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Melodisc - Label Discography

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Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday Memorial Album

A1: Embraceable You
A2: I Love My Man
B1: As Time Goes By
B2: I'm Yours
Melodisc UKEPM-7 1251959EP0 
Rosita Rosano

A Little Bit Of Spice

A1: Admirals Daughter
A2: Down In The Indies
B1: Cutest Little Dinghy
B2: Pull Down The Shade, Marie
Melodisc UKEPM 7-741959EP1 
Me And Sonny

Brownie McGhee

A1: Me And My Dog
A2: Secret Moto Blues

Sonny Terry

B1: Silver Fox Chase
B2: South Bound Express
Melodisc UKEPM 7-831959EP2 

Party Songs And Plays By Leadbelly

A1: Christmas Song
A2: Ha Ha This-A-Way
B1: Little Sally Walker
B2: Red Bird
Melodisc UKEPM7-871959EP0 
Mister Acker Bilk And His Paramount Jazz Band

Mister Acker Bilk And His Paramount Jazz Band Volume 1

A1: All The Girls (Like The Way I Walk)
A2: Franklin Street Blues
B1: Bye And Bye
B2: St. Phillip Street Breakdown
Melodisc UKEPM 7-931959EP17.0
Butlin's Square Dancers

A1: Virginia Reel
A2: Soldier's Joy
B1: Butlin's Reel
B2: Rakes Of Mallow
Melodisc UKEPM 7-991959EP0 
Woody Guthrie

Woody Guthrie Sings

A1: Hey Lolly Lolly
A2: Lonesome Day
B1: John Henry
B2: Pretty Boy Floyd
Melodisc UKEPM 7-91Mar 1959EP4 
Margie Singleton

A: Angel Hands
B: The Eyes Of Love
Melodisc UK45/154419607"2 
Merle Kilgore

A: Dear Mama
B: Jimmie Bring Sunshine
Melodisc UK45/154519607"0 
Lonnie Irving

A: I Got Blues On My Mind
B: Pin-Ball Machine
Melodisc UK45/154619607"2 
Enrique Avilez And His Orchestra

A: La Empaliza
B: Merengue A Boriquen
Melodisc UK45/155019607"13.0
Bruce Turner Jump Band

A: Nuages
B: My Guy's Come Back
Melodisc UK45/155119607"0 
Hal Paige And The Whalers

A: Going Back To My Home Town
B: After Hours Blues
Melodisc UK45/155319607"38.0
Bill Clifton The Dixie Mountain Boys

A: You Don't Think About Me
B: Mail Carrier's Warning
Melodisc UK45/155419607"0 
Fitz Vaughan Bryan's Orchestra With Kentrick Patrick (Vocalist)

A: Evening News
B: Hold Up Your Head And Smile
Melodisc UK45/156019607"13.0
Alain Permal Mauritius Police Band

A: Jolie La Ville Curepipe
B: Danse Dans Mo Le Bars
Melodisc UK45/156119607"0 
Cyril Diaz And His Orchestra

A: Kingston Merengue
B: Merengue Balisier
Melodisc UK45/156219607"0 
Azie Lawrence

A: Jamaica Blues
B: Come Rumble And Tumble With Me
Melodisc UK45/156319607"08.0
Cowboy Copas

A: Alabam
B: I Can
Melodisc UK45/156619607"010.0
Laurel Aitken

A: Lonesome Lover
B: Marylee
Melodisc UK45 / 157019607"0 
Higgs And Wilson

A: Manny, Ho!
B: When You Tell Me Baby
Melodisc UKBB 319607"4 
Mr. Acker Bilk And His Paramount Jazz Band

Mister Acker Bilk And His Paramount Jazz Band Volume Three

A1: Gladiolus Rag
A2: Darkness On The Delta
B1: Swing Low Sweet Chariot
B2: Careless Love
Melodisc UKEPM 7 1011960EP1 
Muggsy Spanier And Pee-Wee Russell


A1: Since My Best Girl Turned Me Down
A2: I'd Climb The Highest Mountain
B1: Red Hot Mama
B2: Muskogee Blues
Melodisc UKEPM 7-1041960EP0 
Mister Acker Bilk And His Paramount Jazz Band

Mister Acker Bilk And His Paramount Jazz Band Volume Four

A1: Shine
A2: King Joe
B1: Postman's Lament
Melodisc UKEPM 7-1061960EP1 
Meade Lux Lewis

Boogie Woogie And Blues

A1: Glendale Glide
A2: Boogie Tidal
B1: Randini's Boogie
B2: Yancey's Pride
Melodisc UKEPM 7-1071960EP0 
George Jones

Country Songs Hits

A1: Why Baby Why
A2: Play It Cool
B1: You Gotta Be My Baby
B2: Hold Everything
Melodisc UKEPM 7- 1091960EP0 
Burl Ives

