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MCA - Label Discography

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  USA  2901
  UK  1551
  Germany  547
  Australia  450
  Canada  441
  Netherlands  263
  Japan  201
  New Zealand  174
  Italy  113
  France  41
  Ireland  41
  Spain  39
  South Africa  32
  Belgium  31
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Leapy Lee

A: Little Arrows

Louis Armstrong

B: I Will Wait For You
MCA UKSP 11968Promo Only 7"0 
Brenda Lee

A: That's All Right
B: Baby, Won't You Please Come Home
MCA UKMU 1001Feb 19687"1 
John Rowles

A: If I Only Had Time
B: Now Is The Hour
MCA UKMU 100016 Feb 19687"29.0
The Hobbits

A: Daffodil Days (The Affection Song)
B: Sunny Day Girl
MCA UKMU 100216 Feb 19687"0 
Joe Brown

A: Bottle Of Wine
B: Blue Tuesday
MCA UKMU 100316 Feb 19687"2 
Louis Armstrong

A: Wilkommen
B: Rosie
MCA UKMU 100423 Feb 19687"0 
The Irish Rovers

A: The Unicorn
B: The Rattling Bog
MCA UKMU 1011Mar 19687"0 
Jack Greene

A: What Locks The Door
B: My Elusive Dreams
MCA UKMU 10051 Mar 19687"0 
Little Richard

A: Try Some Of Mine
B: She's Together
MCA UKMU 10061 Mar 19687"0 
Francis Lai

A: Where Does Your Heart Go
B: Here We Go Again
MCA UKMU 10071 Mar 19687"0 
Barry Noble

A: I Can't Forget
B: I Want To Want You
MCA UKMU 10088 Mar 19687"0 
Peter Gordeno

A: Born To Be Wanted
B: Shout It From The Hilltop
MCA UKMU 100915 Mar 19687"0 
Bing Crosby

A: Around The World

Victor Young And His Orchestra

B: Around The World
MCA UKMU 101015 Mar 19687"0 
Buddy Holly

A: Rave On
B: Peggy Sue
MCA UKMU 101222 Mar 19687"0 
Bill Haley And His Comets

A: (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock
B: Shake, Rattle And Roll
MCA UKMU 101322 Mar 19687"17.0
Jackie Wilson And Count Basie

A: Uptight (Everything's Alright)
B: For Your Precious Love
MCA UKMU 10145 Apr 19687"19.0
The Temperance Seven

A: Miss Elizabeth Brown
B: Crazy
MCA UKMU 101619 Apr 19687"0 
The Breakaways

A: Santo Domingo
B: So In Love Are We
MCA UKMU 1018May 19687"010.0
Sacha Distel

A: Writing On The Wall
B: Now
MCA UKMU 1019May 19687"0 
The Crickets Featuring Buddy Holly

A: Oh Boy
B: That'll Be The Day
MCA UKMU 101710 May 19687"1 
John Bryant

A: I Bring The Sun
B: Columbine
MCA UKMU 102017 May 19687"28.0
Brenda Lee

A: Let's Jump The Broomstick
B: All Alone Am I
MCA UKMU 102124 May 19687"0 

A: Wonderful Land
B: Seven-Six-O-One
MCA UKMU 10227 Jun 19687"1 
John Rowles

A: Hush... Not A Word To Mary
B: The Night We Called It A Day
MCA UKMU 10237 Jun 19687"07.5
New York Public Library

A: Got To Get Away
B: Time Wastin'
MCA UKMU 102514 Jun 19687"09.0
Anthony Browne

A: Without Her
B: While You Make Up Your Mind
MCA UKMU 102614 Jun 19687"110.0
Paul Raven

A: Musical Man
B: Wait For Me
MCA UKMU 102421 Jun 19687"19.0
The Decision

A: In The Shade Of Your Love
B: Constable Jones
MCA UKMU 102721 Jun 19687"38.0
Leapy Lee

A: Little Arrows
B: Time Will Tell
MCA UKMU 102828 Jun 19687"188.0
Louis Armstrong

A: I Will Wait For You
B: Talk To The Animals
MCA UKMU 1029Jul 19687"0 
Joe Brown

A: Katerine
B: Davy The Fat Boy
MCA UKMU 103012 Jul 19687"0 
Johnny Jones And The King Casuals

A: Soul Poppin'
B: Blues For The Brothers
MCA UKMU 103126 Jul 19687"1 
Richard Kent Style

A: Love Will Shake The World Awake
B: Crocodile Tears
MCA UKMU 10322 Aug 19687"0 
Neil Diamond

A: Two-Bit Manchild
B: Broad Old Woman (6 A.M. Insanity)
MCA UKMU 10339 Aug 19687"110.0
The Peppermint Rainbow

A: Walking In Different Circles
B: Pink Lemonade
MCA UKMU 103416 Aug 19687"0 
Paul Raven

A: Soul Thing
B: We'll Go Where The World Can't Find Us
MCA UKMU 103523 Aug 19687"710.0
Barbara Acklin

A: Love Makes A Woman
B: Come And See Me Baby
MCA UKMU 1038Sep 19687"49.0
John Rowles

A: The Pain Goes On Forever
B: All My Loves Laughter
MCA UKMU 1039Sep 19687"0 
The Irish Rovers

A: Liverpool Lou
B: Nancy Whiskey
MCA UKMU 1040Sep 19687"0 
Donal Donnelly

A: She Moved Through The Fair
B: White, Orange And Green
MCA UKMU 10376 Sep 19687"0 
Rabbit MacKay

A: Hard Time Woman
B: Candy
MCA UKMU 104127 Sep 19687"0 
The Young Brothers

A: I've Always Wanted Love
B: Mirror, Mirror
MCA UKMU 104227 Sep 19687"0 
Sacha Distel

A: Fire, Fire, Fire (L'Incendie A Rio)
B: By The Way I Still Love You
MCA UKMU 104427 Sep 19687"0 
The Cliff Adams Chorale

A: Take Oh Take Those Lips Away
B: Across The River
MCA UKMU 1047Oct 19687"58.5
Fever Tree

A: San Francisco Girls (Return Of The Natives)
B: Come With Me
MCA UKMU 10434 Oct 19687"010.0
Amory Kane

A: Reflections Of Your Face
B: Four Ravens
MCA UKMU 103611 Oct 19687"07.0
New York Public Library

A: Love Me Two Times
B: Which Way To Go
MCA UKMU 104518 Oct 19687"09.0
The Magicians [UK]

A: Painting On Wood
B: Slow Motion
MCA UKMU 104625 Oct 19687"3 
Bing Crosby

A: White Christmas
B: Silent Night, Holy Night
MCA UKMU 104815 Nov 19687"0 
John Rowles

A: Say Goodbye
B: M'Lady
MCA UKMU 104922 Nov 19687"1 

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