Brother Love Your Fellow Man
B: We've All Got The Power
MAM Netherlands6101 65819717"0 
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: No Matter How I Try
B: If I Don't Get You (Back Again)
MAM Netherlands6101 65919717"01.0

A: Suzanne
B: Your Love Is Growing
MAM Netherlands6101 66019727"0 
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: Alone Again (Naturally)
B: Save It
MAM Netherlands6101 66119727"01.0
Glenn Shorrock

A: Rock And Roll Lullaby
B: When God Plays His Guitar
MAM Netherlands6101 66219727"0 
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: Matrimony
B: January Git
MAM Netherlands6101 66319727"01.0
Barry Richards

A: Durango
B: Durango (Instrumental)
MAM Netherlands6101 67619727"0 
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: Ooh-Wakka-Doo-Wakka-Day
B: But I'm Not
MAM NetherlandsMAM 7819727"01.0
Lynsey De Paul

A: Sugar Me
B: Storm In A Teacup
MAM NetherlandsMAM 8119727"17.5
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: Clair
B: What Could Be Nicer
MAM Netherlands6101 666Oct 19727"01.0
Lynsey De Paul

A: Getting A Drag
B: Brandy
MAM Netherlands6101 667Nov 19727"0 
Lynsey De Paul

A: All Night
B: Blind Leading The Blind
MAM Netherlands6001 67219737"0 

A: See The Light
B: Written In The Stone
MAM Netherlands6101 66919737"0 
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: Get Down
B: A Very Extraordinary Sort Of Girl
MAM Netherlands6101 67019737"21.0
Leapy Lee

A: Helena
B: Summer Rain
MAM Netherlands6101 67119737"0 
Michael Sherman

A: Sadie
B: Woman, I Feel So Fine
MAM Netherlands6101 67319737"0 
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: Ooh Baby
B: Good Company
MAM Netherlands6101 67419737"01.0
Lynsey De Paul

A: Won't Somebody Dance With Me
B: So Good To You
MAM Netherlands6101 67519737"19.0
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: Why, Oh Why, Oh Why
B: You Don't Have To Tell Me
MAM Netherlands6101 67719737"0 
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: Happiness Is Me And You
B: Breakfast, Dinner And Tea
MAM Netherlands6101 67819747"0 

A: Don't Let Go
B: Dragon Child
MAM Netherlands6101 67919747"0 
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: A Woman's Place
B: Too Bad
MAM Netherlands6101 68119747"0 
Dave Edmunds' Rockpile

A: I Hear You Knocking
B: Black Bill
MAM Netherlands6101 68219747"07.0
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: You Are You
B: Tell Me Why
MAM Netherlands6101 68419757"0 
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: I'll Believe It When I See It
B: Just As You Are
MAM Netherlands6101 68619757"09.0
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: Doing What I Know
B: I, Of Course, Replied
MAM Netherlands5C 006-9761819767"0 
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: To Each His Own
B: Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
MAM Netherlands5C 006-9824819767"0 
The Blossoms

A: A.P.B.
B: There's No Greater Love
MAM Netherlands5C 006-6028519777"0 
Gilbert O'Sullivan

A: No Telling Why
B: Our Own Baby
MAM Netherlands5C 006-6052419777"0 
Dafne And The Tenderspots

A: Disco Hell
B: I'm A Natural
MAM Netherlands5C 006-6292719797"0 

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