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Matador - Label Discography

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Liz Phair


A1: Jealousy
A2: Turning Japanese
B1: Animal Girl
B2: California
C1: South Dakota
C2: Batmobile
D1: Dead Shark
D2: Easy
Matador UKOLE 129-71995EP4 
Guided By Voices

A: Motor Away
B: Color Of My Blade
Matador UKOLE 148-73 Jul 19957"0 
Spoon [USA]

A: Not Turning Off
B: Party Up
Matador UKOLE 211-719967"0 
Guided By Voices

A1: Cut-Out Witch
A2: Rhine Jive Click
B1: Unleashed! The Large Hearted Boy
B2: Some Drilling Implied
Matador UKOLE 218-724 Jun 1996Picture Disc010.0
Yo La Tengo

A: Sugarcube
B: Busy With My Thoughts
Matador UKOLE 272-719977"0 
Pizzicato Five

A: Mon Amour Tokyo
B: Twiggy Twiggy / Twiggy Vs James Bond
Matador UKOLE 289-720 Oct 19977"0 
Yo La Tengo

A: Little Honda
B: Little Honda (Live)
Matador UKOLE 291-7Nov 19977"0 

A: Solex All Licketysplit
B: Solex West
Matador UKOLE 307-719987"0 

A: Free Fall
B: Clash
Matador UKOLE 308-719987"0 

A: Chapter 8 ~ Seashore And Horizon ~
B: Count Five Or Six
Matador UKOLE 319-719987"0 

A: One More Hour
B: I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
Matador UKOLE 321-719987"010.0

A: Little Babies
B: I'm Not Waiting
Matador UKOLE 326-719987"0 

A: Hello Hawk
B: Sexy Ankles
Matador UKOLE 396-719997"0 

A: Get Up
B: Turn It On
Matador UKOLE 354 726 Apr 19997"010.0

A1: Randy Costanza
B1: And On
B2: Call Me Mista
Matador UKOLE 389-7May 19997"110.0
Yo La Tengo

A: You Can Have It All (Edit)
B: Ready-Mades
Matador UKOLE 439-720007"0 

A: You're No Rock N' Roll Fun
B: Maraca
Matador UKOLE 445 71 May 20007"0 
The Wisdom Of Harry

A1: Coney Island Of Your Mind
B1: Hal Choc
B2: Vent Aziz
Matador UKOLE 421-7Aug 20007"27.0
Mark Eitzel

A: Proclaim Your Joy
B: The Man With The Hole In His Foot
Matador UKOLE 515-7Apr 20017"0 
The New Pornographers

A1: Letter From An Occupant
B1: The End Of Medicine
B2: When I Was A Baby
Matador UKOLE 541-720027"0 

Interpol EP

B: Specialist
Matador UKOLE 546-710 Jun 20027"0 

A: Obstacle 1
B: Obstacle 2 (Peel Session)
Matador UKOLE 570-711 Nov 20027"010.0
Wisdom Of Harry

A: Crash Helmet
B: The Grey Dog Of Lonely
Matador UKOLE 597-720037"0 
Pretty Girls Make Graves

A1: All Medicated Geniuses
B1: C30 C60 C90 Go!
B2: Magic Lights
Matador UKOLE 60620037"0 

A: Say Hello To The Angels
Matador UKOLE 582-714 Apr 20037"09.0

A: Obstacle 1 (Arthur Baker Remix)
B: Obstacle 1 (Black Session)
Matador UKOLE 594 715 Sep 20037"0 
Pretty Girls Make Graves

A1: This Is Our Emergency
A2: Speakers Push The Air
B1: All Medicated Geniuses
B2: Blue Lights
Matador UKOLE 593-78 Nov 2003EP0 

Glitterball EP

A: Glitterball
B: House Of Leaves
Matador UKOLE 6051 Dec 20037"0 
Mission Of Burma

A: Dirt
B: Falling
Matador UKOLE 614-720047"0 

A: News From Nowhere
B: The Beach
Matador UKOLE 617-720047"1 

A: Slow Hands - Album Version
B: Slow Hands - Britt Daniel Remix
Matador UKOLE 636 713 Sep 20047"08.5
Spoon [USA]

A: I Turn My Camera On
B: I Turn My Camera On (Demo)
Matador UKOLE662-720057"0 

A: Evil
B: Leif Erikson (Zane Lowe BBC Session)
Matador UKOLE 637 73 Jan 20057"110.0

A: C´Mere
B: Not Even Jail (Daniel Kessler Remix)
Matador UKOLE 664 711 Apr 20057"0 

A: C´Mere
B: Narc (Paul Banks Remix)
Matador UKOLE 665 711 Apr 20057"0 

A: Slow Hands - Album Version
B: Next Exit - Eden Version
Matador UKOLE 669 727 Jun 20057"0 

A: Slow Hands - Album Version
B: Slow Hands -- Eden Version
Matador UKOLE 670 727 Jun 20057"0 
Spoon [USA]

A: Sister Jack
B: It Took A Rumor To Make Me Wonder, Now I'm Afraid I'm Going Under
Matador UKOLE 657-7Oct 20057"0 
Cat Power

A: Could We
B: Dreams
Matador UKOLE 701-720067"0 
Cat Power

A: The Greatest
B: Hate
Matador UKOLE 688-716 Jan 20067"0 
Yo La Tengo

A: Mr. Tough
B: I'm Your Puppet
Matador UKOLE 742-7Sep 20067"0 
The New Pornographers

A: Myriad Harbor
B: Fugue State
Matador UKOLE 782-720077"0 
Cat Power

A: The Greatest
B: Love And Communication
Matador UKOLE 758-719 Feb 20077"0 
Jaguar Love

A: Highways Of Gold
B: My Organ Sounds Like...
Matador UKOLE 824-120087"0 
Fucked Up

A: Year Of The Pig (UK Edition)
B: Anorak City
Matador UKOLE 830-728 Jul 20087"0 
Jay Reatard

A: Hang Them All

The Sonik-You*h

B: No Garage
Matador UKOLE 864-718 Apr 20097"0 
Kurt Vile

A1: He's Alright
B1: Farfisas In Falltime
B2: Take Your Time
Matador UKOLE 895-726 Oct 20097"0 
Times New Viking

A1: Move To California
A2: City On Drugs
B1: Pentagram
B2: Teen Spirit In Hell
Matador UKOLE 896 726 Oct 20097"08.0
Cat Power

A: Back In The Days (For Christopher Wallace)
B: Fire
Matador UK4 Sep 2012Bonus 7"0 
Esben And The Witch

A: Trail
B: Deathwaltz (Rework)
Matador UKOLE 101321 Jan 2013Bonus 7"0 

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