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Victor Coker And His All Stars

A: Asewo Eko
B: Ilu Oyinbo Dara
Melodisc UK45/158319617"0 
Cab Kaye With His Music From Ghana

A: Everything Is Go

Cab Kaye

B: Don't You Go Away
Melodisc UKMEL 45/158419627"2 
Johnny Stevens [Melodisc]

A: Oh Yeah

The Les Dawson Syndicate

B: Last Chicken In The Shop
Melodisc UK158619627"17.0
Enrico Aviles

A: Tarlatane Merengue
B: Conde Danse Merengue
Melodisc UKMEL 45/158719617"0 
Los Trovadores

A: Siete Notas De Amor
B: Siglo Veinte
Melodisc UKMEL 45 /158919627"0 
Barry Gray And His Spacemakers

A: Zero G
B: Fireball
Melodisc UKMEL 45/159119647"68.0
Betty Taylor With The Don Lowes Trio

A: My Man Has Gone A'Roaming
B: When A Loved One Comes Home
Melodisc UK45/MEL 159219637"0 
The Nutrons

A: Stop For The Music
B: The Very Best Things
Melodisc UK45/159319647"9 
Eddie Red Tettey, Lonely Lampty And The Peoples Highlife Band

A: Maria
B: Tsie Maa-Sem Yi
Melodisc UKMEL 159419647"1 
Rhet Stoller

A: Treble Gold + One
B: Beat That
Melodisc UKMEL 1595Nov 19647"0 
Susan Denny

A: Don't Touch Me
B: Johnny
Melodisc UKMEL/159619657"0 
Kim Martyn

A: Time To Go Me
B: Stairway To The Stars
Melodisc UKMEL 159719657"0 
Big Pete Duker

A: Walk Right Out Of The Blues
B: Keep A'Movin On
Melodisc UKMEL 160319657"0 
Carl Lawson

A: My Heart Took A Beating
B: If You Love Her
Melodisc UKMEL 160419657"0 
Bulgarian Variety Orchestra

A: Bulgarian Betrothal
B: Peaceful And Sunny
Melodisc UKMEL/160919667"0 
Flash Domincii And The Supersonics

A: Rora Rora Majo Omo Pupa

Nigerian Union Rhythm Group, Leader: Abiodun Oke

B: Unity
Melodisc UKMEL 45/161219667"0 
Eddie Lamptey And His Peoples Band

A: Remember
B: Efie Ayeyie
Melodisc UKMEL 45/161319667"0 
Gay Emma With The Frank Stafford Trio

A: Little Cirlces
B: starshine
Melodisc UKMEL 161419667"0 
Beryl And Jane Frank Stafford Trio

A: On A Day Like This
B: Thank You Lord
Melodisc UKMEL 161519667"0 
Louis Jordan With The Chris Barber Band

A: Is She Or Is She Ain't Your Baby
B: 50 Cents
Melodisc UKMEL 45/161619677"0 
Johnny Webb With The Bill Shepherd Orchestra And Chorus

A: Hold Back The Dawn
B: Travellin' Man
Melodisc UKMEL 161719677"0 
Tunde Nightingale And His Highlife Boys

A: Alapama Sise
B: Ajo-Kodabi Ile
Melodisc UKMEL 168019687"0 
Tunde Nightingale And His Highlife Boys

A: Yanbons Kelele
B: Aiye Akamara
Melodisc UKMEL 168219687"0 
Ambrose Campbell And All Stars

A: Hey Jude
B: Ob-La-Di
Melodisc UKMEL 168419697"0 
CAL series
Lord Beginner Calypso Rhythm Kings

A: Cricket, Lovely Cricket (Victory Test Match Calypso)
B: Sergeant Brown
Melodisc UKCAL 119627"1 
Lord Kitchener Vincent Street Six

A: Kitch

Lord Kitchener Fitzroy Coleman Band

B: Rebound Wife
Melodisc UKCAL 219627"0 
Lord Kitchener

A: Murial And The Bug
B: Norma And The Yankee
Melodisc UKCAL 319627"0 
Lord Kitchener

A: Kitch Take It Easy
B: Redhead
Melodisc UKCAL 419627"0 
Lord Kitchener

A: Your Wife And My Wife
B: Drink-A-Rum
Melodisc UKCAL 519637"0 
Lord Kitchener

A: Wife And Mother
B: Mango Tree
Melodisc UKCAL 719637"0 
The Charmer With The Johnny McCleverty Calypso Boys

