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Matador - Label Discography

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Teenage Fanclub

A1: Everybody's Fool
B1: Primary Education
B2: Speeder
Matador USAOLE 007-719907"0 
H. P. Zinker

A: The Know-It-All
B: Sip Of Death
Matador USAOLE 002-73 May 19907"0 
El Chain Gang

A: Kill For You
B: Cut Off The Drug Czar's Head
C: Beijing
D: Satanic Rockers
Matador USAOLE 015-71991Double Pack0 

A: The Breadman
B: Cast Iron
Matador USAOLE 02619917"0 
Toiling Midgets

A: Golden Frog
B: Mr. Foster's Shoes
Matador USAOLE 037-719917"0 
Teenage Fanclub

A: God Know's It's True
B: So Far Gone
Matador USAOLE 023-76 Jan 19917"0 

A: Fast Piss Blues
B: I Got The Blues
Matador USAOLE 027-719927"0 
Bettie Serveert

A: Tom Boy
B: Smile
Matador USAOLE 032-719927"08.0
The Fall

A: Why Are People Grudgeful?
B: Glam-Racket
Matador USAOLE 053-719937"0 
Yo La Tengo

A: Shaker
B: For Shame Of Doing Wrong
Matador USAOLE 060-719937"0 
The Shams


A1: Voices In My Head
B1: Love Me With Your Mind
B2: Continuous Play
Matador USAOLE 063-719937"0 
Yo La Tengo

A: Big Day Coming
B: Double Dare (Sominextraction)
Matador USAOLE 071-7Sep 19937"0 
Fire In The Kitchen

A: The Fog
B: Inspector Marais
Matador USAOLE 008-719947"0 

A: Feel Better
B: Josephine
Matador USAOLE 076-719947"0 
SF Seals

A: Still?
B: Don't Underestimate Me
Matador USAOLE 088 719947"1 
The Fall

15 Ways E.P.

A1: 15 Ways
B1: Hey! Student
B2: The $500 Bottle Of Wine
Matador USAOLE 094-71994EP0 
Liz Phair

A: Supernova
B: Combo Platter
Matador USAOLE 103-719947"0 

A: Repeat The Ending
B: Hack The Sides Away
Matador USAOLE 104-719947"0 
The Frogs [Milwaukee]

A: Now You Know You're Black
B: Adam + Steve
Matador USAOLE 106-719947"0 
The Schramms

A1: Heart Not Within
B1: Sister Rose
B2: What I Knew Today
Matador USAOLE 119-719947"0 

A1: The Day I Had Some Fun
B1: Surgeon's Girl
B2: I'm Stranded
Matador USAOLE 120-719947"0 

A1: Cut Your Hair
B1: Camera
B2: Stare
Matador USAOLE 082-77 Jan 19947"0 
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

A: Afro
B: Relax-Her
Matador USAOLE 077-7Jul 19947"0 

A1: Rattled By La Rush
B1: Fake Skorpion
B2: Easily Fooled
Matador USAOLE 134-719957"0 
Yo La Tengo

A: Tom Courtenay
B: The Bisexual Boogie
Matador USAOLE 139-719957"0 
Bailter Space

A1: Splat
B1: At Five
B2: Fascination
Matador USAOLE-147-719957"0 
Bettie Serveert

A: Something So Wild
B: What Friends?
Matador USAOLE 150-719957"0 
Pizzicato Five

Unzipped EP

A: Happy Sad (English Version)
B: Groupie
Matador USAOLE 167 / 719957"0 
Guided By Voices

Tigerbomb EP

A1: My Valuable Hunting Knife
A2: Game Of Pricks
A3: Mice Feel Nice (In My Room)
B1: Not Good For The Mechanism
B2: Kiss Only The Important Ones
B3: Dodging Invisible Rays
Matador USAOLE-16819957"110.0

A1: Father To A Sister Of Thought
B1: Kris Kraft
B2: Mussle Rock (Is A Horse In Transition)
Matador USAOLE 169-719957"0 
Yo La Tengo

A: Thin Blue Line Swingers
B: Tom Courtenay
Matador USAOLE 171-719957"0 
Run On

A: Miscalculation
B: A To Z
Matador USAOLE 178-719957"0 
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

A: Bellbottoms
B: Miss Elaine
Matador USAOLE 111-7Feb 19957"0 
Guided By Voices

A: Motor Away
B: Color Of My Blade
Matador USAOLE 148-73 Jul 19957"19.7
Guided By Voices

A1: The Official Ironmen Rally Song
B1: Deaf Ears
B2: Why Did You Land ?
B3: June Salutes You !
Matador USAOLE-184-719967"19.0
Guided By Voices

Plantations Of Pale Pink

A1: Systems Crash
A2: Catfood On The Earwig
A3: The Who Vs. Porky Pig
B1: A Life In Finer Clothing
B2: The Worryin' Song
B3: Subtle Gear Shifting
Matador USAOLE 208-71996EP0 
Guided By Voices

A1: Bulldog Skin
B1: The Singing Razorblade
B2: Now To War (Electric Version)
Matador USAOLE-217-719977"0 
Run On

A: As Good As New (7" Edit)
B: Lab Rats
Matador USAOLE 249-7P19977"0 
Guided By Voices

A1: I Am A Tree
B1: I'll Name You The Flame That Cries
B2: The Ascended Masters Grogshop
Matador USAOLE 264-7Aug 19977"48.0
Liz Phair

A: Polyester Bride
B: Greased Lightning
Matador USA72438587197919987"0 
The Soft Boys

A1: Innocent Boy (Studio Outtake)
B1: Zip-Zip
B2: Astronomy Domine (Live Maxwell's, NJ, 1980)
Matador USAOLE 500-72001Bonus 7"0 
The Soft Boys

A: Underwater Moonlight
B: Only The Stones Remain
Matador USAOLE-553-72002Bonus 7"0 
Cat Power

A: The Greatest
B: Hate
Matador USAOLE 688-720067"0 
Times New Viking

A1: My Head
A2: RIP Allegory
B1: Allergy
B2: Western Civ
Matador USAOLE 785-72007EP1010.0
Jay Reatard

A: Painted Shut
B: An Ugly Death
Matador USAOLE 817-720087"0 
Jay Reatard

A1: Always Wanting More
A2: You Mean Nothing To Me
Matador USAOLE 818-720087"0 

A: Rooks
B: The Rainbow
Matador USAOLE 826-720087"0 
Fucked Up

A: Crooked Head
B: I Hate Summer
Matador USAOLE 837-720087"0 
Fucked Up

A: No Epiphany
B: No Epiphany (No Age Remix)
Matador USAOLE 838-720087"0 
Times New Viking

Stay Awake

A1: Call And Respond
A2: Pagan Eyes
A3: Hate Hate Hate
B1: No Sympathy
B2: Sick And Tyred
Matador USAOLE 844-72008EP0 

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