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Mercury - Label Discography

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  USA  4504
  UK  1931
  Netherlands  1048
  Australia  944
  Germany  680
  Canada  591
  New Zealand  402
  France  293
  Sweden  200
  Japan  142
  Ireland  131
  Spain  118
  Norway  102
  Italy  94
+ More Countries (41 Total)
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Sarah Vaughan


A1: My Funny Valentine
A2: Imagination
B1: It's Easy To Remember
B2: Easy Come, Easy Go Lover
Mercury SwedenEP-1-32321955EP0 
Rusty Draper

A: Seventeen
B: Can't Live Without Them Anymore
Mercury SwedenB45-67819567"0 
Curtis Gordon

A: Draggin'
B: Mobile, Alabama
Mercury SwedenB 45-68819567"010.0
The Platters

A: Only You (And You Alone)
B: The Great Pretender
Mercury SwedenB 45-68919567"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Kiss Me Another
B: Fool Of The Year
Mercury SwedenB 45-69219567"0 
The Platters

A: My Prayer
B: Heaven On Earth
Mercury SwedenB 45-69319567"0 
Freddie Bell And The Bell Boys

A: Giddy Up A Ding-Dong
B: I've Said It And I'm Glad
Mercury SwedenB 45-69419567"0 
The Platters

A: You'll Never Never Know
B: It Isn't Right
Mercury SwedenB 45-69619567"0 
Red Prysock

A: Short Circuit
B: Finger Tips
Mercury SwedenB 45-69719567"0 
Chuck Miller

A: Vim Vam Vamoose
B: Cool It Baby!
Mercury SwedenB 45-70619567"0 
The Platters

A: One In A Million
B: On My Word Of Honor
Mercury SwedenB 45-70719567"0 
Patti Page

A: Croce Di Oro (Cross Of Gold)
B: Go On With The Wedding
Mercury SwedenB 45-681Feb 19567"0 
The Diamonds

A: Zip Zip
B: Oh, How I Wish
Mercury Sweden45-73719577"0 
The Platters

A: I'm Sorry
B: He's Mine
Mercury SwedenB 45-71219577"0 
Georgia Gibbs

A: Silent Lips
B: You've Got To See Mama Ev'ry Night
Mercury SwedenB 45-71319577"010.0
Freddie Bell And The Bellboys

A: Hey There You
B: Take The First Train Out Of Town
Mercury SwedenB45-71619577"17.0
Rusty Draper

A: Freight Train
B: Seven Come Eleven
Mercury SwedenB 45-72319577"18.0
The Platters

A: My Dream
B: I Wanna
Mercury SwedenB45-72419577"2 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Band Of Angels
B: Please Mr. Brown
Mercury SwedenB 45-72919577"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets)
B: Mr. Wonderful
Mercury SwedenB 45-74219577"0 
Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra

A: Shish-Kebab
B: Hesitation Hop
Mercury SwedenB 45-74419577"0 
Nick Noble

A: Sweet Treat
B: Halo Of Love
Mercury SwedenB 45-74919577"1 
The Platters

The Platters - Part I

A1: Heart Of Stone
A2: I'd Climb The Highest Mountain
B1: September In The Rain
B2: You've Changed
Mercury SwedenEP-1-33431957EP0 
The Platters

The Platters - Part II

A1: I'll Get By
A2: I Give You My Word
B1: In The Still Of The Night
B2: Wagon Wheels
Mercury SwedenEP-1-33441957EP1 
Freddie Bell And The Bell Boys

Rock Around The Clock Vol. 1

A1: Giddy Up A Ding Dong
A2: Big Bad Wolf
B1: Rockin' The Polonaise
B2: I've Said It, And I'm Glad
Mercury SwedenEP-1-35011957EP4 
Freddie Bell And The Bell Boys

Rock'n'Roll Vol. 2

A1: Hound Dog
A2: Stay Loose, Mother Goose
B1: Rompin' And Stompin'
B2: All Right, OK, You Win
Mercury SwedenEP-1-35021957EP1 
Louis Jordan

Somebody Up There Digs Me Vol 1

A1: Caldonia
A2: Is You Is Or Is You Ain't Ma Baby
B1: Run Joe
B2: Early In The Morning
Mercury SwedenEP-1-35031957EP1 
Louis Jordan

Somebody Up There Digs Me Vol 2

A1: Choo Choo Ch Boogie
A2: Knock Me A Kiss
B1: Let The Good Times Roll
B2: Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
Mercury SwedenEP-1-35041957EP2 
Louis Jordan

Somebody Up There Digs Me Vol. 3

A1: Salt Pork West Virginia
A2: Beware Brother Beware
B1: Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
B2: I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
Mercury SwedenEP-1-35051957EP0 
The Platters

A1: Only You
A2: The Great Pretender
B1: You'll Never Know
B2: It Isn't Right
Mercury SwedenEP-1-35061957EP0 
Del Vikings

A: Cool Shake
B: Jitterbug Mary
Mercury SwedenB 45-730Jul 19577"0 
Del Vikings

A: Come Along With Me
B: What'Cha Gotta Lose
Mercury SwedenB 45-73919 Aug 19577"0 
The Platters

A: Indiff'rent
B: Helpless
Mercury SwedenB 45-75319587"0 
The Voxpoppers

A: Wishing For Your Love
B: The Last Drag
Mercury SwedenB 45-75719587"0 
The Platters

A: Are You Sincere
B: Don't Let Go
Mercury SwedenB 45-75819587"19.0
The Platters

A: Twilight Time
B: Out Of My Mind
Mercury SwedenB 45-76619587"0 
Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra

A: Cha-Hua-Hua
B: Torero
Mercury SwedenB 45-77819587"0 
Frank D'Rone

A: Little Pixie
B: Our Summer Love
Mercury SwedenB 45-78419587"0 
The Gaylords

A: Buona Sera
B: Ma Ma Ma Marie
Mercury SwedenB 45-78919587"0 
The Danleers

A: One Summer Night
B: Wheelin' And A-Dealin'
Mercury SwedenB 45-79119587"0 
The Platters

A: You're Makin' A Mistake
B: My Serenade
Mercury SwedenB 45-79219587"0 
The Diamonds

A: Walking Along
B: Eternal Lovers
Mercury SwedenB 45-79519587"0 
Big Bopper

A: Chantilly Lace
B: Purple People Eater Meets The Witch Doctor
Mercury SwedenB 45-80019587"0 
The Platters

A: Wish Me Love
B: Hula Hop
Mercury SwedenB 45-80119587"0 
The Platters

A: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
B: No Matter What You Are
Mercury SwedenB 45-80319587"0 
Conway Twitty

A: Double Talk Baby
B: Why Can't I Get Through To You
Mercury SwedenB 45-80519587"0 
Gino And Gina

A: You're Mine Alone
B: Kooka-Dong (Chinese Proverb)
Mercury SwedenB 45-81119587"0 
Georgia Gibbs

Rock, Rock, Rock

A1: Tra La La
A2: Morning, Noon And Night
B1: Silent Lips
B2: Pretty Pretty
Mercury SwedenEP 60.0561958EP1 
The Diamonds

A1: Silhouettes
A2: Daddy Cool
B1: Passion Flower
B2: Sweet Wild Honey
Mercury SwedenEP 60.1001958EP1 
Sil Austin And His Orchestra

Everything's Shakin' Vol.2

A1: Everything's Shakin'
A2: Green Blazer
B1: Balin' Wire
B2: Late Show
Mercury SwedenEP 60.1061958EP0 

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