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Mega - Label Discography

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A: Guardian Angel
B: Silent Echoes Of Katja
Mega DenmarkMRCS 200119847"110.0
Fancy [Germany]

A: Slice Me Nice
B: Come Inside
Mega DenmarkMRCS 200319847"0 
Fancy [Germany]

A: Chinese Eyes
B: Burn With Impatience
Mega DenmarkMRCS 200719847"0 
Guys 'n' Dolls

A: I Feel Like Cryin'
B: Get Away
Mega DenmarkMRCS 200819847"0 

A: It's All Over
B: High Places
Mega DenmarkMRCS 201119847"0 
West India Company

A: Ave Maria
B: Vishnu Shlokas
Mega DenmarkMRCS 201619847"0 
Modern Talking

A: You're My Heart, You're My Soul
B: You're My Heart, You're My Soul (Instrumental)
Mega DenmarkMRCS 201719847"0 
The Front [Canada]

A: Underworld
B: The Moon Is A Stranger
Mega DenmarkMRCS 204519847"0 

A: Radio
B: Little By Little
Mega DenmarkMRCS 202019857"0 
Majesty [Electro]

A: Tell Me Whatchu Want
B: Tell Me Whatchu Want (Instrumental)
Mega DenmarkMRCS 203619857"0 
Dee D. Jackson

A: Moonlight, Starlight
B: Moonlight, Starlight (Instrumental Version)
Mega DenmarkMRCS 203719857"0 

A: Let It Swing
B: La Det Swinge
Mega DenmarkMRCS 203819857"0 
Modern Talking

A: You Can Win If You Want (Special Single Mix)
B: One In A Million
Mega DenmarkMRCS 204019857"1 

A: Caught By Surprise
B: Let Me Know
Mega DenmarkMRCS 204319857"0 
Les Anglaises

A: Monotone
B: Emotional Reaction
Mega DenmarkMRCS 204419857"0 

A: Rock Me Amadeus
B: Urban Tropical
Mega DenmarkMRCS 205619857"1 

A: Hot Sun On Video
B: Disco Espagnol
Mega DenmarkMRCS 205719857"0 
The Spongetones

A: Now You're Gone
B: Torn Apart
Mega DenmarkMRCS 205919857"0 

A: High Stakes
B: Hot Love
Mega DenmarkMRCS 206519857"0 
Lena [Ilana Avital]

A: Connection
B: Lonely Night
Mega DenmarkMRCS 206719857"0 
Modern Talking

A: Cheri, Cheri Lady
B: Cheri, Cheri Lady (Instrumental)
Mega DenmarkMRCS 207719857"0 

A: Brick
B: Another Brick
Mega DenmarkMRCS 209119857"0 
Lee Marrow

A: Shanghai
B: Shanghai
Mega DenmarkMRCS 209219857"0 

A: Vienna Calling (The Wait For The Extended Mix)
B: Tango The Night
Mega DenmarkMRCS 209719857"0 
Fancy [Germany]

A: Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Again)
B: Play Me The Bolero (Dub Version)
Mega DenmarkMRCS 210119857"0 
Digital Game (Patrick Hammer)

A: Please Don't Go
B: Elf's Chant Of Love
Mega DenmarkMRCS 210419857"0 
Lee Marrow

A: Sayonara (Don't Stop. . .)
B: Sayonara
Mega DenmarkMRCS 210619857"0 
Bobby Orlando And His Banana Republic Featuring Claudia Barry

A: Whisper To A Scream
B: Whisper To A Scream (Dub. Version)
Mega DenmarkMRCS 210719857"0 

A: Jeanny, Part 1
B: Männer Des Westens - Any Kind Of Land
Mega DenmarkMRCS 210919867"0 
Don Dixon

A: Southside Girl
B: You're A Big Girl Now
Mega DenmarkMRCS 211119867"0 
Don Dixon

A: Girls Like To Dance
B: When A Man Loves A Woman
Mega DenmarkMRCS 211619867"0 
Sophia George

A: Girlie Girlie

Winner All Stars

B: Girl Rush
Mega DenmarkMRCS 211919867"07.0
Sandy Farina

A: Temptation
B: Fly Boy Fly
Mega DenmarkMRCS 212719867"0 
Andy Pratt

A: Face I Wear
B: Fun In The First World
Mega DenmarkMRCS 213019867"0 
Chris Norman

A: Midnight Lady
B: Woman
Mega DenmarkMRCS 213419867"16.0
Disneyland After Dark

A: Call Of The Wild
B: Riding With Sue
Mega DenmarkMRCS 213519867"0 
Secret Star

A: Jump In My Car
B: Jump In My Car (Instr.)
Mega DenmarkMRCS 213619867"0 

A: You Are
B: You Are (Instrumental)
Mega DenmarkMRCS 214019867"0 
Bad Boys Blue

A: Love Really Hurts Without You
B: Lady Blue
Mega DenmarkMRCS 215019867"0 
Fancy [Germany]

A: Lady Of Ice
B: Transmutation (Instrumental)
Mega DenmarkMRCS 215419867"0 
Love And Rockets

A: Ball Of Confusion
B: Inside The Outside
Mega DenmarkMRCS 215519867"0 
Bruce And Bongo

A: Hi Ho - Heigh Ho - Whistle While You Work
B: Monkey Dance
Mega DenmarkMRCS 216019867"0 
Fantasy [Tony Valor]

A: He's Number One
B: He's Number One (Instrumental Version)
Mega DenmarkMRCS 216119867"0 
Boris Gardiner

A: I Wanna Wake Up With You
B: You're Good For Me
Mega DenmarkMRCS 216819867"4 
Don Dixon

A: Heart In A Box
B: Talk To Me
Mega DenmarkMRCS 217019867"0 
Mel And Kim

A: Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend)
B: System (House Mix)
Mega DenmarkMRCS 218219867"0 
Modern Talking

A: Geronimo's Cadillac
B: Geronimo's Cadillac (Instrumental)
Mega DenmarkMRCS 218319867"18.0
It's A Secret

A: I Can't Dance
B: This Goes Anywhere
Mega DenmarkMRCS 218919867"0 
Disneyland After Dark

A: It's After Dark
B: Sad Sad X-mas
Mega DenmarkMRCS 219019867"0 
Boris Gardiner

A: The Meaning Of Christmas
B: The Meaning Of Christmas (Version)
Mega DenmarkMRCS 219419867"0 

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