A1: The Blue Tail Fly
A2: Henry Martin
B1: Foggy Foggy Dew
B2: The Sow Took The Measles
B3: Poor Wayfaring Stranger
Melodisc UKEPM 7-1101960EP5 
Harry And Jeanie West

Southern Mountain Folk Songs

A1: The Soul Of Man
A2: The Old Arm Chair
B1: My Home Is Across The Blue Ridge Mountains
Melodisc UKEPM 7-1111960EP0 
Steve Benbow

Steve Benbow Sings English Folk Songs

A1: Turpin Hero
A2: Go Down You Murderer, Go Down
B1: The Ballad Of Little Musgrave And Lady Barnard
B2: A Boy's Best Friend
Melodisc UKEPM 7-1121960EP0 
The Best Of Blue Grass

The Country Gentlemen

A1: The Devil's Own

Buzz Busby

A2: Talking Banjo

Bill Browning

B1: Country Strings

Williams Brothers

B2: Old Birmingham Jail
Melodisc UKEPM 7-1151960EP0 
The Joe Harriott Quartet

Cool Jazz With Joe

A1: Summertime
A2: April In Paris
B1: Cherokee
B2: Out Of Nowhere
Melodisc UKEPM 7-1171960EP0 
Isy Geiger And His Orchestra

Romantic Love Songs

A1: Let Us Make Love
A2: Love Is The Thing
B1: Your Wish Is My Wish
B2: Someone In Love
Melodisc UKEPM 7-1181960EP0 
Les Perry Sequence Orchestra

Les Perry And His Sequence Orchestra Vol. IV

A1: Goodbye My Love
A2: Lamennto Argentino
A3: Dubbio
B1: Twilight
B2: Forbidden Fruits
B3: To See Her Is To Love Her
Melodisc UKEPM 7-1211960EP0 
Mister Acker Bilk And His Paramount Jazz Band

Mister Acker Bilk And His Paramount Jazz Band Volume 2

A1: Goodnight Sweet Prince
A2: Breeze
B1: Travelling Blues
B2: East Coast Trot
Melodisc UKEPM 7-941960EP1 
Mister Acker Bilk And His Paramount Jazz Band

A: Goodnight Sweet Prince
B: East Coast Trot
Melodisc UK45/1547Jun 19607"0 
Frankie Miller [USA]

A: Baby Rocked Her Dolly
B: Rain Rain
Melodisc UK45/15528 Aug 19607"1 
Buster Brown

A: Fannie Mae
B: Lost In A Dream
Melodisc UK45/1559Sep 19607"310.0
Azie Lawrence

A: You Didn't Want To Know
B: I Want To Be In Love
Melodisc UK45/157219617"0 
Dixie Kwankwa Frank Deniz And His Afro-cubans

A: I Left My Heart In Rhodesia
B: My Nyasaland Love
Melodisc UK45/157319617"2 
Ali Ganda Carnival Star Orchestra

A: Freedom, Freedom Sierra Leone

Carnival Star Orchestra

B: Independence Carnival
Melodisc UK45/157419617"0 
Bliff Radie Byne Ivan Chin And His Rhythm Sextet

A: Sierra Leone Victory
B: Independence Merengue
Melodisc UK45/157619617"0 
Bliff Radie Byne Ivan Chin And His Rhythm Sextet

A: Liberia
B: The Childrens Jolity
Melodisc UK45/157819617"0 
Glen Stuart

A: Make Me An Angel
B: Walking To Heaven
Melodisc UK45/158119617"4 
Victor Coker And His All Stars

A: Asewo Eko
B: Ilu Oyinbo Dara
Melodisc UK45/158319617"0 
Mel Turner

A: Let Me Hold Your Hand

Mel Turner And The Bandits

B: I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time
Melodisc UK45/MEL 158019617"3 
Enrico Aviles

A: Tarlatane Merengue
B: Conde Danse Merengue
Melodisc UKMEL 45/158719617"0 
Johnny Stevens [Melodisc]

A: Oh Yeah

The Les Dawson Syndicate

B: Last Chicken In The Shop
Melodisc UK158619627"17.0
Andy Cole Louis Mordish And His Orchestra With The Rita Williams Singers

A: Rainbow Island
B: Contessa
Melodisc UK45/158219627"0 
Lord Beginner Calypso Rhythm Kings

A: Cricket, Lovely Cricket (Victory Test Match Calypso)
B: Sergeant Brown
Melodisc UKCAL 119627"1 
Lord Kitchener Vincent Street Six

A: Kitch

Lord Kitchener Fitzroy Coleman Band

B: Rebound Wife
Melodisc UKCAL 219627"0 

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