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Marlin - Label Discography

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Steve Alaimo And The Redcoats

A: I Want You To Love Me
B: Blue Skies
Marlin USA606419597"1 
Steve Alaimo And The Red Coats

A: She's My Baby
B: Should I Care
Marlin USA606719597"1 
Davey Jones

A: Our Love
B: Change Your Mind
Marlin USA606219607"0 
Sam And Dave

A: No More Pain
B: My Love Belongs To You
Marlin USA610419617"0 
The Charmettes [Miami]

A: One More Time
B: Surrendering My Love
Marlin USA45-16001Oct 19627"2 
The Birdwatchers

A: Its A Long Way Home
B: It Doesn't Matter
Marlin USA190219657"0 
Freddy Scott And The Four Steps

A: Same Ole Beat
B: Take A Rest
Marlin USA45-16002Oct 19657"48.0
The Nightcrawlers [USA]

A: A Basket Of Flowers
B: Washboard
Marlin USA190419667"0 
Freddy Scott And Orchestra

A: Pow City
B: Quiet Time
Marlin USA190619667"0 
Buddy Canova

A: Why Torture Me
B: Never In Love
Marlin USA190719667"0 
The Security Blanket

A: You Got It
B: Hey Schroeder
Marlin USA191119677"0 
The Unknowns

A: Tighter
B: Young Enough To Cry
Marlin USA45-1600819677"0 
Freddy Scott And The Seven Steps

A: It's Not Unusual
B: The Thing
Marlin USA45-16005Mar 19677"0 
Conlon And The Crawlers

A: I Won't Tell
B: You're Comin' On
Marlin USA45-16006Mar 19677"19.0
Chuck Conlon

A: Won't You Say Yes To Me, Girl
B: Midnight Reader
Marlin USA45-16007Aug 19677"5 
Ralph MacDonald

A: Where Is The Love
B: Calypso Breakdown
Marlin USA330819767"110.0
Ralph MacDonald

A: Where Is The Love
B: Where Is The Love
Marlin USA33081976Promo Only 7"0 
John Tropea

A: Tambourine
B: The Jingle
Marlin USA3305May 19767"28.0
The Ritchie Family

A: The Best Disco In Town
B: The Best Disco In Town (Part II)
Marlin USA3306Aug 19767"3 
The Ritchie Family

A: The Best Disco In Town
B: The Best Disco In Town
Marlin USA3306Aug 1976Promo Only 7"0 
Lew Kirton

A: Do What You Want, Be What You Are
B: Come On With It
Marlin USA331119777"0 
Ralph MacDonald

A: Jam On The Groove
B: Sound Of A Drum
Marlin USA331219777"0 
The Lovers [Disco]

A: Discomania
B: Discomania
Marlin USA331319777"19.0

A: The Funk You See Is The Funk You Do
B: Southside
Marlin USA331419777"0 

A: The Funk You See Is The Funk You Do
B: The Funk You See Is The Funk You Do
Marlin USA33141977Promo Only 7"0 
William Salter

A: Let's Be Lovers Again
B: If You Can Believe
Marlin USA331519777"0 
The Ritchie Family

A: Life Is Music
B: Lady Luck
Marlin USA3309Mar 19777"0 
The Ritchie Family

A: Quiet Village
B: Voodoo
Marlin USA3316Sep 19777"1 
Ralph MacDonald

A: The Path (Part Two)
B: The Path (Part Three)
Marlin USA331919787"0 
USA/European Connection

A: Come Into My Heart-Good Lovin'
B: Love's Coming-Baby Love
Marlin USA332019787"0 

A: Lady America
B: Scotch Machine
Marlin USA332119787"0 

A: From East To West
B: Latin Odyssey
Marlin USA332219787"0 
The Ritchie Family

A: American Generation
B: Music Man
Marlin USA332319787"0 
Star City

A: I'm A Man
B: I'm A Man
Marlin USA33261978Promo Only 7"0 
Star City

A: I'm A Man
B: I Can't Get Over You
Marlin USA332619787"0 
Beautiful Bend

A: Boogie Motion
B: Make That Feeling Come Again
Marlin USA332719787"0 
Beautiful Bend

A: Boogie Motion
B: Boogie Motion
Marlin USA33271978Promo Only 7"0 
Gregg Diamond

A: Star Cruiser
B: This Side Of Midnight
Marlin USA332919787"0 

A: Souvenirs
B: Kechak Fantasy
Marlin USA333019787"0 

A: Souvenirs
B: Souvenirs
Marlin USA33301978Promo Only 7"0 
Michal Urbaniak

A: Ecstasy
B: Want's Ta Make You Feel Good
Marlin USA333119787"0 
Quartz [France]

A: Beyond The Clouds
B: For Geromine
Marlin USA3328Oct 19787"1 

A: If There's Love
B: If You Just Knew (How Much I Cared For You)
Marlin USA333219797"1 

A: If There's Love
B: If There's Love
Marlin USA33321979Promo Only 7"0 
Gregg Diamond

A: Doing That (Fancy Dancer)
B: Holding Back
Marlin USA333319797"2 
Gregg Diamond

A: Doing That (Fancy Dancer)
B: Doing That (Fancy Dancer)
Marlin USA33331979Promo Only 7"0 

A: Let's Fly Away
B: Gone With The Music
Marlin USA333419797"0 
Uncle Louie

A: Full Tilt Boogie (Pt. 1)
B: Full Tilt Boogie (Pt. 2)
Marlin USA333519797"8 
Ralph MacDonald

A: I Need Someone
B: Discolypso
Marlin USA333719797"0 

A: The Break
B: The Break
Marlin USAMARX-333819797"0 

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