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MCA - Label Discography

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  USA  2705
  UK  1525
  Germany  514
  Canada  427
  Australia  418
  Netherlands  255
  Japan  196
  New Zealand  163
  Italy  112
  Ireland  41
  France  37
  Spain  35
  South Africa  31
  Belgium  25
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A: Foolish Boy
B: When You Say No
MCA UKMU 1051Dec 19687"1 

A: The Ten Days Of Christmas
B: Un Homme Et Une Femme And A Door
MCA UKMU 105013 Dec 19687"9 
Donal Donnelly

A: Spanish Lady
B: Dream Things That Never Were
MCA UKMU 106519697"0 
John McMartin- (A), Shirley MacLaine-(B), Sammy Davis Jr-(C)

Narration And Excerpts From:

A: (A)-Sweet Charity, (B)-I'm A Brass Band, (C)-Rhythm Of Life
MCA UKSP 319697"1 
Leapy Lee

A: Here Comes The Rain
B: Three Little Words (I Love You)
MCA UKMU 1054Jan 19697"0 
Julie Andrews

A: Thoroughly Modern Millie
B: Jimmy
MCA UKMU 10523 Jan 19697"0 
Young-Holt Unlimited

A: Soulful Strut
B: Country Slicker Joe
MCA UKMU 10538 Jan 19697"08.7
Betty Everett

A: There'll Come A Time
B: Take Me
MCA UKMU 105517 Jan 19697"08.0
Troy Dante

A: These Are Not My People
B: Little Star
MCA UKMU 105631 Jan 19697"0 
Buddy Holly

A: Love Is Strange
B: You're The One
MCA UKMU 105931 Jan 19697"09.0
The Squires

A: Games People Play
B: Funky Bayswater
MCA UKMU 106031 Jan 19697"0 
Daisy Clan

A: Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie
B: Friends
MCA UKMU 10577 Feb 19697"1 
Peter Gordeno

A: My Girl Maria
B: I Appreciate So Much
MCA UKMU 10587 Feb 19697"2 
Shirley MacLaine

A: My Personal Property
B: Where Am I Going?
MCA UKMU 106228 Feb 19697"1 
John Rowles

A: One Day
B: I Must Have Been Out Of My Mind
MCA UKMU 1064Mar 19697"18.0
Robbie Rae

A: The Lord's Prayer
B: If You Could Only Be Me
MCA UKMU 1066Mar 19697"110.0
Brenda Lee

A: Johnny One Time
B: I Must Have Been Out Of My Mind
MCA UKMU 10637 Mar 19697"0 
Len Barry

A: 1-2-3
B: Like A Baby
MCA UKMU 106721 Mar 19697"0 
The Four Fuller Brothers

A: Groupie
B: Bitter Honey
MCA UKMU 106828 Mar 19697"1 
John And Anne Ryder

A: I Still Believe In Tomorrow
B: Daffodil Rain
MCA UKMU 106928 Mar 19697"1 
Sammy Davis, Jr. And Ensemble

A: Rhythm Of Life


B: The Pompeii Club - Rich Man's Frug
MCA UKMU 1072Apr 19697"2 
The Peppermint Rainbow

A: Will You Be Staying After Sunday
B: And I'll Be There
MCA UKMU 1076Apr 19697"08.0
Neil Diamond

A: Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show
B: A Modern Day Version Of Love
MCA UKMU 10703 Apr 19697"1 
Barbara Acklin

A: Am I The Same Girl (Soulful Strut)
B: Be By My Side
MCA UKMU 10713 Apr 19697"310.0
Erma Franklin

A: Gotta Find Me A Lover (24 Hours A Day)
B: Change My Thoughts From You
MCA UKMU 107311 Apr 19697"1 
Leapy Lee

A: Little Yellow Aeroplane
B: Boom Boom (That's How My Heart Beats)
MCA UKMU 107411 Apr 19697"0 

A: On And On
B: My Children Are Tomorrow
MCA UKMU 107518 Apr 19697"0 
Sacha Distel

A: Marry Me
B: A Loving Card
MCA UKMU 107725 Apr 19697"0 
Suzan Short

A: The Puppy Song
B: Tout Le Monde
MCA UKMU 1078May 19697"16.0
Perfect People

A: House In The Country
B: Polyanna
MCA UKMU 10799 May 19697"38.0
Strawberry Alarm Clock

A: Good Morning Starshine
B: Me And The Township
MCA UKMU 108016 May 19697"3 
Buddy Holly

A: It Doesn't Matter Anymore
B: Maybe Baby
MCA UKMU 108123 May 19697"0 
Joe Brown

A: Suzanne
B: Sweet Music
MCA UKMU 1082Jun 19697"0 
The Fun And Games

A: We
B: Got To Say Goodbye
MCA UKMU 10836 Jun 19697"1 
Jack Greene

A: Statue Of A Fool
B: There's More To Love
MCA UKMU 108413 Jun 19697"0 
Anthony Newley

A: I'm All I Need
B: When You Gotta Go
MCA UKMU 106127 Jun 19697"0 

A: Lovin'
B: Baby's Out Of Reach
MCA UKMU 108527 Jun 19697"2 
John Rowles

A: It Takes A Fool Like Me
B: When You Walk Away
MCA UKMU 108627 Jun 19697"1 
Tommy Leonetti

A: Hands
B: City Of Sydney
MCA UKMU 1089Jul 19697"0 
Neil Diamond

A: Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good)
B: Dig In
MCA UKMU 10874 Jul 19697"1 
John Fred And His Playboy Band

A: Silly Sarah Carter (Eating On A Moonpie)
B: Back In The U.S.S.R.
MCA UKMU 108811 Jul 19697"09.0

A: Big Bertha
B: Hey, Drummer Man
MCA UKMU 109018 Jul 19697"2 
Peppermint Rainbow

A: Don't Wake Me Up In The Morning, Michael
B: Rosemary
MCA UKMU 109118 Jul 19697"17.0
Peter Lee Stirling

A: Big Sam
B: Mr. Average Man
MCA UKMU 109325 Jul 19697"1 
Al Jolson

A: Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody
B: The Anniversary Song
MCA UKMU 1092Aug 19697"0 

A: Looky Looky
B: Happy Birthday
MCA UKMU 109415 Aug 19697"1 
The Cuff Links

A: Tracy
B: Where Do You Go?
MCA UKMU 1101Oct 19697"28.3
Barbara Acklin

A: Love Makes A Woman
B: Come And See Me Baby
MCA UKMU 1102Nov 19697"27.0
Barbara Acklin

A: Am I The Same Girl (Soulful Strut)
B: Be By My Side
MCA UKMU 1103Nov 19697"3 
Jackie Wilson

A: Since You Showed Me How To Be Happy
B: The Who Who Song
MCA UKMU 1104Nov 19697"0 

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