A: Back To Back, Belly To Belly
B: Is She Is, Or Is She Ain't
Melodisc UKCAL 919647"0 
Lord Melody The Four Lords Caribbean All Stars

A: Do-Able
B: Happy Holiday
Melodisc UKCAL 1619647"0 
Sidney Bechet With Humphrey Lyttelton And His Band

A1: Who's Sorry Now?
A2: Sleepy Time Down South
B1: I Told You Once, I Told You Twice
B2: Georgia
Melodisc UKEPM 7-511956EP1 
Bunk Johnson And Ernestine Washington

Bunk Johnson With Ernestine Washington

A1: Where Could I Go
A2: God's Amazing Grace
B1: Does Jesus Care
B2: The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow
Melodisc UKEPM 7-521956EP0 
Tony Parenti And His New Orleans Quartet

Tony Parenti And His Basin Street Quartet

A1: I Use To Love You
A2: Cecilia
B1: Louisiana
B2: Baby Won't You Please Come Home
Melodisc UKEPM 7 561956EP1 
Eddie Calvert

Eddie Calvert Plays Latin American

A1: Miserlou
A2: Hora Samba
B1: Gypsy Lullaby
B2: Son Mambo
Melodisc UKEPM 7-581956EP0 
The Crane River Jazz Band

The Crane River Jazz Band Featuring Ken Colyer

A1: Eh La Bas
A2: Just A Closer Walk With Thee
B1: Dauphin Street Blues
B2: Just A Little While To Stay Here
Melodisc UKEPM 7-591956EP2 
Raymond Burke And His New Orleans Jazz Band

A1: Over The Waves
A2: Blues For Joe
B1: Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home
B2: Sundown
Melodisc UKEPM 7 601956EP1 
Bechet-Spanier Big Four

Muggsy Spanier With Sidney Bechet

A1: China Boy
A2: Four Or Five Times
B1: Squeeze Me
B2: Sweet Sue, Just You
Melodisc UKEPM 7-621956EP1 

Leadbelly - The Music Of Huddie Ledbetter

A1: How Long Blues
A2: Good Morning Blues
B1: Goodnight Irene
B2: Ain't You Glad
Melodisc UKEPM 7-631956EP0 
Big Bill Broonzy

Big Bill Broonzy sings Big Bill Blues

A1: Keep Your Hands Off
A2: Stump Blues
B1: Five Foot Seven
B2: Plough Hand Blues
Melodisc UKEPM 7-651956EP1 
Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five

Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five

A1: I Seen What'cha Done
A2: Whisky Do Your Stuff
B1: Messy Bessy
B2: Dad Gum Ya Hide Boy
Melodisc UKEPM 7-661956EP0 
Bechet-Spanier Big Four

A1: If I Could Be With You
A2: That's A Plenty

Sidney Bechet With Humphrey Lyttelton And His Band

B1: Some Of These Days
B2: Black And Blue
Melodisc UKEPM 7-681956EP1 
Cy Laurie Jazz Band

Cy Laurie Jazz Band

A1: You Made Me Love You
A2: Dippermouth Blues
B1: Lonesome Blues
Melodisc UKEPM 7-711957EP0 
Rosita Rosano

A Little Bit Of Spice

A1: Admirals Daughter
A2: Down In The Indies
B1: Cutest Little Dinghy
B2: Pull Down The Shade, Marie
Melodisc UKEPM 7-741959EP1 
Caribbean Swing Band

Jazz-Calypso With The Caribbean Swing Band

A1: I Remember April
A2: Jor Dhu
B1: Salt Lane Girl
B2: Linstead Market
Melodisc UKEPM 7-751956EP4 


A1: Rock Island Line
A2: On A Monday
B1: Ole Riley
B2: John Henry
Melodisc UKEPM 7-771956EP0 
Pete Seeger

Tribute To Leadbelly

A1: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
A2: In The Evening
B1: Go Down Old Hannah
B2: Winnsboro Cotton Blues
Melodisc UKEPM 7-781958EP4 
Sidney Bechet

In Meringue Mood

A1: Mayette Meringue
A2: Souls Les Palmiers
B1: Magic Island Meringue
B2: Tropical Mood Rhumba
Melodisc UKEPM 7-791956EP0 
"Baby" Dodds

Drum Solos

A1: Maryland
A2: Tom-Tom Work Out
B1: Spooky Drums
B2: Rudiments With Drumstick Nerve-Beat
Melodisc UKEPM 7-801956EP0 

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